Between 'Into the Breach' and 'BATTLETECH' this has a been a great year for turn-based giant robot games.

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Games I Played In 2018

These are the games I played in 2018.

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  • (Vita): Been enjoying the Vita version of this more and more. A good "second screen" game.

  • (PC): A fun little thing. I've put about 3 hours all told into it. May come back to it, may not.

  • (PC): Been meaning to finish these games off for awhile. Almost done with the "Renegades" missions. Now that I've gotten far enough for nukes to be a thing, I have to see it is pretty dang annoying that the AI can throw a nuke at where I am massing my units without having line of sight.

    (EDIT): Beat the main campaign, working my way through the DLC one. Why do RTSes always have a "you can't make anything, so beat this mission with 4 units!" In games like C&C and Red Alert it was fun because the Commando and Tanya were powerful units with very distinct weaknesses. In 8-Bit is decidedly less well thought out.

    (EDIT 2): Finally beat all the missions. Overall I'd give this one a 3 out of 5.

  • (PC): Booted this up just to make sure it would run. Seems fun if punishing. Played on the lowest difficulty settings to see how it works, and I still got rolled up by zombies when I built too close to an unexplored edge of the map.

  • (PC): This is next up on my "pile of shame" list. Being a wimp and doing it on easy, 'cause I'm a filthy causal.

  • (3DS): I've owned this one for a while, but just started to play it. It's fun. I'm terrible at rhythm games, so I've been playing it on easy. Might hold off on it for a bit since I got a long road trip coming up.

  • (PC): Got this from a duder on the forums. It's a fun little RTS.

  • (XB1): This has become my standby game. I enjoy the heck out of it.

  • (PC): A streamer I liked played this (A_Raving_Loon), and was interested in that it was described as "a turned based Mount and Blade Warband." It looked fun enough that I picked it up during the Steam Winter Sale. Haven't gotten too terrible far in my first run, but I feel like I am ahead of the curve since I've watched it played.

    (EDIT): Started to play this a bit more. Almost got my entire party wiped pretty early on (turned to fight a crowd larger than me. Would have been wiped if my last dude hadn't made a historic last stand). We'll see if I stick with it.

  • (PC): Though they are very similiar, I think I enjoy this one more than I did "8-bit armies". The campaigns aren't as long, but then again the 2nd faction isn't DLC, so there you go.

  • (PC): Got this from another GB duder. It is a fun little game, if rather one note.

  • (PC): I've owned thisg ame for awhile, but never played past the first few levels. Got it to work after a few speed bumps, so I look forward to playing it.

  • (PC): We meet again, Dark Souls. I've put 30 hours into you over the years, and I'm still just in Sen's Fortress. But made it to Iron Golem. I may get into Anor Londo yet.

    (EDIT): Iron Golem defeated (thanks to Tarkus). I am now successfully dying in Anor Londo

  • (XB360): A Games with Gold title I believe. Play it for 30-60 minutes, and just couldn't get the hang of the controls. Was on the the second mission where I was supposed to torpedo a battleship, and it never told me how to always exploded on impact with the water. Needless to say, I just glad to get this one off the pile. One step closer to retiring the old 360.

  • (3DS): The frustration swing on this game is harsh. At its best it's a game that I play well past bedtime, at it's worst I stare at the screen in a "of course this is freakin' happening" look on my face as I once again get dealt a bad hand of solitaire, or worst, have a great race only to be kept from victory from yet another impenetrable wall of horses. No, seriously, if you get surrounded at any point, you are just screwed because the mechanics in place to help you get out of a crowd purposely only work "maybe," as the game states it. So when you go into the final turn and all the other horses decided to surround, it doesn't matter how well you did, you lose. Good day sir.

  • (PC): After putting a lot of hours into Diablo 3 in the last little while, I downloaded D2 to see how it holds up. Honestly, it looks a lot better than I thought it would. Gameplay wise...I dunno. I know I'm probably in the minority here, but I find it easier to play this kind of game on a controller than on a keyboard. Also, D3 has a lot of nice little quality of life improvements (what, I don't need to keep a chunk of my inventory free for town portal and identification scrolls anymore?). And I'll also admit that the tech and stat tree of D2 was also a bit beyond me. Back in the day I brute forced a Druid all the way to Diablo, then couldn't get past him, and probably because I didn't really have a "build" in mind. So the "dumbed down" version they do in D3 (the game allocates the stats, you just pick the skills) was exactly what I wanted in a game like this.

    So, Diablo 2. Yeah, it is still playable...but I think I'll stick with D3.

  • (PC): I've poked at this game a time or two. I'm kind of "meh" on it, but it seems like the kind of game I could get real into if I approached it on the right day/state of mind.

  • (PC): Played this for a little while just to finish up getting the trading cards for it on Steam. I do like this game, but it is just something I'm not in the mood to play very often.

  • (PC): I have friends who got way into this game some time ago. I keep it installed in case they want to play it, but don't play it that often myself. Played for a little while with one of them. It's alright.

  • (PC): I don't play this for the 'Regicide' variant, I play it because it is "Battle Chess" with a WH40k theme, and the lowest level of AI is so dumb even I can beat it.

  • (PC): People say they want Half-Life 3, but me...I want Left 4 Dead 3. Or, at least, I say I do. In truth, the group of people that I put almost 180 hours into the game with has since drifted apart, so I doubt any L4D sequel could capture the magic for me that was this game. That said, me and a buddy booted it up, and it is still fun.

  • (PC): This was definately a "meh" game for me. The gameplay loop just wasn't enough to keep me interested for very long. Steam says I have 4 hours in the game, and I bet about half of that was it running in the background just to knockout the cards.

