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Games to close out 2020

Greetings All and Greetings Nobody,

Here is a list of games that I would like to finish by the end of 2020. This year has seen me play more RPGs than ever before. I've beaten more games than ever before in a year that I was going to quit playing games forever. The pandemic means that I have more time at home and I'm 100% okay with it. I'm not okay with what's going on in the world but i plan on coming out of it okay and emerge as a better person. My totality in existence is not exclusively monetary for once and it feels good. I've brushed up my writing by doing these reviews. I've interviewed for jobs and it might be something that I always do. Why not schedule an interview in Colorado and New Hampshire for my dream jobs? Always keep the resume updated and get my thoughts out on the page with my game reviews and that will ultimately bleed into cover letters and ultimately the Zoom interview that can be conducted over the phone in my car. I've checked out and read more library books than previous times of my youth. I think I was very much part of this culture that feels like google has freed up their time not for critical reading and critical thinking but to make room for chit chat and memes on facebook or the giantbomb forums. I checked out of Facebook years ago and Reddit before then. I've reclaimed my life here after a terrible time in the forums. People haunt the forums with low effort postings. I'll hide here.

Here are the games that i plan on playing in the next 39 days before Jan 1st. I think I'll quit gaming for 2021 if not forever. Through all of this I think I've relegated gaming to where it belongs in the pantheon of entertainment and media consumption. It is 3rd place. I come out of playing games better at playing games. I look at all the Twitch streamers (the game players and not the talented artist) and I see people chasing the laser pointer like a cat. I've done something similar. I think the greatest flaw with my love of gaming is the belief that a shared community exists. It's splintered and broken at best. Why invest in dozens of hours of the Witcher 3, Cyberpunk, or Watchdogs? I used to do it so I could immediately run online to celebrate and commiserate with others on the game. Our community doesn't allow for that. Nothing but hate resonates within our community. I had a 2 minute conversation with a coworker about Titanfall 2. The only thing that came out of it was.. "wall running cool? am I right?' and some version of 'boy don't hackers suck.' I invested dozens of hours for this? A rewatch of Watch Miracle At St. Anna and the director's commentary for The Social Network is a better use of my time and engages me more critically more than any juvenile hot swappable from game to game puzzle mechanic or fetch quest coat of paint. The Last of Us 2 Trailer got me very much in the feels when that 35 hour disrespect of my time tried but did not. The beautiful thing about modern consoles is that they serve as a means to deliver every aspect of my 2020 media consumption. Does the 360 or Wii still support Netflix? As long as modern consoles do, and they do, deliver apps I don't have a problem buying the Series X (PS5 is too garish and PS4 doesn't have 4K Blu-Ray) one day. Armed with wikipedia rather than a strategy guide the RPG that we call life is a game I'm still trying to master. I'd rather do that than dwell in these conjured worlds that are created by fans of fandom. The Final Fantasy 16 team is more likely to reference Star Wars, Breaking Bad, or Marvel than anything actually transcendental. We have long passed the crossroads where geekdom is about knowing your transforms in differential equations. I mean Pandemic game development is probably a hellscape and I don't imagine anything coming out of it will be great in the way that pre-microtransaction and pre-dlc-laden games ever were. It takes a village and who the hell wants to defend their dissertation on a zoom call. Count me out until 2022 by the time a collector's edition of Halo Infinite Series-X comes out. Well here's the list. It's so freeing to have a list that isnt concerned with just getting your money's worth out of Gamepass or previous purchases. Quit crying over harddrive space. I have 455.8GB and my life to spare (not including the heft that will likely be Cyberpunk). That list:

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