Disregarding Taste: A Weekly Blog About Blogs (First Edition)


Disregarding Taste: A Weekly Blog About Blogs  

Hello, my name is Nick... er, ververdan0226. I have come to you blog about blogs, a community spotlight of sorts. If you like it, tell me, if you don't, tell me as well. I'm not sure if I'm doing a shitty job or if I'm missing good blogs, so if you can give me any feedback or comments on this endeavor, that would be very much appreciated. Any similarities to The Community Spotlight Redux is entirely incidental. Without further ado, a wall of text... 

Topic of the Week - PAX!

 Not many submissions, or any (it's all good), but I found some recaps and murmurings about PAX amongst the sea of blogs. Not much at all, but enough for me to pimp here in this section of the spotlight.    
A recap of PAX from Hailinel.
A vlog from user DrDemon.  
Some, ughhh..... ruminations from AgentJ:
DAY 1                                                                                                                                                        DAY 2 

Gaming Corner (On GiantBomb, Whuda Thunk It?)

Lies, Lies. Actually he writes a pretty good blog on videogame storytelling, whether or not you agree with him.  
Everybody loves the Dreamcast. Right?? Of course. Well, it turns 10 soon.  finalkross offers up his retrospective.
mracoon blogs about 365 games to play before you die. He'll never make it. 
Remember that contest to go to Gearbox and play Borderlands?? No. Let me remind you. Either way, I'm pretty sure this guy likes Borderlands. He went to Gearbox. I can't wait for it. 
Nobody's playing Section 8, do don't play it. Regardless, here are AndrewG009's impressions of the demo
Hmm, nice post on Final Fantasy VII Mr. vidiot. And long
I suppose it could be good. Darkest of Days demo impressions from user calidan777
Addiction is a tough motherfucker. Thanks for sharing JacobForrest
Some people played Champions Online this week. Character customization is crazy! But here are some  video impressions from user Matt (how original) and written ones from user Jimbo_N
What exactly is a Monster Closet?  Rasgueado brings up an interesting point of discussion.
Oh, are they JazzyJeff
ArbitraryWater played an old game. And he does so fairly regularly. And even blogs about it. Check it out. 
In an age of DLC, value is becoming very skewed in the gaming market. What is fair? What isn't? Fosssil weighs in with his argument
Remember the Atari? LinksOcarina publishes an old blog he wrote on the Atari company.
Like a more technical side to your games? Check out the blogs of Mr. warxsnake.
I like bread. So does Br3adfan. And as far as what I played this week blogs go, his ones are pretty good. Check 'em out.

Movie Corner  

 Oldboy. Staccato sentences. A great film. Symphony gives his own analysis.  
No, Delta_Ass, you're a shitty individual.  
No smart comment. Just reviews of Ponyo and Adventureland from RHCPfan24.
Kill it, kill the Nazi. Though he is rather Handsome. And Dead... Just like Nazism. You know who I'm talking about.

Music Corner

Bruce blogs about music. And he does it damn well. Check out everything he writes here.  
Jimbo_N makes a list of top videogame tracks. See if you agree with him. 
PART 1                                                                                                                                               PART 2
PART 3                                                                                                                                               PART 4

Cultural Corner

Everybody loves Batman and what with the addition of Arkham Asylum to the pantheon of great games, not just great licensed games, and The Dark Knight to the landscape of our cinematic mind, Batman is a fitting topic. stanhigareda blogs about his life with Batman
Nope. No they aren't Sweep
Delta_Ass doesn't like this tipping business. Deal with it. Motherfucker... 
Yep, that's certainly America. Thank you Moeez. 
Woah, hold on there Haus. Wait, what's that? Everybody's already posted in artofwar420's topic on religion in  America?

Oh You Blog, Do You?  

Check out the typically awesome blogs of these magnificent individuals. You make sure to read every damn thing they write!
Dalai                                                                                                Sweep (everybody loves Sweep!) 
Video_Game_King                                                                       TrueEnglishGent (truly) 
LinksOcarina (even though they're old, they're good)
* I will add more in the future.

Until next time, I leave you with this. 
Or this, whatever suits your own personal tastes better.
Both amazing in their own special ways!


 Anything related to The Beatles, how they influenced your growing up as an example, or how The Beatles Rock Band makes you feel. Also, I have two topics this week. For the other one I ask you to blog about anything related to the Dreamcast, a retrospective if you will (like the one featured in this blog. Happy Blogging (or not)! 
NOTE: You can probably expect less blogs per spotlight blog as the weeks progress. Also, what do you guys think about the format?