The October Playlist

October is here and it is time to play some games that send the tingle down your spine (in a decidedly non perverted know unless thats your thing.) Here are some fun games to play while the chill of Fall is in the air and cars all blare the evil of the Thriller.

List items

  • Ok lets get some of the more obvious ones out of the way first. Zombies and Halloween are a marriage on par with peanut butter and chocolate. There really is something to be said for teaming up with three friends and blasting the brains out of anything in your way.

  • Short of a Dawn of the Dead: The Game, this is your best bet for zomibe action in a mall. People may complain about the save system but the thrill of being trapped in a mall with zomibes, cult members, insane clowns, survivalists, and 50 of the dumbest people on the face of the Earth depending on you to save them is quite a Halloween thrill ride.

  • This is the best choice for your space horror movie type scare ala Aliens. They turn the batshit crazy on pretty early on and they leave it there for most of the ride. When a game can make Twinkle Twinkle Little Star freaky as hell, you know your on to something wicked.

  • This game screams Halloween from the gaudy costumes to the creepy music. Also, considering you face off against at least three different versions of the devil has to count for something.

  • You know the weather is getting cold, and it never really gets much colder then Alaska. Considering that fact that the scariest thing of all is to try and hide but always worry about being found, this game might give you a jump or two if you can't get used to the older control and field of view.

  • I'm listing the entire franchise here because any game in this series will fit the need for garish people dressed up in costume ready to pound the shit out of each other. Honestly thats how most Halloween Parties end up anyway.

  • Resident Evil 5 is great but having a friend there the entire time really kills any of the fear. RE4 however had you running around for your life with everyone and everything (and I do mean THING) trying to kill you in the most unseemly way possible.

  • This may seem like an odd choice but a murder mystery fits right in with this time of year. Its up to you, and your friends to save the town from ....wait for it...MURDER!

    This game is basically a much better version of a grown up Scooby Doo mystery. Fans of the game or Endurance Run now is the time for New Game .

  • Vampires? Check.

    Zombies? Check.

    Demon? Oh yeah.

    Cults? A million yo!

    Giant Snake People? Dude it so has it.

    Gross Weird Things? All over the place!

    Baldur's Gate II really does have all your Halloween fun. The story starts with you in a prison and that's scary enough for most of us right there. After that you are facing off against pretty much any horror you could ever want.

  • Ok you knew this was going to be on here somehow. Honestly if you can get a copy of Silent Hill 2 , then it is the only one you really need to make sure you play. Its got creepy and weird turned up to freakness.

    The latest game Homecoming is good if thats all your gaming choices allow but its nothing compared to the feel of the second game.