Bought my First brand of Beer today, exciting times.

Ok, while people may not think this is a big deal, I think it is. I turned 21 last March 22nd, and this beer is by no mean my first, but it is the first I actually bought with my own money, which seems speacil to me. I wated this long because: A. I wanted to pick one I thought would be good, which took some thinking. B. didnt have the extra cash, and if I really wanted a beer, I can just raid my dads reserve.  It was a 6 pack of Rolling Rock (if youve seen the Angry Video Game Nerd, its the stuff he drinks) and I gotta say its quit good. Atleast compared to my pops bud light, which left quit a bit to be desired as far as taste goes. So this was a mark improvement from what I had before. the beer comes in bottle form, and to my knowledge dosent come in cans. and it was like $6 dollars and something cents for a 6 pack, which im not sure is pretty high for beer, or about the norm. Im not sure how much beer usually goes for. Keep in mind it could be the place I got it from, or maybe it was higher grade beer than like a bud light. Anyway, im not sure, if anyone knows pricing on beer well, let me know.

Im conflicted between my two HD consoles.

Ok, so like lots of people, i own both a PS3 and a 360. But over the past year, ive been finding myself falling into fanboy trappings between the two. Let me explain what i mean. I like gaming very much on my 360, but im very worried it going to max out soon, atleast sooner than the PS3, and therefore itll become a obsolete console and potentialy not as a good console. Because I like my consoles to not max out and keep advancing meaningfully graphically till the day they are cycled out for the new generation of consoles. It just puts me off to them.

So, because of this, ive been maybe feeling more attached to my PS3, since it gives me more Graphical future confidence and comfort about its future as apposed to the 360, which Im starting to fell could stop evolving graphically any time now. and it being older tech dosent help with my discomfort. Plus, alot of the PS elitism going around isnt helping either. maybe thats starting to rub off on me.

Also, the fact that I couldnt potentially play my 360 years from now without it more than likely breaking once I plug it back in dosent help matters either. Atleast with PS3, 4 years from now, itll most likely work like it does now.

and i actually maybe like buying my multiplats for the most part on 360 more, because their still usually the better version to get, even if its by a small difference.

But I do love my PS3 also, for its Exclusives and the multipaltform games that do end up better on it. And honestly, I dont know why, but I feel I cant like the two consoles the same, like I need to pick a preference and still like the other. And maybe part of me would like to do most my gaming on one console, to eliminate any Multiplatform version purchasing headaches.

This is very strange, because last gen, i loved my PS2 and XBOX about equally. and played both and loved both about the same. I had my XBOX for Multiplatform, and my PS2 for its killer Exclusives. and thats how I dished it out.

Maybe all this time on games message boards and reading these contant "PS3 sucks" "360 blows" "PS3 vs 360" threads on message boards I go on has screwed with my Phychie. I never worried about this stuff before this gen, I just played the games.

I also cared way more about which version was better than about what syestem it was on.

Maybe its some kind of weird pride thing. that you own the most powerful syestem of the bunch, therefore the others cannot obviously be as good since your able to produce better graphics on the one console.

i dont know whats happened to me, and I really dont like it. and im not sure how to fix it. Im jsut very worried that if I invest too much in the 360, itll be maxed out and outdated and die off soon compared to PS3 and ill regret it.



Why I am Worried About Western Live Action Movies Based off Anime

As you may or may not know, there are rumor/talks of quit a few popular animes being turned into movies for the west. Im not talking about Japan making these movies, these movies are being made for the states and western audiences, meaning more than likely they will involve Caucasian actors. These rumored movies include Akira (confirmed I believe), Bleach and Death Note. now, I would like to focus on Death Note personally, because out of those three its by far my favorite.

There is a part of me that is very excited for a Western Death Note movie. Itll be in english, itll most likely have much better speacil effects (shinigamis etc.) and would probaly be more relateable to me. But theres an even bigger part of me scared shitless about it. and for a few reasons.

1. Lets talk about the characters. 90 percent of all the characters in this anime are japanese and live in japan. meaning they have japanese names. L, Near, Mello and the American government people will of course be look like they do in the anime (AKA Causasian since thats what those characters were in the anime) Im not so much worried about these character than I am for everyone else, specifically Light. The rumors swirling around that Zac Efron, from what I believe is High School Musical fame, might play the part of light. I feel two ways about this: 1. It makes sense, because he look almost exactly like Light, or what Light might look like if he were real 2. I hate this, because it dosent make any sense given the context of the anime, which is set in japan. Why would a obviously white person have a Japanese name, japanese parents, and live IN FREAKIN JAPAN! And light is Japanese obviously.

