Rhea’s GOTY 2019

List items

  • I haven’t really stopped thinking about this game since I played it. I’ve beaten it at least 10 times since it came out, and I listened to OST on spotify so much that most of it ended up on my year end most listened to list generated by spotify. The gameplay is good, not great, but where the game really comes to life is the emotion it manages to impart without any real dialogue. I knew the second I beat it that it was gonna be at this spot, I’m a sucker for games that make me feel things and this made me feel things strongly and it made me feel them often.

  • I just, I just love this expansion so much, the story on offer here is one of the better ones I’ve seen in an RPG in a long time with a very very memorably villain. The biggest con is how long it takes to get to Shadowbringers but I promise it’s worth it.

  • There’s so much to like here, a compelling mystery story, The absolute best (IMO) character of the year, as well just a generally fun and likeable cast of characters. The one thing that really pushed it over the top for me was how funny I found it. It was funny often and when the jokes missed it wasn’t by very much. It’s definitely anime as fuck and the puzzles get a little tedious but I am still thoroughly in love with this game.

  • I don’t have a ton to say here I guess, It’s a solid ass Yakuza type game with a compelling story, good characters and plenty to do. It’s Yakuza, and Yakuza is very very very fucking good.

  • This is a very important series to me, I have a lot of fond memories of playing the 1st game with my father when I was young, going around and catching Boos. This summons those memories in a way Dark Moon didn’t. I do feel like at some points it’s kind of obvious they were padding the games length but it’s a relatively small quibble that’s kind of drowned out by how much charm is on offer here.

  • This is coming in really really late, I played this about two days before writing this list and god damn do I love it. It’s a charming fun little puzzlish type game and the music is great. I had a smile on my face the entire time I was playing it and that’s what really gets it on this list.

  • Going into this I was very scared with all the dex cuts and all the other bad shit swirling around this game. What I got might be my favorite game of all time, I think it’s too early to call it that but I do really love this game, and most of all the Galar region. I just wanna live there.

  • This is gonna be short. It’s a gorgeous dumb action game. I love those things, so it made it on this list.

  • This is here on the merits of its singleplayer which I really liked. The sound design is rad, it looks fucking incredible and there’s an actual female character who does shit and isn’t fridged. The only crime is she isn’t really playable.

  • This thing fucking rules, I don’t really BRs, too tense for my liking honestly, but I just really enjoy this for whatever reason.

  • This is going to be my first special mention. I started playing this a couple days ago and it’s honestly really fucking special. It’s a fun run based game, with a cool story and fun characters. The progression is paced immaculately and I just can’t put it down. It’s not eligible for this list due to early access but expect this to come back next year and probably place very high.

  • I’ve been playing a lot of this and it’s impenetrable as fuck but it’s fun as hell, it still looks great and oh man those instant kills, look those up if you haven’t seen em.

  • Honorable Mention #3. I honestly hated the opening hours of this thing. Cal Kestis sucks, but it’s fun enough to play and when it gets good, it gets great.

  • This is my first dishonorable mention. I hated this more than anything else I’ve played this year. A complete fucking nonsense storie with character that’re as deep as a kiddie pool, and a campaign that goes out of its way to be tedious. Fuck everything about this thing honestly.

  • Dishonorable mention #2. I just, the story is a complete fucking nothing, it’s really forgettable and I’m not sure I could tell you much about it anymore. I also don’t think it looks that great and the guns feel like dog shit.