Play halo infinite its great

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C4's top ten of 2019

in what for most of the year seems like a weak year after the last couple had several AAA titles, looking at 2019 it the rear-view it both started and ended the year quite strong with great games but without a showstopper release.

I have not played control, death stranding or outer worlds (Fallout 4 was so disappointing that I didnt even want to play the outer worlds at first)

and all three look good enough to make this list.

I played an hour or 2 of

Outer wilds- didn't like it, may give it another try

Goose game- liked it but had seen all its tricks in videos. will try it again.

Bloodstained ritual of the night- loved the 8-bit version will play more of this

Overrated game of the year:

Apex legends. was not fun played about 25 rounds.

Games not from this year I played a bunch of this year

Yakuza Kiwami 2- untIl I played my number one this was the best game I played this year.

MX vs ATV all out - I like these games but they have been hit and miss lately. this one is a great one.

Spelunky - my most played game this year still love it

Project cars 2 - played the full career progression this year, still great.

Games I didn't play in 2017 that I may still get to at some point

Cuphead - It looks cool.

Assassin's creed origins - ran like shit on my launch Xbox one, got an XBOX one X now so will play it time permitting

Evil Within 2 - I played half of the first game and put it aside to play later, and I want to finish that before playing 2, looks great though.

Games I didn't play in 2018 that I may still get to at some point

Assassin's creed odyssey - I want to play origins first.

Shadow of the tomb raider - was pumped then I heard mixed things, will play some if not all of it.

Overcooked 2 - I liked the first game and need to try this one.

Return of the Obra Dinn - another that probably deserves a spot had I got to it. looks great.

List items

  • easily the best game I played this year and it is an in-universe spin-off from the yakuza series which has become my current favorite series (uncharted is better but appears to be done for now), the story is absolutely fantastic the main and side characters have depth and uniqueness and the world of kamurocho is wall to wall packed with things to see and do. I'm already excited for judgment 2-3-4-5-6-7 to come out. Ryu ga Gotoku studios just cant put a foot wrong.

  • the remake of RE2 is the best resident evil game since 4, that's how great a job they did with this. none of the series specific janks like item management and limited ammo negatively affected my time at all. great fun and can't wait for 3 to come out. I'd recommend playing both playthroughs but leave a few days between. "you picked the wrong house fool"

    Claire is better Leon is whiny.

  • this is the best mortal kombat since 3, and its better than the original no its the third-best mortal kombat game. It looks amazing, the story while nuts is engrossing. it did feel kinds slow after playing a bunch of dragon ball fighterz kinda like street fighter used to after playing mortal kombat.

  • this game is still great and despite being a step-down and backwards from the greatest game of all time "link to the past" links awakening was a damn Gameboy game, and for the very loyal to original source they did a great job remaking this. great fun but less replayable than link to the past.

  • loved playing this it got me on a rts binge and surprisingly after playing 4 or 5 of the greatest hits of the genre, I went back to this.

  • this game is great just like the first game. the setting is way worse than the frozen new york. the biggest issue is they made the AI smarter for multiplayer and by extension way more fun but that makes it unplayable solo. my buddies all fell off the game or I would have played way more.

  • I'm not a starwars mark and I am only a few hours into this, its star wars uncharted with some easy mode god of war (2018) combat. seems fantastic and looks great on my PC. the main character is a whiny bitch at the start and better develop into a badass,

  • I loved playing this game right up until I got the 6th badge, turned it off and have had no desire to retune to it... yet

  • it's a worse game than bloodborne, it's a worse game than god of war, its still good but no way game of the year. any ill go back and play more and probably have to eat my hat

  • I'm not super far into this game and it may either earn its way higher or get bumped by control but it pulls the nostalgia strings of need for speeds from ps2 and Xbox 360 days. the driving could feel a lot better but everything else seems well executed. the soundtrack is ass but I'm an old man with specific and probably bad music tastes.