Now, in order to even do this movie, they could go in two different spectrums:

1. Have almost all japanese acting cast, which L, Mello, Near and the actual American white people be the exception, so having it set in japan would make perfect since because most of the people in the show will be japanese.

2. They totally make it weird and ackward and have Light be white, but everyone else asian for some weird fucking reason, and have it still set in japan. Or they could just make almost the whole cast white, thusly completing the mind fuck.

i doubt the studio will go with option 1, meaning we are going to have a rather ackward movie on our hands. I dont think they will go option 1 because Im not sure how americans like having a almost all asian cast set in japan. It just seems like a bomb to me in america and even in the UK and etc.

2. THE ANIME IS SET IN JAPAN! I already touched on this, but seriously, IT HAS TO BE JAPAN! Unless the director wants the say Fuck the original source material, give everyone names like Steve Johns and Roy Brown and have it set in downtown L.A.. and this is why a White protaginest and even a white cast would not work, because its set in japan.

3. If they keep to the original story, it would need to be a multi movie thing. There is no way they can cram the tale of Death note in one movie, even if the movie was over 3 hours long. I pray that hollywood does right makes this a 2 movie thing or even more if they need to, because if tis just one movie, its going to be croped, cut and butchered all to hell.

These are the MAIN things im worried about with this movie, and honestly any anime movie (if its based off a Series, than Espeacilly number 3 on my list)

These movies have so much face palm potential, not to mention all the elitist anime fan pricks that will clutter the theaters day one in cosplay and not STFU when im trying to watch the movie with their cheering and screaming.

maybe im focusing a bit too much on location, but its the only location that makes since given the characters names.


My Top 10 Nostalgic/Best Cartoon theme songs.

Ok, So Ive been watching alot of Nostalgia Critic lately, so I decided to make a top 10 list of my most Nostalgic/best cartoon theme songs. Cartoons play a big part on my childhood, and I still watch them today. But im mainly focusing on stuff during my childhood, rather than modern stuff like Spongebob, although thats a very memorable theme song also. So, here it is. Keep in mind, your list might differ from mine, and im going to say right now that quit a few of mine have been mentioned on the Nostalgia critics top 10 Nostalgic theme songs:

10. The Freakazoid Theme: This song was stupid, catchy and all around fun. It involved barbers named floyd, and a Chimpanze that would always show up randomly. It was also upbeat and cool.

9. Sonic SATAM theme: now, in case your confused, there were two Sonic cartoons in the early 90s, riding the wave of Sonic on Genesis. One was a more comical, looney toons esc show entitled the Adventures of Sonic the Headgehog, while the other, entitled by fans as Sonic SATAM, really was one of the better Cartoons based on a viceo game. The show was dark, had some good writing, interesting characters, and had robotnik be a menacing villain for once. He actually took over the world too. The song itself was this Catchy, almost rock kinda theme with some great lyrics "blue streak, speed by... Sonic the Headgehog."   " too fast, for the naked eye, Sonic the Headgehog. "
8. Ducktales theme: Honestly, this should have been higher on this list. This song WILL NOT LEAVE YOUR FUCKING BRAIN! I havent seen this show in like 12 years or more, and I still know the damn lyrics. plus, youll always be waiting for hte WOOHOO during the song.

7. Rock the Dragon;Dragon ball Z: this song made you pumped! it was nothing but guitar solos, a series of fight scenes, power ups, and big ass dragons. and Explosions too. it made you wanna get out of the house, go pump some iron, join a Dojo, punch people in the stomach, all while having rediculous hair and yelling alot.

6. Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles theme: in case you didnt know, TMNT was shit hot back in the late 80s. it was everywhere; toys, T-shirts, and even a cartoon that is revered by many. and it made one kick ass theme song.

5. Animaniacs theme/Pinky and the brain theme: I included these two together because, technically, there from the same show. Now, if you would ask me to choose between these two, I really couldnt. Animaniacs theme has some of the funniest writing for a kids theme, while I will dare you to find a single person that has watched the pinky and the brain theme atlest one time, and they cannot hum the theme from memory just off of that. The themes really were genius. plus, all teh otehr great music in the show. They even had songs that made learning Geography, State capitals and Presidents interesting and fun.

