Best of 2013 - So far

Same procedure as last year. I'll arrange all of the games I've bought 2013 and then that will be the Top 10 by the end of the year. (Will also post status on them to know how far I am in each game)

List items

  • A fantastic game. Plain and simple.

  • A fantastic game, through and through. I didn't have as much dumb fun as in Saints Row IV, but I had more genuine experiences in comparison. These two games stand as two excellent open world games on their own merits and should be rewarded as such.

  • After Volition threw out any form of sanity or logic, SRIV became a very entertaining installment in the series. Save for the GenkiBowl repeat, I was genuinely amused throughout the game. Again, it stands together with GTA V as excellent open world games.

  • I'm taking a risk putting this here after only playing the first episode, but damn it's a good one. Telltale have pretty much stepped up their game in all aspects and I'm dying to play the next episode.

  • Exciting gameplay, excellent pacing and fantastic storytelling - all in a ten hour package that mixes intense and thrilling action with drama and a mystery that keeps you wanting to know more all the way to the end. A must have.

  • It was a really good reboot. Let's hope CD can keep it up from here on.

  • Absolutely brilliant little game that makes me both chuckle and feel like a horrible oppressor at the same time. Just doing my job. Glory to Arstotzka!

  • One can argue this game don't belong here - being a stand-alone title from Far Cry 3 - but since it don't require FC3 and have some great entertainment value I give this one a pass. Just wish they took the serious sci-fi tone to the fullest. The tool-tips and attempt at clever self awareness sadly took away from the experience.

  • A neat surprise. Really enjoyed how the story telling affected the gameplay.

  • It's alright.

  • I bought this game and loved it for the sheer nostalgia and appreciation of the original cast coming together to give us something amazing. Just saddened that Capcom failed utterly in delivering a more modern experience.

  • Played around as much as possible with the online problems. Enjoying it though.

  • Prefer this over its predecessors.

  • Interesting attempt at a sci-fi rpg, but falls short on lack of polish. I hope the company gets a chance to make a sequel though.

  • Not my cup of tea. Nice with some co-op. (Completed)

  • More of the same. (10% Completed)