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I had no idea Grand Central Station catered to this market!

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Extra Life 2022 - Gameday Schedule!

This is my eighth year running as a member of the Giant Bomb team, and I've really enjoyed every one of them! It's really awesome to see the variety and creativity that people pour into their streams. It's something I've come to look forward to every fall, and this one is no different!

It seems like a lot of discussion for this is on the discord now, but I also wanted to put up my schedule for the day up on the forums in case any other bombers wanted to come by and hang out. Also if anyone else on the team wants to put their schedules and donation pages up, this might be a good place to do it!

I'll be starting on November 5th at 10:00am (PST) and ending on November 6th at 10:00am (PDT). I'll paste my schedule just below this paragraph, but this is where you can find my donation page and twitch channel.

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Please respond with your own streams and info below for people to find! I look forward to seeing you all on gameday! Have fun this year folks!


Extra Life 2022

Even though there hasn't been a blog post here for a few years, I've still been running for Extra Life! Instead of posting here, I had been posting updates on the stream into the official community thread.

This year I'm going to do both! I'm just away in New York City at the moment, but when I get back the final plans for the day this year will start to come into place. As soon as everything is set, I'll do an update here and into the official community forum post when it goes live.

I want to get out front and wish everyone who is running this year the best of luck for your streams! Lets get out there and do some more good this year!

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Extra Life 2020

I'm back again for a 6th year for Extra Life! It's been a hard year with everything that has been happening around the world, but we're going to keep things going this year for the kids!

Last year the schedule was a little more sparse, with some more time spent on a few fewer games. This year, I'm going back the other way and running a new game every hour with the exception of 2. (Edit:) Thankfully it was pointed out that I should include links to where you can find the show and donation pages! Here is where you can find things:


Extra Life:

This year is going to be packed with games with a new one happening nearly every hour. Like most years, we'll see how things go and if we're having fun, can make some changes on the fly. Here is the plan for this year as it stands:


GamesScheduled Start Time
Relentless: Little Big Adventure10:00am
Gobliiins 1, 2 & 311:00am
Homeworld: Remastered1:00pm
Hylics 2 and Rogue2:00pm
Outcast 1.13:00pm
Deadly Tower of Monsters4:00pm
Cook, Serve, Delicious 35:00pm
Doom Eternal: The Old Gods 6:00pm
System Shock: Enhanced Edition7:00pm
Crusader: No Remorse10:00pm
Cryostasis: Sleep of Reason11:00pm
Divine Divinity 12:00am
Bionic Commando: Rearmed1:00am
Tower of Time2:00am
Elite Dangerous (VR)3:00am
Sunset Overdrive5:00am
Descent (and Descentlikes)6:00am
Eye of the Beholder 27:00am
The Outer Worlds9:00am

Hard to Look At

Hoo boy, have I not looked at this page in quite some time. There are a lot of things between 2010 and now that I would like to delete from this site forever. Oh well I suppose... I'm stuck having to live with it.

The best I can say is that there were about 9ish years of severe depression and anxiety fueling that content. Let's uhm... just do our best to ignore that and move on I suppose.

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Bourgeoisie Bullcrap (Clickbait... That's self referential)

So... I've been pretty lucky the last few years. I've worked/lucked myself into a position I like that pays an ok wage. I've met an amazing person that... I really can't envision life without at this point. I've been able to move into an apartment that... I have no idea how such an amazing place is possible. I've also had to work so much this year, that of my 7 weeks of vacation (boo hoo for me right), I had to get paid out for 3 of them (carrying over 2).

With that end-of-year influx of cash... I decided to splurge and... I bought a Vive. Wow!

So... full disclosure that I was already fully prepared to enjoy this medium. I really wanted it after I tested an Oculus DK-2 with Elite: Dangerous. I am a fully primed person to want to push this platform to the maximum possible!

Almost a year into release when I bought the hardware... I was impressed by how simple it was to setup, and also that they *actually* bothered to include everything you might need in the box. I was also impressed by the software...

That last statement requires some... qualification. I bought it at a point when Thumper got the update to include PC VR... I already owned Elite: Dangerous... the free titles available were slight but... AWESOME! I mean... Xortex is... genuinely a cool experience.

My foray into VR is only a few hours long by this point. It has been... thrilling, and awesome. I love the experiences, and desperately want the price to come down so everyone else can play this too. I *vehemently* believe not all games should be played in VR... that's crazy. I do still think that everyone should be able to have this experience. It's visceral and awesome in ways I didn't appreciate until I could spend as long as I wanted to in the playspace (to be fair... so far that is about 4 hours of time as I bought my Vive roughly 5 hours before leaving town for 11 days).