4. Sailor Moon theme (ENGLISH VERSION): Now, now, before you question my manhood. I am a guy. I like guy things. But I will be a damn liar if I said this song hasnt stuck in my head after all these years. and its not that bad. The vocals are kinda nice, and its catchy. I almost dare anyone that knows anything about Anime and claims so to not atleast have heard this song once.

3. GI Joe theme: as a kid, I was half convinced that this was Americas theme song. It was catchy, epic, and was all around great.

2. Digimon theme: Note, this is the first digimon theme, I have to specify this because IMO this was one of the only GOOD digimon and they made like 15 other digimon shows after this. this is the original. this song had a cool Technoey kinda rock sound to it. also, the song didnt have many pyrics to it. It was a repeat of Digimon Digimon Digital monsters and Digivolve into champions.... Digivolve into ultimate and it would kidna than repeat. I know there more to the song than that, but thats pretty much it. But what made it so great was the way it was arranged and that it was catchy as all hell, which is a common theme with the songs on this list, and IMO is a staple to a great theme song: staying power.

and the number 1 is, and this will probaly not be a surprise to some:

1. The Pokemon theme: Good. Lord. If there was ever a song youd remember. this is probaly THE most well known song out of anybody that grew up in the 90s watching cartoons or even had any know how of Pop culture at the time. I even believe this song is just as much a part of Pokemon as the game itself. Hell, I would bet that even if youve never played the games, or even seen the cartoon, you know the words to this freaking song. You know it, your friends know it, your friends friends know it, and most likely your Parents know it. It was catchy as all hell, the episodes had other songs in them (who can forget the Poke'Rap.) This is the kinda song you can start abruptly singing in the car, and your friends will more than likely know the lyrics and join in. People actually bought CDs of the music in pokemon, including me when i was a kid. The songs were pretty damn good and catchy. Say what you will about the actual show itself if you go back and watch it today (honestly, its not that great when you go back to watch it as a adult,), but you cannot deny the pop culture kid Phenomenom this show was. 

Some honorable Mentions Include the Beetlejuice Cartoon theme (this was very very close to being on teh list, and if I extened it to 11, this might be the one that would be number 11. I loved it because it was bat shit crazy and was actual composed by Danny Elfmen, which you could tell just by listening to it. Just a buch of la la las, and it really gave off a tim Burton kinda vibe), Xmen theme, thudnercats theme, Power Rangers theme (not a cartoon, but still great), Gargoyles theme, Chip and Dales rescue rangers,  and honestly alot of others.
I really recommend that you look these songs up on youtube if you never have heard them before. Im sure theres some you know, but for the ones you dont, please please go listen to them.

Note, Ill probaly touch it up and maybe add some more detail tomorrow, right now its like midnight, and im tired. Hell, I might even change some of my selections. but right now, this is what I got off the top of my head.    

Im 21 today!

Well, I turn the big 2 1 today. that means I can drink, gamble, get a DUI, all that stuff. Not really sure how your suppose to celebrate something like this. Party? Get Drunk? Party and get Drunk? Party and get drunk while bare ass naked with a lamp shade over your head, and getting it on with that one hot girl thats jsut as drunk as you are, than wake up and realize that she wasnt hot, but is a 300 pound Otaku that has oily skin and a cleft foot, and live with that for the rest of my life.  
..... Yeah, i didnt do any of that. I just had a beer, ate some pizza, got money from the folks, and am going to bed because I have to wake up at 7:30 tomorrow.

things I like about both PS3 and 360, and things I hate.

No console is perfect, as we all know. Each one has its Streangths and its weakness's. Anyway, this is what I Like and what I hate about both the PS3 and 360.

PS3: things I like:

1. Built in Hard Drive with every console: this gives devs the oppurtunity to utilize the HDD to improve performance and load times, but really, only Exclusives are going to utilize this like they should.

2. Bluray: This ensures that devs will never be cramped for space and will be able to get the most out of Textures and stuff like that. Again, only Exclusives are really going to take advnatage of this.

3. Hardware Reliability: This is one of the main things Playstation has over XBOX this gen. The RROD fiasco for 360 will probaly go down in history as one of the biggest Technical failures of any console. Some reports indicated a over 50 percent failure rate for the old consoles, however, the new consoles are much less likely to break, but there is still a Linearing odor hovering around 360 because of this.

