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    Exploit the natural resources of an alien planet to build machines, vehicles, buildings and more in this open-world game by Coffee Stain Studios.

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    Satisfactory is mining and factory building game. Start with nothing more than your wits on a large planet full of raw materials. Progression relies on the harvesting of materials, as players turn them into machines that expand their ever growing collection potential.

    Progression in Satisfactory is driven by completing milestones and contributing to a mysterious company project. Both objectives involve contributing resources; completing milestones unlocks new equipment and building parts, allowing for the harvesting of new materials and increased automation potential. Completing a set number of milestones will advance the player's tier, granting access to further milestones and upgrades.

    Update #2: Trains & Nuclear Power

    This update to the Early Access version of the game introduced a monorail system players can design, build, and automate in order to ferry supplies from location to location.

    Nuclear power adds in the new gameplay mechanic of radiation levels. Getting too close to mining or mined uranium can be lethal to players. Nuclear energy can generate good amounts of power, but there's a trade-off, that being nuclear waste, which is a by-product of nuclear power. The nuclear waste currently can not be disposed of in any way in the game, and as a result the storage area will likely become severely irradiated and possibly unvisitable for the player.

    Bauxite and Aluminum were added discoverable/mineable elements and resources, and along with it new crafting recipes.

    Miner Mk. 3 and Conveyor Belt Mk. 5 were added with this update to further increase productivity levels.

    There were updates to some of the biomes within the game with this game update.

    Update #3: Pipes and Fluids

    This update introduced pipes and fluids to the game, further changing and altering the way players design and build.

    Fluid typed added are:

    • Water
    • Crude Oil
    • Heavy Oil Residue (byproduct of processing crude oil)
    • Fuel
    • Turbofuel
    • Liquid Biofuel
    • Alumina Solution
    • Sulfuric Acid

    Coal and Nuclear Power Plants now need water in order to function, requiring players to either figure out how to get water to their power plants, or move and rebuild closer to water sources. There are fluid buffers, which are just fluid storage tanks to add another layer of resource management.

    The oil refinery was upgraded to work more with the pipes and fluid mechanics.

    Hypertubes are another big feature added with update #3. They provide another means of personal transportation around the map anywhere the player wants to build.

    The A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Bonus Program is another feature added with this update. It allows players to send resources to the AWESOME Sink which destroys the resources it gets and generates points based on the complexity of the resource being destroyed by the AWESOME Sink. These points go towards coupons which players can spend in the AWESOME Shop on new items for building and customizing their factories and worlds.


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