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So originally when I signed up for I had planned to be much more active, but between Working, Semi-Pro / Pro Team Fortress 2 and moving I was extremely busy this year, all in all I kind of slacked off and didn't pay any attention to GiantBomb or any of my Internet "Blog" / "Gaming" sites, but lately I'm starting to get more active and have finally started to produce content below are the various ways to keep in touch with me. 


Keep In Touch

Twitter Account - CodyFuckinRocks
Steam Username - xHatred 
YouTube Account - WildFire187
Upcoming XBL Name -  Y0URL4STN1GHT
Email -
For my "Friends", you can still reach me on, most of the time I'm in the House Channel or Explore Food channels, and before I forget, I'll stay active on now, have no fear, WildFire, TMN, YLN, xHatred is here!


 I've just written / brought a large amount of Content onto my GiantBomb account, check out the below reviews, lists and guides for my recent work, this wasn't all done in a day, it's over the last few months, reviews took longer because I had to play each game, the lists I just did today and the Guides took a few hours each.


Guild Wars (Prophecies, Factions, Nightfall, No EoTN) 
Bioshock (PC Review, Release Review)
Mass Effect (PC Review, No DLC)
Left 4 Dead 1 (PC Review, Release, No DLC)

Section 8 (PC Review, Release, Written for a specific Gaming Community)
Audiosurf (This was the First Review I ever did)
Fallout 3 (PC Review, No DLC, Release)
Planetside (Very Short Review)

Astonia (Basically just some information about the game)
Fable: The Lost Chapters (PC Review, Beat it two thousand times)
The Orange Box (PC Review, Release Review)
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (PC Review, No Patches)


[How To] Install Team Fortress 2 Sprays (Includes two websites for Downloading sprays)
[How To] A Guide to Playing Team Fortress 2 as a Demoman
[How To] A Guide To Playing Team Fortress 2 as a Soldier



[PC / Xbox 360 / PS3] Upcoming Games I'm Interested In (2010 - 2011)
[PC / Xbox 360 / PS3] Favorite Games of 2009
[PC / Xbox 360 / PS3] Favorite Games of 2008