4. The Exclusives: Personally, I think the Exclusives for PS3 so far have been some of the most Cinematic and Granduous weve seen. 360 does have great Exclusives, but I just felt that PS3 Exclusives as of late have been more compelling to me.

5. The cool Factor: Another odd one, but I think the PS3 has more of a cool Factor than 360 does. Same reason I thought XBOX was cooler than PS2. Maybe its because PS3 isnt as mainstream as 360, maybe its the way the Box logos look for the games, I dont know, but I thought it was a cooler syestem. Does that make it better? not really. Im not about to say that the XBOX was better than the PS2, but I liked my XBOX more than my PS2 last gen.

Now, onto the things I hate about it:

1. The Overcomplicated hardware: yes, PS3 ON PAPER is probaly the most technically advanced, but in order to utilize it fully, you really need to devote alot of time and Resources, something thats simply not going to happen with Most multiplatform games since theyll be probaly focusing on the 360 version more than the PS3 version because they believe itll sell better on 360. I really wish SONY next gen will use more off the shelf parts instead of Tech that Devs STILL cant get there head around.

2. The multiplatforms: Now, many will argue that now a days, Multipaltform releases are the same. And they would be sort of right. To the average person, the PS3 version would look fine enough. But if you go on Comparison sites, youll notice that 360 versions still usually get the win, or theyll be the same. Rarely do they look better on PS3. thats why I go on these sites, and I get which ever one is better.

3. the Online: Free aint always better. With PSN right now, you dont get all the features live does, and it still has a bunch of kinks that prevent it from being as seemless as Live. To most, itll probaly be good enough. But only a fool would say its better than Live is. atelast not right now. Maybe SONY will fix this when they release there Premium PSN service probaly this year. Plus, I find Live to be like a Living Ecosyestem, PSN not so much.

4. Lack of a Headset budled with the console: this may seem like a weird thing, but It would help out sonys online standing if they would just bundle the mic with every console. thisll get people talking in games, and itll make it a better overall experince. I cant tell you how many times I went on PSN and nobody was talking or trying to coordinate with there squad. it DOES make a differnce.

Now onto 360. Now, maybe some of you will call me a 360 fanboy for stuff I said about the PS3 that I didnt like, but before you start judging, just read on and i Assure you ill rip 360 a new one too.

things I like:

1. The Controller: This controller is probaly the most Comfortable one ive ever had. I really hope they continue to use this design for the next console and one after that. Teh sticks are positioned great, the buttons have a nice resistence to them, and the triggers make it Ideal for shooter.

2. The Multiplatforms: some may bash 360 for the dated tech it has compared ti PS3, but to be able to get the better version of a Multipatlform release alot of times, says something about the way MS designed the console. It techincally has a better GPU, and has a better useage of Ram. maybe this is why. who knows.

3. XBOX Live: Live is still the Benchmark of Console Online Experinces, like it or not. They continue to evolve it, adding stuff like Last FM and facebook, and it dosent have the Hitches taht PSN has. Its very seemless and very easy to get into a game with friends. and those friends more than likely will be talking to you.

4. Headset with every console: Im really a big Proponent of this. Something that SONY should be taking notes on. Bundling a Mic with pretty much any console (except the Arcade I think) was a very smart idea and pretty much Guranteed youll be able to Coordiante with squad mates. But its a double edged sword, it also means taht any jack ass that bought the console can trash talk you and yell racial slurs.

5. The way the console looks: Originally, I liked the way the PS3 looked more, but now that SONY went with the Slim model, I kinda feel that the 360 is the Better looking console Asteticaly. I always liked the concave design and the harddrive attachment on top. Kind of a silly thing, but hey, its my list.

6. XBOX fronting Innovation: Now, this may seem like another weird one, but MS really has been the Forefront of the two in trying to advance your experince with a console. They added Last FM, Facebook, Netflicks ( a full year ahead of PS3), Twiiter, and coming up Project Natal. Some of you may say that Facebook and Twitter are Unecessary, but you fail to realize that this is the first time they were used on a console, and thats saying something.

Now, things I dont like about it.

