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Games I've Finished in 2014

These are games I've finished (or done enough that I can say I'm basically done) in the year 2014.

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  • I beat this one late 2009 or early 2010, but I recently picked it up again (Ultimate Edition on PS3) and started it up again, this time as a rogue (originally a warrior). This only counts the main campaign and the Darkspawn and Leliana DLC currently, but I recently finished Awakening so I'll be starting the Golem and Witch Hunt DLC soon.

    EDIT: Finished both of the DLC that I stated I still needed to complete. Now I'm effectively done with my Rogue playthrough. Still need to play through as a mage at some point.

  • Started this up right after my rogue playthrough in Origins. This was the first time I played Awakening and I wasn't disappointed.

  • Finished: January 22 (PS3)

    I didn't think it was nearly as bad as some people thought it was. I enjoyed my time with it at least. The story seemed to be more of a set up for events in Inquisition and that's a bit disappointing, and I wish you traveled to more areas further out from Kirkwall (outside of DLC, which I also bought and completed) I think I could recommend it, especially for a cheap price.

  • Finished: January 23 (PS+ Freebie)

    Short and simple, a bit shocking and pretty sad. It's a game that lasted just long enough and didn't overstay its welcome. Not sure if it would have been in my top ten last year (is that now considered beating a dead horse at this point?) but I think it's a game worth playing.

  • Finished: January 31 (PS3)

    I'm noticing a pattern in most of the games I've finished so far this year. Originally bought this during a sale over the summer of 2013, finally played it co-op with a friend and had a better time than the first time I started up the game when I first bought it.

  • Finished: February 13 (Steam)

    I've been sitting on this game for a few months now, and finally decided to dig my heels in and finally finish it. I really enjoyed this game and hope that there's more to come (outside of the movie that's apparently being made according to the game's wiki on Giant Bomb). I still have three achievements to get (beat the game on a harder difficulty, choose a different option in one side quest and get four stars in every challenge arena) but that will come another day.

  • 72 Hour Mode Completed: February 14, Overtime Unlocked

    Overtime Completed: February 16

    Honestly I'm not sure I could/would have completed this without playing it in co-op over PSN. A nice little "what-if" with everyone's favorite journalist. This was also my first time finishing Dead Rising 2 in any capacity.

  • Finished/S-Ranked: February 17 (Steam Free to Play)

    Really I could just copy my Steam review verbatim. Short, very pretty in spots, and a wonderful use of "The Death of Aasse." Recommended.

  • Beat for the first time: February 20

    Difficulty: Drizzle (Easy)

    Single Player

    Class: Acrid

    This felt great. I pulled a Patrick Klepek and almost beat the game yesterday when I made it to the final form of the final boss, but snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Today, made it to the final boss again with the Acrid class I unlocked on yesterday's run and finally beat the boss.

  • Date I decided I had played enough: February 24 (PS+ Freebie)

    I co-oped this game with a friend of mine and we played through all of the "story" missions except Big Oil. We got to the end of that and failed, we both decided to hang it up after that. I enjoyed some of the missions in the game, but a few were a bit infuriating. I imagine if we had a full team of players that knew what was to be done (instead of two people and two computer controlled allies) things would have been smoother, but alas.

  • Final Mix HD completed: February 28

    358/2 Days 100% Trophies: May 8

    Synthesized everything, found all Dalmatians, sealed all keyholes, and beat all of the optional bosses outside of Sephiroth, which I plan to do really soon, I know I can do it. Once I do, I'll also complete Jimminy's Journal. Re: Chain of Memories is next on my list once I beat Sephiroth. EDIT: Beat him after going to bed for the night. Did everything in 358/2 days and got all trophies on May 8. Probably won't be finishing Chain of Memories due to various circumstances, shelving this one for the time being.

  • Actually Awesomenauts: Assemble on the PS4.

    I hit my main goal in the game by hitting prestige for the first time on March 13. There's a few more trophies to get, but some I can't pull off right away because I don't have a third controller and don't have any PSN friends that are playing the PS4 version.

  • Good Karma Playthrough Finished: March 22

    Evil Karma Playthrough Finished: March 29

    100% Trophies (Platinum): March 29

    I guess this gets the honor of my first original 2014 release I've finished in 2014. I really liked it a lot, still need to get a 100% for my first run through the game though which I imagine won't take too long. Then it's time for an Evil playthrough, I suppose.

    March 29 Edit: Finished Second Son on the hardest difficulty for my Evil campaign and got all of the trophies for the game while doing so, making Second Son the first PS4 game I have gotten the Platinum Trophy for.

  • Apocalypse Edition (PS4) Finished: March 29

    Co-oped this one with a friend. Fun game that we both tried to beat on the PS3 but never got around to finishing, it's nice to finally put this one to rest, even if it was on a different console.

  • PS4 Version Finished: March 30

    Skipped out on this on the 3DS though a few people mentioned it was a great game, but I'm glad I didn't pass on it a second time on the PS4 (and Vita since it's a Cross-Buy title). Had a lot of fun with it even though it took me a bit longer than expected to finish since I started up a new job around the time when this released a few weeks ago.

