April Game Jam Week 3

Ok last week of the jam.

coming along great. Fixed that problem that I was having last week with movement and animations. there is still some stuff I want to change about how the game plays. Things need to be more snappy, ie controls more 1 to 1 but slightly less button mashing. Not sure if these things will done by may 1st but will all this progress I am happy that it will not take to much after to have it finished and on places where people can play it ( besides my website). Working right now on getting the main game loop complete. ie starting the game finishing the game then returning to the main menu. So right now I have 5 bosses(same currently) then goes to the final boss. but then it just stops. I need it to show game over and score, wait for the player to hit enter then go to the main menu. seems like its easy but its not, like always. Wellll easy is subjective I guess, this is more time consuming than anything else.

My design methodology for this game is simple, its "Fuck it". So I was faced with a problem, the play when pressing slash for the first time jumps into the air, there you can chain up hits to increase your multiplier. But the enemy has no counter for that, so you have just wail on them for how ever long the air time is. That promotes button mashing and not paying attention to score/multiplier. So I was faced with a daunting task, all enemies needed another attack. Man I don't have the time for that, to design and implement a new attack. So I cam with a Fuck it solution, All enemies can flip. So if you are in the air, the enemy, can, flip its sprite on the x axis which knocks the player back down. Simple but it looks really cool, the game is 2d but this flipping is obliviously in 3d space. It helps bolster ( in my opinion) the idea of this game to be very outlandish and chaotic .

There is a concern of mine that the game will be too random, and have no flow. But I think with more time and play testing I can find a balance between the Fuck it and actually replayable fun.

Latest build

Smoke and mirrors:

As I code more and more on this game I have been making more and more use of unity's Invoke function. this functions allows for methods to be executed after a delay ( this is only internal methods). If you read my week1 blog I talked about them more and solutions to some of their downfalls. But now as I am enter more of the polish phase I am using them more and more to just make things happen. You don't want the game over to come down RIGHT as you die, you want to look at your player and have a half second before it shows up. These are little things that really go a long way on making your game feel professional. So a lot of times you think, oh this is going to be really complicated and I need to do all this stuff, no not really. Keep it simple the more complex your code is the hard it is to maintain and add stuff to. Being clean is important!

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