Best of 2011 - So far

Alright. Despite my year of unemployment I managed to fill my 2010 list to the brim with favorite games.

So it's time to get started with this year!

Also this year I won't delete games when they end up under the top 10 edge.

Realized that was a bad move afterwards.

List items

  • X360: There's no denying it: I'm Batman again and it is glorious.

  • PC: Now this was quite the treat. I loved it.

  • PC: An awesome shooter with really tight mechanics and a hilariously immature writing.

  • PC: This one came out of left field. I was surprised with just how much fun I'm having with it.

  • PC: One of the most insane endings in a game I've played. I love this game. So much heart and absurdity. Couldn't stop smiling while playing.

  • X360: This one genuinely surprised me. I expected a dragged out filler but got an adventure involving all three protagonists. Definitely the game I wish Brotherhood was.

  • PC: A great game. A really great game. But just not my type of game, which is why it doesn't go higher. I understand why people love it, and I play a lot of it. But I just don't love it.

  • X360: A lot of fun, but falls short in the more linier mission structure, and less interesting characters.

  • PC: Simply amazing. The spell combinations are awesome and the voice acting and humor is hilarious.

  • X360: I loved this game. There's just not enough good cop games out there.

  • X360: Sure is one mad game.

  • X360: It's quite fun. Slow start on the campaign, despite the never ending action, but the culmination of the story and the solid - while predictable - multiplayer makes for a good package.

  • PC: A game I love as a Jurassic Park fan. It hits the right keys there. Just a shame it falls short on pretty much everything else.

  • PC: Not the biggest masterpiece out there but I'm having fun without a doubt. Just need to get myself a better computer so I can play it on MAXIMUM SETTINGS!

  • X360: I think Doublefine have found a winning concept in developing smaller games that offer full entertainment all the way to the end of it. Here's to hoping they'll make enough money to keep it going!

  • PC: Very much a wildcard but it's surprisingly addictive to set out public transit in a city and watch people bitch and moan... kinda like in real life. Yeah I wish they'd develop another Sim City game, ok?!

  • PC: Cute and quite fun.

  • PC: Never knew it was this much fun trying to build a star system.

  • PC: This is quite fun.

  • PC: Anders. You may have been the most valuable team member but fuck you. Fuck you so very much.

  • PC: No.

  • PC: Meh...