  • PS4 Version (Complete Edition)

    Shu Complete (Co-Op): April 5 (Hypothetical May 3)

    Lu Bu Story Complete: April 7 (Hypothetical finished April 17)

    Wu Story Complete: April 10 (Hypothetical finished May 3)

    Wei Story Complete: April 11 (Hypothetical May 3)

    Jin Story Completed: April 12 (Hypothetical completed May the Fourth [be with you])

    "Finished" May 19

    I'm calling it now, though there's still quite a bit left for me to do. This is my first "main" Dynasty Warriors title outside of spin-offs (Warriors Orochi, does Pirate Warriors count?). Plenty of content as well. I plan to stick with this for quite some time, and will likely come back to it on a regular basis as I finish the Other missions and Ambition Mode.

  • "Finished" April 23

    Was having some fun with this up until I got a job earlier this year, then my time to play was cut down a good bit. After a while, I just decided to go for the 30 days logged in consecutively trophy, then go from there. However, due to ongoing maintenance blocking me from logging in, I was unable to log in one day and it was reset with less than a week to go. I may go back to it sometime soon, but that was enough reason to delete it outright for the time being.

  • Finished: April 26

    Got this as a PS+ Freebie, co-oped it with a friend. The beginning of the game was a slow burn and a bit frustrating, but I've heard a few people say it gets better the further you go along and they were right. I would recommend it. Also I guess this is considered a "2014 Release" since the final product was released this year.

  • Finished May 19 (PS4)

    I didn't think it was as terrible as others have made it out to be, but I came in with low expectations anyway, so that may have had something to do with it. The last act falters a bit, to be certain (and I hated the two-shield skeletons) but I enjoyed my time with it, to my surprise, and I guess that's all that matters.

  • Route A Finished: May 28

    Route B and C Finished: June 3

  • Played all tracks at a friend's house. Picked up the game myself a day or two later.

    DLC 1 Tracks completed: 12/19

  • Completed: July 7 (PC, Originally completed on PS3 when it originally released)

    Captain Scarlett DLC Finished: July 16

    Campaign of Carnage DLC Finished: July 22

    Started playing this again a few weeks ago after I found out my laptop could actually run it (which surprised me greatly) Still love this game greatly. Now to go through the DLC (and the first Borderlands as well)

  • Completed: July 8 (PC, Originally beat on PS3 either in 2009 or 2010, can't remember now)

    Zombie Island of Dr. Ned Completed: July 8 (all achievements for the DLC completed as well)

    General Knoxx and Claptrap Robot Robolution Completed: July 15 (not all achievements unlocked)

    And there we go. Still a fun game here too. I love this and the sequel for different reasons, both are fantastic. Now to go through the DLC here as well (outside of Moxxi's stuff) since I never completed the Robolution DLC on PS3.

  • PC Version Completed: August 10 (Normal Co-Op)

  • Legend Mode Completed: August 25

    Legend Mode was much longer than I expected, but that's probably because I figured it would end with the first half of the original story, not go through the whole ordeal with the second half as well. But I'm glad it did, and I enjoyed my time with the game overall. Dream Mode will come someday soon.

  • Main Story Completed: September 13

    It was my Destiny to finish this on my birthday.

    November 9 Edit: So to add more substantial thoughts outside of a dumb joke almost 2 months later, I really do enjoy Destiny. Yeah, it has a lot of problems that I hope get ironed out in the sequel, but the gameplay is still a lot of fun. I originally beat the game with a Warlock (and eventually fully upgraded both subclasses for it) but eventually went back to play as both a Titan and a Hunter (still need to fully upgrade all of their subclasses) I'll still jump on from time to time (and eventually play through both expansions) but for now I think I'm done with the game.

    The Dark Below Completed: December 9

    Thoughts to come later.

  • P4 Story Complete (Non-True Ending): October 2

    P3 Story Complete: October 25

    True Ending Complete: October 25

    Episode Adachi Complete: November 2

    I must be a bit stupid for buying several fighting games mainly for the story because I lack the skill and patience to learn some amazing combos for fighting games and how to play against different characters. But hey, more Persona! It was nice to see these characters once more, and to see how Adachi is doing since the events of Persona 4. I feel we got some closure for the P4 characters, but wouldn't mind seeing at least a cameo or something in Persona 5. Now the wait begins for that, but at least there's still Persona Q in a few more weeks.

  • Defeated Mom for the first time: November 7 (PS4)

    Defeated Mom's Heart for the first time: November 9

    This seems much easier than the original BoI, but I haven't played it in years so it's hard for me to say how much things have changed in the original game since I stopped playing. Still a whole lot of fun though, and there's a good sense of discovery with brand new items and combinations, which can be a lot of fun. Will definitely be playing this some more for months to come.

  • Completed First Playthrough (Co-op, Athena): November 9 (PC)

    Raid Boss Defeated (Co-Op, Normal Mode): November 10

    Of course I was going to pick this up by year's end, especially since I played through both of the previous games this year. Still (largely) the same old loot 'n shoot gameplay we've all come to expect, with a few new additions (Oz kits, lasers and cryo weapons) It was also kind of cool to see how Jack rose to power and how some of the Borderlands 2 bosses came to be acquainted with our favorite villain that we love to hate. Can't wait to play the doppelganger pack in a few days and the big expansion... whenever that drops (with a butt slam).

  • Wii U Version Picked Up: November 28

    Not going to update this every single time I complete "X" mode with "Y" character and unlocked "Z" thing. I'll just pop in and update my thoughts from time to time.

    For me, so far, the gamepad doesn't really do it for me, and the adapters for GC controllers are sold out, so I guess next paycheck I'm going to pick up a Pro controller.

  • Completed: December 19 (Co-Op)

  • Episode 1 Completed: December 20 (PS4)

    Played at a friend's house. Will likely pick up the full thing on PC at a later date.