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Best of 2009

My personal choices for the 10 best games of 2009.

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  • The most fulfilling gaming experience I've had all year. What a sense of accomplishment you get when you defeat a boss.

  • Excellent game, excellent soundtrack, excellent style. Needs more songs. Though, with DLC this isn't an issue (except for price)

  • A vast improvement over one of the best games of last year.

  • Bought this game on a whim when I got my PS3. Was more than enough to make me stop doubting my purchase.

  • So relaxing, and enjoyable.

  • Definitely have to play this with friends. If you do have a group of friend with it, immensely fun.

  • Excellent, and charming puzzle game. Some puzzles may make you roll your eyes, and the ending to the story seems out of left field and like a rushed ending.

  • Solid, but short, single player. Enjoyable multi-player hampered by numerous glitches and exploits. It's been a month and already we've had the javelin glitch, unlimited care packages, running faster with the signal grenade, imbalanced 1887s, private match glitch etc. This can't be overlooked.

  • The best katamari game yet.

  • Surprisingly good, though recycled bosses drag it down. Why recycle the shittiest boss 100 times?