1, The Hardware build Quality: Shock and awe, I know. But the 360 will probaly go down in game history as one of the biggest Hardware Defect fiascos. More than the PS2, more than any console I think. It had a Reported over 50 percent failure rate for the launch consoles, but to be fair, MS did the right thing and Extended the Warranty to 3 years, and the new Jasper console arent nearly as likely to break as launch ones, but still, it shouldnt have happened in the first place. Espeacilly since the Original XBOX didnt break that much.

2. DVD 9: Now, this may have seemed as a smart Short term plan, but were now seeing with games like FF XIII, Mass Effect 2, and the recent Lost Planet 2 cuts, that DVD 9 could be bitting MS in the ass a bit. Now, you may say oh wow, I gotta get off my ass and change a disc, big fucking woop. well, it is a big fucking woop when it starts affecting quality if the Dev dosent want to put the game on teh needed amount of discs to ensure quality because they dont wanna pay the Royaltys to MS. Plus, some games simply cant work as Multidisc, like GTA and Elderscrolls. Anyway, im sure most games from here on out will probaly still be 1 disc, but you have to wonder if Multiplatform devs will maybe get fed up with it and focus on the PS3 version more.

3. The Overexpensive Add ons for the console: 179 dollars for a 120gb HDD? no thank you sir (even though I did pay it.) MS really has been gouging people good with there Exorbinate price tags on add ons for the syestem, and never really gave a good reason why other than they like money.

4. Supposed Weaker Hardware. Now, this may be true or false, but I find that Graphics on PS3 have more of a WOW factor than Graphics on 360 msot fo the time (this is Exclusives) Mass Effect looks stunning, sure, but I still think Uncharted 2 still looks better. You have to wonder if Graphical improvements will hit a wall one day on 360, and if theyll stop improving game to game. that could be a problem for MS, but as long as theyre selling consoles, I dont think theyll care.

Anyway, thats my list. Call me a XBOT, Call me a Playslave, whatever. Im just telling you what I think. Out of the two, I still think that PS3 has a bit more issues than the 360 does, but both are great.


So, you Just got a PS3...... Now What?

(this is a follow up fo the blog post I made for "so you just got a 360 for Christmas.... now what?" and since lots of people are getting PS3s now, I felt this guide was maybe needed)  
So, you just got a PS3 did you? either for Christmas or on your own? Well, Congratulations! You have a great game syestem with lots of great games and features. But where do you go from here? Well, heres some things to think about so you can get the most out of your new purchase:  
1. Get a HDMi Cable: Unfortunately, the PS3 only comes with composite cables, which is perfectly fine if your going to be doing your PS3 gaming on a Standard Definition TV, but what about if you have a HDTV? well, than your gonna have to buy a HDMI cable (or, if your TV dosent have HDMi ports, get Component cables) I would recommend going onto to find some cheap ones, Remember, never buy the Monster Expensive ones, or even the SONY offical ones. There to expensive and they dont give you better results than a well priced HDMi cable. HDMI is really a it either works ro it dosent kinda thing.  
2. If you need more space, maybe buy a bigger Harddrive: Bought a 120gb Slim, but your gonna be doing alot of Downloads and Media purchases off PSN? well, you may want to look at buying a bigger SATA 2.5" Notebook drive. Remember, it has to be 2.5", or else it wont fit. And it needs to be a internal notebook drive, SATA perferably I believe. You can probaly find a 500gb one anywhere from 100 to 150 dollar, or 300gbs for cheaper, depending on what your needs are. Just go on or something and look at there prices. You can find guides on how to replace it on, or even IGN and it shouldnt be to hard to find a guide.  
3. Customize your PS3 XMB with a fan Created theme: The great thing about PS3 is that you can go onto sites like    and find some real stellar USer created themes. Simply go on your PS3 webbrowser, and downlaod them directly to the PS3. Than, go to settings>Themes and find the one you downloaded and make it your theme. Or, you can take a picture you like from the internet and make it your background.  
4. Buy a PSN cash card: Like Xbox Points, the PSN cash card lets you purchase stuff off of PSN without the need for a Credit card. They comes in a few falvors, 25 dollars and 50 dollars I believe, and is a great way to expand your enjoyment of the console. But some PSN games like Pixel Junk shooter or Shatter, Or buy some TV shows episodes or movie rentals from the video store. Why not download a few episodes of the Venture Brothers, or Rent Cloverfeild? Didnt find anything you want at the moment? save it for a rainy day (like the kinds weve been having in California now) The PSN store is constantly getting great stuff.   
5. Buy an Extra Controller: Games are better with company, so why not get another controller. In a variety of Colors (red, blue, silver and black) buy ones that suits your personality.  
6. Get some Games: well, what did you think the PS3 was for, Blu ray Movies? well, ok, its for that to, but its a great games console that needs great games. But what do you get? well, as I always tell people, it really depends on the person. Like shooter? get Killzone 2. Like RPGs? get Oblivion or the upcoming Final fantasy XIII. Like Sports games? get Madden 10. But, just in case your not sure what kind of games you like, here some suggestions:  
Metal Gear Solid 4: guns of the patriots  
 Elderscrolls 4 Oblivion  
Resistance: fall of Man.  
Ratcher and Clank Future: A crack in time.  
Ratcher and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction  
Uncharted 2: Among Theives  
Uncharted: Drakes Fortune  
Heavenly Sword (very underrated game)  
Batman: Arkahm Asylum   
Motorstorm 2: Pacific Rift.  
Resistence 2  
 Resident Evil 5 
  Assassins Creed 2 
Fallout 3
Upcoming games to look forward to.  
Final Fantasy 13  
God of War 3  
Heavy Rain  
The Last Guardian  
Gran turismo 5  
Bioshock 2  
PS3 really has something for everyone, and you should find just what your looking for.  
7. Get some demos: Not sure about the games I listed above?  well your in luck, alot of the game I listed above that are out right now have Demos available on the Playstation store. Try them out, see how you like it, and go from there.   
8. Another thing you may wanna add is Trigger Attachments: I know they amy sound like a weird thing to buy, but trust me, Once you use these after a while, its hard to go back to the sliptastic triggers the PS3 has. these curve the triggers like the 360 controller, making it better for FPS and pretty much any game. I personally use these ones.      
 Well, I really hope that this guide has helped atleast one person get on the right track with there new PS3. this may not be useful to most people here, since most people know whats up, but there are more and more new PS3 owners ever month, so I hope this helps those people.

