GOTY 2012

These are my top 10 games of the year. Seeing as how ThatFrood is down our throats getting us to make these lists by the new year, I guess I'll just make it now. So here goes...

List items

  • So this game has one hell of a story. I laughed, I cringed, I yelled, I even ultimately shed a tear. This is an experience to be had. It's the best adventure game ever made, really. It's also my GOTY for 2012.

  • This game is just pure adrenaline fun. Non-stop shenanigans at every turn. Whether you're setting a turtle on fire with a flamethrower, or jumping down from rooftops onto bad guys with your newly equipped Japanese Tanto sword, this game is just FUN. I have yet to finish the story (3/4th way through) and from what I've heard it doesn't really deliver in the long run. When sandwiched in between two games with great narratives, you may think I care highly for story in games (which I do, Bioshock is my favorite game ever) and that I would dock it a few spots. I won't, though, because this game is the most fun I've had playing a game all year. Also, the competitive multiplayer is a pretty good COD-esque multiplayer and the co-op is okay as well if you're into that.

  • Along with The Walking Dead, Journey tells a great story. It doesn't even have speech in it at all, and it doesn't need it. Roughing through the snow near the end of the game with my newly acquired friend was one of the best experiences I had this year in games. Along with sand-surfing <3 The game is a beautiful experience, and it's a game I played through 3 times over the year. And I loved it each time.

  • Max Payne is back. Sure he's changed a lot, but the developers changed as well, so this shouldn't come as so much of a surprise. And maybe it isn't for the better, but Rockstar Vancouver did an amazing job with Max Payne 3 anyways. The story is hard-hitting even though it may be a copy of Denzel's Man On Fire. The gameplay is fluid and as great as it's ever been in a Max Payne game. The game looks fantastic, with a ton of varying locations to murder in. Lastly, the soundtrack is amazing. Go on youtube and look up the song Tears by HEALTH. The best song in a game this year.

  • I've never played the original Deus Ex. After some quick research that I just did, the game came out the day after I turned 4 years old, and I don't think many 4 year olds were playing Deus Ex. I also don't think I'll ever go back to it at this point, and I won't have to since we are getting games like Dishonored that build on that same formula. And boy, is that formula great. Dishonored is an amazing game to play. Its a hell of a lot of fun, and one of the best stealth games I've ever played (speaking of stealth games, I should probably pick up Mark of the Ninja since it's half off on Steam right now). The game is a blast to play, and a fantastic game to look at when we're talking about artistic style. My only gripe is the story, which is very down-played. It seems like there's barely a story there. It's frankly just kinda lazy in that sense, but still a great playing game. We need more games that allow the player to choose how they approach a level like Dishonored here does. Oh, and that mask party level (Lady Boyle's Last Party) alone puts this in my top 10, and it's probably my favorite level/mission in a game this year.

  • I played 2k11 and loved it. I skipped 2k12, but I recently bought 2k13 through the PS store. My god is this some good basketball. Everything about how it plays is great. If you like basketball games, then this is one that shouldn't be missed. Also, those pre-game Jay-Z music video things. Haha.

  • This game should have been #1 on this list. I was so hyped for this game, along with a ton of my friends. We talked about this everyday at the lunch table for two weeks leading up to the eventual release. I made the mistake of purchasing this on the PS store like I did NBA 2k13. Thing is, the downloading speed on PS3 is horribly slow. I had to wait another day just to play the game since the download took that long. So, after hearing how "alright" it was from my friends who had only played the first few hours, I kinda went into it with lower expectations. I did in fact love those first few hours, however. The game starts out great, I mean THAT twist. Its a goodun. But after playing as Connor for some time it just became repetitive. Sure, the side activities are pretty great (Pegleg, naval battles, frontiersman side-missions, hunting) but the main campaign wasn't fully grabbing my attention. The story is just disappointing. Don't even get me started on how horrible the ending to Desmond's story is. Even though the story is disappointing (more-so in the Desmond half than the Connor half), the game is pretty fun. Sure it's more of the same AC gameplay we know already, but it's still great. Also, the multiplayer continues to be some of the most unique out there.

  • Along with Max Payne, SSX is truly back. I maybe played this game more than any other this year. I played this game a lot over the year. It's just a lot of fun, like an extreme sports game should be. The 9 mountains included in the game are for the most part great (Africa, though, fuck that darkness) and there's a lot of game here. Just writing about it here kinda makes me want to pop it in and beat someone's score. That's another thing about this game, it has great leaderboards. So, put on some headphones, start up some jams or the Bombcast and go riding down the mountain, man.

  • Gore. I love it. This game has it and some of the best I've ever seen in a game. The blood-spurt when you slit a guy's throat with a knife while he's down is so amazing... Okay, enough of me sounding like some kind of sadistic weirdo.

    This game is fun. It's just downright fun. It's fast, insane, and ultimately kinda challenging. Hotline Miami sports a great early 90's graphic style and has a bumpin' soundtrack as well that pulls the package together making it one of the best games of 2012.

  • XCOM is a weird game to me. I love how the game plays, but I am never compelled to play more of it. I've clocked in maybe 10 or so hours of it, but I just don't feel like going back to it. I'm putting it on this list regardless because its a great strategy game. It's probably the most fun I've had playing a strategy game ever.

  • Honorable Mention - Okay, so technically this game isn't out until March 2013 (at least that's what Steam says), so that's why it isn't in the top 10. But, the beta is available if you pre-order it, and I gotta say... that this game is amazing. Definitely my GOTY for 2013 so far.