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Remember Me is one of my top ten games of all time. I always say the say thing though, you've got to play it in the original French audio to see how good it really is. Amazing soundtrack, gorgeous visuals, interesting combat, and genuinely unique story moments.

I'll be all over this.

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You've almost certainly already played it, having already listed the main game, but the Left Behind DLC for TLoU is even more powerful than the full game itself. Just dripping in emotion.

Echoing the suggestions for Journey, which you must play in a single session (2.5 hours, tops) and with an internet connection. If you don't know the game well, go in blind. Just trust us on this, let it surprise you.

Valiant Hearts: The Great War has a real tug on the heartstrings. One of the best games of the year so far, utterly recommended.

Finally, I'm going to suggest you play Remember Me. But, you MUST play it with the original French audio. The English dub kills that game, and I swear the tepid reviews are mostly due to the poor translation. The story is about loss, and regret, and a dystopia caused not by villainy but good intentions gone awry. It's one of my top ten games of all time, but the subtlety and magic are only present with the original voice work. Played it twice in a single week, was dangerously close to bawling like a baby at the end. I know loss, I know regret, and I understand exactly what they were going for.

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The Sony hack was the reason I own a PS3. I'd previously bought a PSPgo, which due to the Hong Kong PSN having no games led me to setup a US PSN account. Gave the handheld to a friend. When the Welcome Back package was offered, I realised I could get two PS3 games, and two PSP games (which I had no other way of redeeming) if I bought a PS3. Seemed like the best time to jump in, got myself a used slim as four free games was a heck of a deal back in the pre-PS+ days.

120 free games later...

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Minecraft. It's easy to get into a very relaxed, zen-like state whilst caving. It's right at that moment you hear the characteristic sizzle of a creeper and many a time that's had me screaming out loud and panicking.

Seriously, worst jump scares of any game because they can happen almost anywhere at any time. Under the right conditions it turns me into a five year old girl.

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If you're buying a tablet, get the best one you can. That's the iPad Mini. I moved down from the full size iPad, and comics of all types still read just fine on the 7.9" screen. I use ComicZeal to read the books, which has a Manga option built in.

I notice you only listed Android tablets, but when it comes to the hardware the iPad Mini really is a class above. Light, great screen (especially with the new Retina display), and the narrow side bezel makes it feel bigger than other devices of the same size. The added bonus is that in addition to your primary purpose, you'd get a really good gaming device too.

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Far too many people naming one bad game they bought. If one full price shitty game is the worst thing you spent money on, then you got off lightly.

I'll tell you pain. I bought an Atari Lynx II, which in a fit of madness I chose over a SEGA Megadrive. I then proceeded to buy no fewer than 17 games for that piece of shit handheld. Seventeen. Slime World was decent, and Xenophobe was alright, a couple more were... eh, not entirely wretched. And that's the best that can be said for a console and 17 games, all of which were obviously bought at the usual full handheld cartridge prices.

I did eventually get a Megadrive, but so much wasted time and money on that terrible handheld with almost universally terrible games. The last time I saw one of those things, it was in the hands of a lad with Downs Syndrome. It was wrapped in about a solid inch-thick layer of yellowing sticky tape for protection, and he was clinging to it for comfort. And I tell you, that poor bastard got more satisfaction from the hunk of junk than I ever did.

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I felt the game did very well to be as inclusive as possible. It centres around the French army, but also shows both the Canadian and British forces in key battles. They even had the Gharwal Rifles to highlight how many colonial troops ended up serving and dying in the trenches, and they get overlooked far more than the Canadians.

It's very much a "glass half full" situation, they were actively trying to show as many active participants as possible.

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So, am I right in assuming that the vast majority (all?) of the people posting in this comment thread are dudes? Probably some non-white, probably a couple who are into guys themselves, but essentially a sausagefest right?

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I hated this episode. Pretty much everyone is a mean-spirited bickering asshole, and I just don't care about any of them. Spending 2 hours with a bunch of dicks swearing at each other isn't my idea of good times. Coupled with that it had two incidents of violence against children, and two borderline torture-porn incidents, and it came across as being written by a maladjusted teenager with sociopathic tendencies. I had Clem tell them to shoot Carver, which is at least a quick form of justice, but letting someone slowly butcher him? This isn't a dark tale of sorrow and loss and human extinction, it's just vile and childish maliciousness.

The worst crime was that it was dull, in spite of all that. When I finished, I had it pegged as the worst episode in the series. Now I've had a couple of days to let it stew, I've become actively more ill-disposed towards it. If the next episode continues down this path I'll be finishing the series only because I bought the season pass. Watching people I dislike doing sickeningly evil shit while shouting and swearing at each other... how did such a great series turn so shit so quickly?

And fucking Kenny. I couldn't stand that guy in season 1 (one of the greatest games I have ever played), and now he's worse than ever. I actively went against him every step of the way and still I had no way to resist his course of action.

I'm no prude. I love gore and violence and dark tales set in dark times. But goddamn, this was the worst kind of crude and shitty bilge that gives gaming a bad name. Honestly the more I think about this episode, the angrier I get.

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1/ Mass Effect.

2/ The Last of Us.

3/ Shenmue.

I've been gaming since the VIC-20, and I have another 60 games I could swap in or out for these.