So, you got a 360 for Christmas... so what now?

Congratulations, you now have a great games syestem with a robust librarey and fantastic online, but where do you go from here? What do you buy to further your console Enjoyment? well, heres a list that might help.  
1. If you recieved a Arcade unit for Christmas, one of the first things you should do is get a Hard Drive. That dinky little memory card isnt going to cut it when you want to install games for faster load times and you want to buy TV episodes and addons. ID recommend ponying up for the 120 gb HDD. This is what I have, and I still have 60 gb free after quit a bit Episodes of Tv shows and demos. Its not likely theyre will be a bigger HDD coming soon thats sold seperatly, so this may be your best bet.  
2. Get a XBOX Live subscription: One of the biggest things that sets the 360 apart from the PS3 is its robust Online Experince. With Party grouping, stable connectivity, Seemless jumping into games, and Arguably teh most Competitive players, this is the best way to expand your 360 enjoyment. Not to mention you get Netflix streaming, Last FM, and Facebook and Twitter integration.  If these things dont interest you, than be sure to sign up for a Silver Membership. You dont get to play online games, Netflix, Last FM Facebook and Twiiter, but you do get to download Demos and Addons.  
3. Purchase another controller: Funs always better with company. Be sure to get another controller if you only have one so you can invite a buddy over for some good old fashion Co Op or splitscreen mayhem.  
4. Purchase a Live Point card: those Game addons and TV shows arent always free ya know. Why not purchase some MS Currency so you can enjoy Movie Rentals, Game addons, and TV show episodes. Its always good to have some Digital currency tucked away for a rainy day.  They come in two flavors, 1600 points for 20 bucks, or 4000 points for 50 bucks.
5. Get some games: Hey, its called a games syestem for a reason. The perfect companion to your new syestem would be some new games, but which ones? well, this question is hard to answer because everyone ahs different tastes. Do you like RPGs? Shooters? Platformers? Sports games? Theres something for everyone on 360. But heres some recommendations:  
Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion  
Halo 3  
Gears of War  
Gears of War 2  
Batman: Arkahm Asylum  
Assassins Creed 2  
Fallout 3  
Resident Evil 5  
Kameo Elements of Power  
Dead Rising  
Left 4 Dead 2  
Theres so many great games that you should find just what your looking for on 360.  
Well, this should get you on the right track and I certainly hoped this helped anyone who just got a 360. Happy Gaming.
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