  • (PC): I feel like I should like this game more than I should, but it just isn't for me. Maybe I just didn't get deep enough into it, but the part that I played was about 50% "Yo, it's like DOS, but in a game!"...and maybe I'm too old for that to be novel.

  • (PC): It's good. It's real good. Probably my 2018 GotY thus far (4/4/18)...though to be fair I am poor so this is the only 2018 game I have played thus far.

  • (PC): As you can tell, I went on a bit of Warhammer 40k kick at some point. Turns out the games are still fun, if a bit dated.

  • (PC): The "Deathfinitive" edition on PC. More fun that I though it would be. I might get around to playing it all the way through sometime.

  • (PC): Tried to play this some years ago on my PS3, and that just wasn't a great version. Truth be told, I my PC is old enough that it runs just a bit better than it did back then, but it is enough to make it more playable. Still deciding what I think about it.

  • (DS): Some time ago I re-bought all of the DS Castlevanias after owning them way back when they first came out, and I finally decided to start playing them. Actually beat this one and got all 3 endings on my replay. Harder than I remember.

  • (PC): Played this for a little while. Seems fun, but need to put more time into it before I can get a real opinion.

  • (DS): After beating DoS, this seems like the next logical step. Put a little time into it today. Still fun.

  • (PC): Why is the game title not in all caps? Anyways. Played for a little while just to wipe out the steam trading cards? Notice a theme here? It's an alright game, just not much staying power.

  • (PC): Another game I booted up just so I could get the trading cards off of steam and then uninstall it. It's okay.

  • (PC): A solid little strat title. Played it during my "which of these games can I uninstall" campaign and decided this made the cut to stay on the PC. Will get around to doing a full dive into it at some point.

  • (PC): It's time for my quarterly "help me I'm back into Warframe" thing. Am now at officially over 800 hours.

    (EDIT 5/4/18): Okay, I seem to have hit my Warframe threshold again, 'cause now I'm uninstalling it again. 840 hours. See you in a few months, Warframe.

  • (PS4): Started playing this to scratch the MHW itch since I can't really afford a new game right now. Having a good time with this though.

  • (PC): I think I got this in a bundle at some point? I guess?

    Anywho, it seems like it might be interesting, but the time I spent on it didn't really sell me on it. Whatever.

  • (PC): When did I pick up all these bullet hell shooters? I can't remember. This one seems alright.

  • (PC): I enjoy this game from time to time, even though I am not very good at it. I have the nigh irresistable urge to full on tower-defense the end of every level, despite the fact that that would be a waste or resources...but it's just so much fun to slaughter all those monsters...choices choices...

  • (PS4): Finally submitted to the urge and picked this one up. Liking it more the more I play it (I tried the long sword at first and didn't really like it, but switching to sword and shield got me on board, and I'm going to try twin blades next).

  • (PC): Looking to clean up my installed games list a bit on my PC, so I decided to give this one a go again. Played it a year or two ago and it was alright, and that generally is the feeling now. Just knocked out the Steam cards for the time being.

  • (SNES): Welcome to me feeling old. Did this game really come out in 92? 9 year old me played this game. Well, probably older than 9 year old me since I didn't get a SNES right away, but it was the first system I owned myself.

  • (PC): Considering all the hate I've heard this game get, I was expecting it to be worse. True I haven't played the multiplayer (and probably won't), so maybe that is where everyone is grousing about "it's a MOBA dur dur dur!" but a few levels into the campaign, I am not seeing it.

  • (PC): The early front runner for my game of the year thus far. I Kickstarted it way back when, and I'm glad I did. Having a ton of fun with it so far. Between this and 'Into the Breach' it has been a good year of turned-based strat games involving giant robots.

  • (PC): The "ex" version on Steam. Got this a part of a bundle and figured I won't really like it since I wasn't a fan of the Ghouls n Ghost series back in the day, and I was more or less right. Seems well put together but "old school hard" isn't really my thing.

  • (PC): Can't remember when I got this one, so I assume it was from a Bundle of some sort. I played the old edition back in the day...on the 360, as I recall? I liked it better than a lot of other people did. Yeah, Dante's stuff is all backtracking, but his move set is different enough from Nero that I thought it made up for it. I don't know if I will play through the whole thing again, but it was a nice blast from the past.

    PS: I am admittedly one of those people who didn't play the new dmc game. Yeah, I know of a lot of people say it plays fine, but I've watched enough game play footage to know that I just loathe the "attitude" of that game. I really prefer the goofier Capcom version to the "edgy" Ninja Theory version.

  • (PC): It's a tower-defense game, y'all. You either likes these or you don't. It was fun for a little while, but the difficulty seems to increase a bit fast. Has light RPG elements...which means you need to grind for materials.

  • (Xbox360): Yes I know that I am (checks release date) 9 years late to the party, but at least I am getting around to playing this finally. The first step to being able to retire my 360 (seriously, why aren't Asylum and City backwards compatible?)

    EDIT: Remembered that I have this on I might as well play it there so that I get closer to retiring my 360.

  • (PC): Saw some streamers I follow playing this (multiplayer is new), so I decided to boot it back up. Something like 30 hours later and I hooked again. Seriously, this is the game that broke my BATTLETECH run, and BATTLETECH is probably my GOTY right now. This is how addictive Stardew is. Almost bought the Vita version, but it looks like that one is having some trouble still.

  • (Xbox360): More or less like the style of this game, but it seems like it was designed for co-op. Gets a bit hard playing solo after a few levels.