Best of 2003

In 2003, I was 16 years old. When a boy living in California turns 16, he is eligible to get a driver's license. That is what I did as soon as I possibly could. This gave me the freedom to buy games whenever I wanted to. It also let me bug buddies who lived further away and make them watch me play video games. And that is what I did. I hated being at my house at the time. I actually still do. That is part of the reason I live in Chicago now. My mom has not once bothered me when I am trying to play a game since I moved here.

here is the video of me playing PDO on my public access tv show in college

List items

  • I was never a Zelda guy. I owned the original game as a child, and I think it may have been too cryptic for me. When Ocarina of Time came out, I had no interest in it. Everybody loved it. Especially Cory. All he would talk about is how there was a day/night cycle and that Link turned into an adult. I honestly think I was too scared to play it. However, Wind Waker was not scary. It was beautiful. I could not believe how pretty the bomb explosions looked in this game. The Wind Waker really felt like I was exploring an entire world and meeting kooky characters along the way.

  • How cool was it that you could run on walls in this game? How cool was it that you could backflip and stab sand dudes in this game? How cool was it that you could rewind time in this game? Very cool!

  • I recently got in an argument with my girlfriend after drinking too many tiki drinks. We were bickering about the ranking of Mario Kart games. She claimed that Double Dash is better than 8. I still don't know if she is right. However, Double Dash is a great game. The courses are very memorable and the doubling makes for a more strategic game.

  • Buying a shoot 'em up for the GameCube was not a normal thing for me. Ikaruga just looked so cool though. So many bullets on screen. I bought this game before I ever heard of the term "bullet hell". But this game had a unique mechanic that made the "hell" quite manageable. You can switch your spaceship's color between black and white with the push of a button. But, uhh, all the bullets are either black or white, ya know? So, like, you could do extra damage to the opposite color but absorb bullets of the same color. It turned this game into a pattern memorization game and that is cool.

  • Aria of Sorrow is like Symphony of the Night but it is on the Game Boy Advance. And that is pretty rad. You fight a ball of naked dudes in this game. The nude male body is a thing a beauty.

  • Slowing down time was a novel game mechanic in 2003. Cel-shaded graphics were novel as well. "Henshin-a-go-go, baby!" sounds pretty lame but besides that, I have pretty good memories of this game.

  • This game was marketed as hundreds of mini-games. Or at least that is the impression I got from it. That is not really true. But I still loved this game. It has 90's Nickelodeon humor. Boogers and shit. There is also a legit mini-game where you lead a paper plane down a tower.

  • I liked to drive and I liked to play video games when I was 16. I drove to Seattle to visit a friend who recently moved there the year before. Well he was lame and was more interested on going on a date with his ugly girlfriend. I hung out at his house with his dad and played Beyond Good & Evil while he was eating dinner at a shitty restaurant with his fat, ugly girlfriend. That was a long drive.

  • There is a video online of me playing this game on a public access tv show I had in college. A link to that video is located at the top of this page.

  • For some reason I had an extra key to Counter Strike in 2003. I traded a kid named Lorenzo that extra key for this game. This may be the first time I saw ragdoll physics in a game. It made for really visceral shootouts.