Top 10 Games of 2013

My Top 10 Games Of The Year 2013

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  • Rouge Legacy is one of those rare games that make you play way longer than you expect or even realize. I often joke and say it is the best Castlevania games ever while it shares similarities with those games it does a lot to differentiate itself the random castle and character traits and class make each run feel fresh and new PLAY THIS GAME!

  • Gone Home may not be a very complicated game or a very long one but what it does with that are very much to be commended.

    I would recommend everyone play this game just to see how story can be handled in a game

  • Rockstar know how to make a game and how to write great characters and they did just that with GTAV it did everything I wanted with the next game in the series and lived up to what I expected. The new mechanics added a lot and the three main characters cured the series of feeling too long and filled with junk just to pad out the length

  • Papers please combined a lot of puzzle elements with a very political story while the tone and message could have been handled poorly it was executed almost flawlessly. Glory to Arstotzka

  • Bioshock had a lot to live up to with tons of hype that followed this game and the pedigree of games that came before it Bioshock easily could have failed to meet what I wanted. In the end it combined a great world both stylistically and thematically with a neat story to create a memorable experience. While the gameplay was not the reason I continued to play it it worked with the world and what I was doing and made me love this game.

  • Rising seemed like it was never going to see the light of day, after being scrapped and handed to another dev team it seemed like it was destined to be a poor game. The game we got was a face paced, stylish and challenging game that had what may be the best final boss I ever faced.

  • Saints Row IV Is insane, It is an open world game that trivialized the biggest problem in most open world games getting from point A to point B flying, running and jumping are so fun I never felt the need to get into a car. The story was so crazy and there is a moment that left me in tears because it was so perfect. It also had RIFF RAFF RIFFF RAFFF!

  • The Last Of Us creates a world and characters that felt so real and that was incredibly refreshing, the gameplay and amazing graphics made a very life like and stressful world. To me the story did not resonate as much as it did with others but the characters and world made up for that.

  • Pokemon X&Y is another franchise that seemed to be mired in the past, each game kept the same skeleton with new monsters and new town names. While a lot of what X&Y did to bring it to modern games is still a bit old compared to other RPGs it still added many things (EXP SHARE!)

  • Link Between Worlds changes so much in the Zelda style while still keeping what is core to the series. It hits a lot of nostalgia and fan service while still adding new things to what makes Zelda great.