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My dog is basically deaf. I wish he could hear again.

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What would you say? Everyone who talks just says "Fuck you! Oh man that was so shit" or some nonsense. Oh and the goddamn mouth breathers!

You could co-ordinate with people ... like dropping Titans together and mixing up your load outs. BUT the game only lets you randomly spawn and has no squad based play. Plus there's no real classes that need to work together either. In Battlefield 3 I'd spawn on allies and we'd work together (often silently actually). Titanfall I'm often better on my own... the game doesn't encourage team play in anyway.

Sometimes, espcially in online games, silence is golden.

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This is a pretty huge moment for the industry.


It's a huge hit to the industry....

Hyperbole much? Sorry, but I mean is it really that big of a hit? He's a good guy and he's passionate, but it's not like what Roger Ebert's death meant to the film industry. Sessler was the star of a middle-ranking YouTube channel and was once kinda popular in America I guess for being on TV...? Yeah, not a huge blow. I wish him all the best though.

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@eskimo said:

@pandabear: What an incredibly shitty thing to say.

@indieslaw - Well done dude, quitting smoking takes incredible amounts of self control. You've already got the hardest part beat, the physical withdrawals. Now it's on to beating the process of rituals that you;ve built up around smoking. You need to find other outlets for your energy when you encounter a situation where you would normally go out for a smoke. EG. maybe you could put a boxing bag on your patio so during renders you go and and punch it for a while. You're still going to want to smoke afterwards, but it'll give you something to take your mind off it for a few minutes, as well as channelling your energy into something positive. Exercise is a really great way to burn off stress, and it's good for you too. Playing games is also a great way to occupy your mind, I imagine that you've got a few options there. I took up learning a musical instrument, which turned out to be excellent at taking my mind off my stresses and problems. With a little bit of work, you can turn those negative feelings into something positive and productive.

Good luck, and stay strong, it's easy to not smoke when you're in a good mood, but when you're really down and out is when you need to be the strongest. You can do it!

Shitty how exactly? You shouldn't be praised for giving up somethingthat we all have known for decades is a waste of money and kills you. This is not a secret. I mean if someone says "hey I'm going to take up smoking" you'd tell them it's a bad idea (I'd call them an idiot), but when they quit they've done some amazing thing that we should all praise? Fuck that, don't smoke. We all make choices in life and having a crutch like smoking and playing the victim 'because it's soooo hard to quit' is weak.

You sound like you used to smoke so you're taking this personally, and hey I'm sure it's hard. I have family members who smoke and I have wayyy more who have died of cancer. I know heaps of people who die well before their time ... and some of them didn't smoke a day in their life. The point is smoking is selfish and pointless and when you know someone who has got cancer at no fault of their own you wonder why the fuck anyone would openly choose to increase their risk of getting it. It's moronic.

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Shoulda never started.

Just don't buy any more, that way you can't smoke them.

Exactly. Praising someone for giving up smoking is stupid. You shouldn't earn praise for not doing something you shouldn't do anyway.

Frankly most people who quit whine so much about how hard it is I'd rather they just smoked again and shut up about it.

It's not an achievement, you're just back to square one. Congratulations.

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Don't fuck it up.

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I've got your one-handed game right here.



It's called Angry Birds. No joke, I loved that game. Or Command & Conquer, particularly the early ones.