"I Should Get Back to Playing That" But Probably Won't

Reading over the multitude of GotY lists this year, I found myself seeing games that I really enjoyed and saying "I never beat that, I should play it again" but knowing deep down that it will be quite a while before I do. So this is a list of those games.

List items

  • Void Bastards is a game I had a ton of fun playing and got decently far into. I don't know why I stopped.

  • Neo Cab is a game that I should take another crack at. I know exactly why I put this down, one too many times where the main character was happy and then the very next dialogue choice she was 100% angry and I could not choose the dialogue option I wanted to. Still, what I played, I enjoyed.

  • I love the aesthetic of this game. I think I got to the second album.

  • I got this when it was in early access and had a tone of fun playing with a couple friends. I think that I should stop getting early access games as it seems to me that I get my fill before the game eventually releases.

  • I am too much of a completionist for this game. There are a couple of challenges that I will hold my tongue about. Still, a fun, ridiculous game.

  • Gorgeous game, love the soundtrack. It's just that I only ever play my switch when I am travelling.

  • I actually did finish one run of this game, but there are so many others that I want to see though. I've only unlocked like 8 cards and there are like 50.

  • Another game where I don't know why I stopped playing. Like its predecessor, I really enjoyed this game and it's world building.

  • Another game that I got in early access. This time I put it down and was waiting for the full release. Yeah

  • This is a game that runs into the area of my brain where I like something so much that I cannot put it into words. I just hit a road block in the third main area that I told myself to take a break.

  • This didn't release in this year, but suffers the same fate as the rest. I think this time I just hit a point where I didn't know where to go or what to do.

  • It took me until this year to beat Rebel Galaxy. I suspect that I might beat this game in 2021.

  • This game. I think if I am going to play and/or beat this game, I need to stream it since the only time I played this was during Extra Life.