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2010 - Games I Have Played

 2010 - Games I Have Played far in order of my enjoyment. (ps3 and PC only) so i can remember them all for game of the year list

List items

  • after finishing the first game i did not want to go back to it to play the DLC because it did not further the story that i had already completed so i like the idea of an expansion better. i think i enjoyed this a little more than the original game because it was more condensed experience, but it did have some flaws

    1. the companion characters were not as strong

    2. the keep upgrade system could have been a lot deeper

    3. i didn't see some of the consequences for decision such as how many men were guarding what and when i was asked to be the judge.

  • single player is not as good as the first, i think that maybe they were trying to copy modern warfare and it lost some of the things that make it a battlefield game, such as the open maps and vehicles in single player , it was a lot more linear with less vehicles.

    I do not play a lot of multiplayer on other games except battlefield, mainly because there is no front line, in other games there is no real strategy or goal other then to kill the other players and most of my experiences in other games is i kill someone randomly while running around the map then someone kills me then he gets killed, i think this is exaggerated in the AvP videos i have seen where the killing animations take a while to go through so you get a kill 'train' with people lining up. this is not the case in BF games with classes, squads and clear objectives it makes people use a lot more strategy.

    Only downside is the way they did the MP DLC. It was preplanned and on the disc but they chose to take certain things out of the game (different versions of the maps for each mode, the pins and insignias they took out for the Dr pepper offer(which isn't available in my country) and presumably the higher level unlocks) and chose to unlock it for 'free' over time for people with VIP codes.

  • just finished chapter 8 and i am enjoying it so far especially the characters and cut scenes. i am not finding it as hard as people say nor have i had to grind. Although the combat is becoming a little repetitive and i would like a couple more weapons to choose from.

  • different type of game then i am used to playing but very enjoyable more so the god of war 3

  • not my type of game, having not played the previous ones in the series probably didn't help

  • so-so

  • leveling up was OK and the the space combat was fantastic... pity bout the ground combat, i would like to see another game like freelancer with great space combat. endgame pve: raidisodes were not fun will constantly respawning enemies and unfun boss mechanics (platform jumping is not a good idea especially when the ground controls are not that great) PVP: unbalanced fed v Klingon = long queues resulting in 2v0

    will not come back to this mmo

  • technically did not come out in 2010 but is released for PAL regions this year

    (have not played yet)

  • (have not played yet)

  • (have not played yet)

  • (have not played yet)