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  • The first PSP game I ever bought and it was love at first sight. Konami made a bold move with Ac!d with its unique style of card-based RPG gameplay and I still think it plays perfectly well no matter what others have said about it. While Ac!d 2 is a much improved version of its predecessor, I still go with the first one just because the storyline is way better and the overall feel to it just seems right.

  • I'm not a big Final Fantasy but I gotta admit this game is so freakin' good. From the beginning, I was skeptical with the game thinking that this new gameplay they were introducing to the franchise will not work but actually it does and it's very addictive. The stories and the cutscenes are done extremely well and I'm starting to like all the characters in the franchise. Now I feel like buying the previous Final Fantasy titles to understand the characters better.

  • After many years of playing Lumines, I still don't get it why it's so popular. While I don't actually love the game to bits, I do enjoy playing it from time to time. The thing that makes Lumines a lot of fun is the music and the urge to get higher scores. I guess that what makes the game so popular but still, makes no sense to me.

  • They say it can't be done, but once again Hideo Kojima proved to the world that as a matter of fact it can be done and told everyone to suck it. Nah, he didn't say that but he did actually gave us the jolt when we first laid our eyes on Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops. With its magnificent PS2 quality and addictive gameplay at the palm of your hand, we couldn't ask for more.

  • The first Syphon Filter is a classic, the second one is alright, the third one is so-so and the fourth one is a huge disappointment. Dark Mirror however is a masterpiece for the PSP. The developers did a great job of resuscitating secret agent Gabriel Logan and his crew back to life with this incredible and fast-paced stealth action game. With its awesome graphics, better voice over and Hollywood quality of storytelling, Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror is a complete handheld game and I'm still playing it to this day trying to obtain all the badges.

  • This game was banned in many countries, but I managed to dig it out and witnessed the psychotic lives of Daniel Lamb and Leo Kasper. Manhunt 2 is really a great game and it has an intense storyline which is way better and more dramatic than its previous game. I also find that this game is not that gory and disgusting according to what critics have claimed it to be. I find the first Manhunt to be more disturbing so why is everyone picking on Manhunt 2 all the time? They just based on what other people said and simply follow the crowd. Pity.

  • An unappreciated game for the PSP, Dead Head Fred is surprisingly a funny game filled with cuss words and hilarious quotes. Although the gameplay gets repetitive rather quickly, the characters are what steals the show and they have all kinds of creative mutants, citizens, farmers, and undeads all creeping into one small UMD disc. I personally like switching heads to perform different attacks.


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This is a really good list my friend. I don't know if its not your style or you just didn't try it(you really should if that is the case) but Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is one of my all time favorites along with china town wars, both of them I would like to put down in the 20 spot