Best of 2011

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  • this game just plain rules read my review

  • i was gona write a reason why this is my number 2 game but then i put a reference to an internet meme instead.

  • minecraft officially came out this year and its awesome

    i love games that are what you make them and this game lets you make the ENTIRE WORLD with your friends its one of the greatest ideas of all time and i hope it is evolved in the future by a competent developer who knows that it takes more than two dudes to make the PERFECT GAME, which is what this has the potential to be imo.

  • basically everyone knows why this game is so awesome you shoot a portal to the freaking moon.

  • this is battle field 3 and it is the best online shooter ive played in years. its the ultimate war shooter that has ever been made you can fly JETS and HELICOPTERS an TANKs and everything and the graphics are amazing and you can jump over fences and it trly makes you feel as if you are in a WAR ZONE which is something that sadly no other war shooter is able to do especially for multiplayer, every thing else feels isolated while this makes u feel like ur IN the middle of a battle. peopel can say what they want about this just being 'more of the same' but thats really selling it short and it should be appreciated for the things it does amazingly well that no other game of its kind has gotten close to before it.

  • i played this game 65 hours so far and i am still unlocking new items and running into new enemies. its very fun and you play as a baby who drinks chocolate milk, stabs himself in the eye with clothes hangers, pees on his enemies and doesnt give a darn what anyone thinks. friggin heck yes isaac.

  • this is serious freaking sam and 10 minutes of serious sam 3 game play is funner than 10 hours of a modern warfare 3 because its a VIDEO GAME NOT JUST AN ON RAILS AMUSEMENT RIDE. great sense of humor and the BEST worst one liners i ever witnessed to the point it feels more like a david lynch video game than a terminator / bruce willis joke. also the monsters were LEGIT scary and they didnt rely on REEE I SPOOKED YA to be that way all they had to do was go RUAH and stare at you then shoot with a shotgun or they blow a hole through the wall with their ROCKET LAUNCHER HANDS AND run at you shooting and making scary noises. its the same way CYBERDEMONS were scary back in the days and they have brought something to life that was long missed for me. this is a great game and i put it number 7 it is awesome.

  • i still havent finished this game because im saving the rest of it for when i have more free time but what i have played was extremely impressive and fun. the combat is the best ive witnessed in a 3rd person action RPG and i love how there is a challenge to a lot of the enemies that requires precision and it doesnt punish you becase of its flaws as a video game it punishes you for your failure as a human being. also the graphics are AMAZING this was one of the first games i started to realize that PC gaming is going to be the thing to do until the next generation of consoles comes out because the trade off of visuals from pc to console has gotten so huge that its not worth it any more to witness blurs and pixels and no anti aliasing and etc etc! but yes it is a great game thats why its my number 8 game of the year.

  • this game had its problems and i admit that i turned it to easy for the last 7 or so levels because it was just getting borderline egregious and i rented it so i had to finish it in UNDER 7 DAYS OR ELSE I WOULD HAVE TO PAY BLOCK BUSTER A LATE FEE. so i had to finish it because i really was enjoying the story and its my first ATLUS game besides rock of ages and zeno clash which are actually made by ace team so the humor and style is enjoyable to me and also fresh. also i dont like anime but i found this to be simply hilarious and FUN. and i liked the ending even though i disliked katherine quite a bit from the beginning and thought the succubus was much cooler i ended up realizing that katherine is actually NICE in the end so that was nice.

  • this is here because it was released too LATE into last years video game year for me to PLAY IT OR REVIEW IT or put it on a list. its great i recommend it highly especially for the multi player. that single player was HILARIOUS in a way that i wouldnt normally find a game to be hilarious and i was surprised that kind of humor ACTUALLY WORKED in a video game. the multi player is super fun its the best racing game i ever played. because there is just enough skill and strategy to it that you feel awesome when you become PROFESSIONAL. they should have raskulls tournaments this game is super under rated shame on giant bomb for not even playing it once.