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Jan 2021

Kingdom of Amalour (PS4) - Finally unwrapped. Played for an hour or two? Seemed like it was still tutorial stuff. Juuuuust started to get interesting when I turned it off.

Ni No Kuni Remastered (PS4) - Gave this a punch immediately after KoA mentioned above. Even with the remaster, it didn't look quite as sharp as I remembered the original. Rose tinted glasses. The 60fps was nice. And the animated cutscenes are gorgeous. I was bum rushing it a bit because I had done all this early stuff before. Made it into the forest before I wanted to take a break. Hopefully I give it another go later.

BattleTech (PC) - Ho-boy.. My GOTY a couple years ago. There have been a couple DLC addons that I never really put time into. I was so bored, for some reason I fired this up. Started a new Career and I've been trying to mess with it every day. It's pretty rough with the early light mechs. I'm trying!

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