What's the point of this? Well... I just wanted to chime in that I feel like VR right now... is important and needs to be supported. I'm not going to ask that anyone break any banks for it, because... that's equally crazy. That being said... I feel like it is an important platform, and something that will, hopefully, improve over time.

For now... just know tha the setup process for the Vive was easy, and very user friendly. If you're wondering what to pick well... I still can't help you. The Vive was a great choice for me because of the space I have... but that might not be the same for you.

Edit: Thanks moderator... if you were going to move this post, it would have been better in the general VR section than the specific one.


15 Days of Fantasy

I should have made this post earlier... but better late than never! 10 days ago, I decided I would stream a different numbered Final Fantasy game every day in the lead up to the release of Final Fantasy XV! So far... I've played through 1 - 10... and tonight I'll be digging into Final Fantasy XI: Online! It took a little bit of finagling, but... I was able to get something up and running!

If you're interested in checking out the current state of Final Fantasy XI... or even the archive of the other games head on over to my channel at Beam.Pro! Hope to see you there!

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Extra Life - Fundraising Stream: Year 2 Edition!

Extra Life 2016 is tomorrow! Starting at 9am I will be running a constant live stream of games until 9am on Sunday! You'll be able to find my stream running over at Beam (! I'm going to be playing a wide array of action games, RPG's, strategy games, FMV games, and ... a text adventure? I'm still getting everything setup, and I don't have a good sense of exactly what time all these games will be happening, but I'll do my best to keep something more solid posted to the channel at Beam.

What am I playing? Well... it all starts with I am Bread:

There's a whole lot there. If there is anything in particular you want to see, just let me know and I can see about rejiggering the schedule on the fly!

I hope there's something there for everyone, but I'm also open to suggestions. Mostly let's have fun and raise some funds #ForTheKids !


Extra Life - Fundraising Stream

I have been sitting on the sidelines for too many years. This year has been the one where I wanted to try and give something back to the people around me that live in a place I have come to love as my home. This November I saw the opportunity to help raise money for the BC Children's Hospital, and decided that this would be the year I would actually try to do something.

So what does that mean? It means this year on November 7th, I will be playing and streaming games for 24 hours in an effort to raise donations for the BC Children's Hospital is what that means! I will be putting together a show of various games/shenanigans for that period in an effort to raise donations. You can find my donation page at the following link:

What am I going to play? I couldn't tell you for sure right now, but with a library nearing 1000 ranging from old adventure games, Full Motion Video cheesefests, hard as nails platforming, there will be a lot to choose from. I'm also planning a few surprises in there to keep things interesting. You'll be able to see it all from my Twitch channel:

I decided against laying out a strict schedule as I might want to spend more or less time with some of these. This is the intended order I am going to be attacking these in however. The show starts tomorrow morning at 8am (PST)!

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A Prescient Message

Shane Koyczan is a spoken word artist that has been around for a number of years now. He has released about 4 albums of work, some that are with and without musical accompaniment. I've been watching with interest as the music portion of his presentations have continued to evolve. Early in August he released his latest (and I think strongest) compilation titled Silence Is A Song I Know All The Words To.

This week he released a video that has been mapped to one of the pieces on that album. The title of the poem is Troll. This video is landing at a time where this problem in the world of games is coming to a very public climax. Originally I believe this was written in the wake of Amanda Todd, but having it come out in the middle of a conflict where individuals are being targeted with such a venomous fervour is almost too coincidental (though it is only a coincidence).

The main message to take away is hopefully one where we can all learn to not be so instantly awful to each other. We all seem to agree that this medium is our preferred form of interaction, it seems so counter-intuitive to be this awful to people we share a love like this with.


Growing Up

Any subscribers that have watched the recent Lantern Run, and then read the subsequent posts by Ryan already know what is going on. The short of it is, he said something in frustration that he immediately realized that he shouldn't have, and then apologized. It was that simple. To my mind, the reaction is more meaningful than the event in this case.

The problem, as is always the case, the community of people that decide to react in the worst way possible to the event. In actual fact, not even the event... the response to the event. Horrible, ignorant, little shitty people decide to express themselves and demonstrate their qualities to the world. Congratulations for that.

That kind of thing exemplifies why I am the kind of person that hates using forums. I'm still not always grown up enough to recognize idiocy and stupidity for what it is, and let the world decide for themselves that what was said was a marvelously stinking brain turd. It's the internet, and a lot of bullshit here is simply that.

Usually the argument for counter reaction to that stuff is that we should grow thick skin for words. My counter to that counter is that if you decide to use your free speech to say something stupid, than you're going to have to accept that you will need to deal with the consequences of saying it. Free speech is the right to say what you want, not the right to say what you want without consequences.