My games of 2015

2015 has largely been like 2014 for me. My taste further developed in the same direction it did in previous years:

  • Stories in games mostly do not interest me or I do not have the patience for them.
  • I mostly do not like games were you play a humanoid in 3rd of 1st person and your main interaction with the world is killing stuff.
  • I like games around exploration.
  • I like overly complicated games, or games which obstruct a lot of their mechanics - that is part of the enjoyment of exploration I guess.
  • I prefer non-action games. I gravitate to strategy/tactics games or really "numbers-focussed" RPGs.

I started to play SOMA. I started up The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt once. I am eagerly awaiting for Darkest Dungeon to finally relase. I haven't left the inital zone of Pillars of Eternity yet. I only downloaded Invisible, Inc., while listening to the GB GOTY podcasts. So these guys are not on here.

List items

  • This game came out in December 2014 and now has seen its first major expansion in December 2015. It gets a lot of bad reviews on Steam etc. mostly because it is very expensive. But I already have the lifetime expansion pass, so this is not really relevant for me. The developers try to balance making a scientifically accurate galaxy simulation and a fun space game. I play it mostly as a calming after-work game where I explore and trade. This game gave me the best moments in 2015, e.g. when after hundereds of dull star systems you discover a new Earth in the depths of space.

  • This still remains my "one game for a lonely island". Well, at least when you include the steady stream of expansions Paradox is delivering. The new project lead took it into a very interesting direction.

  • Great game in the Spirit of the original Syndicate. I did not like that they removed the overworld-aspect of it, but parts of it (implants, research) are hidden in the menus.

  • Although I do not play it "hardcore", I got (back) into Hearthstone in a big way. I got all the solo adventures and beat them, I purchased a lot of packs (with real and ingame money) and I complete most daily quests. A big motivator was the new Tavern Brawl mode, which intruduces a new twist to the gameplay every week.

  • The exception of the rule. I have three buddies to play this with, which is the only way to stand the representativeness. Great 2 weeks of evertainment.

  • CivBE was a flawed game. RT is a partial solution for that, but it seemed rushed.

  • I played this in 2015. Fun game.