Games I Finished in 2010

This list is comprised of games I finished in 2010, not necessarily released in 2010. I know, this list has barely any games released in 2010 because I don't really have time to play all the games I want to. School's important too! Ranked from best to worst.

List items

  • To be completely honest, I really didn't enjoy the movement and the feel of the shooting all that much. Although the gameplay wasn't the tightest, I easily overlooked those flaws because of the story, the characters, the voice acting, and Liberty City are just so awesome. I could babble on and on about this game because it is quite possibly one of the most amazing experiences with a game I've ever had.

  • The addition of keyboard and all the sleek and useful tweaks, such as being able to drop in and out of a song, made this one of the most fun games I played in 2010.

  • The game I've spent more time watching than playing. Single player was great, but the multiplayer and its depth are what kept me coming back.

  • Intense atmosphere and amazing combat made this one of the most gratifying experiences I've had with a game this year.

  • Although this is a great game, I'm going to point out why is so low on my list, as opposed to other lists. Load times are still somewhat long, and the story didn't keep me enraptured and interested all that much. Still a great game nonetheless.

  • Street Fighter 4 with more characters, more awesome looking Ultra Combos, and more streamlined multiplayer. 'Nuff said.

  • Hilarious game with stupid hard levels, yet I kept playing. And I was still enjoying it even though it was kicking my ass.

  • The first Super Mario Galaxy is one of my all time favorite games so the sequel has to be on the list. The reason why I enjoyed the first one more is because I loved how the Comet Observatory opened up as I kept playing. And the initial "wow" factor was simply not in the sequel because the first one was so spectacular.

  • I loved how this game seemed to be like an open world game, even though it is still pretty linear. It just moved seamlessly into the next environment and mission. I can't say this is one of my favorite games I've played this year because the pacing left something to be desired. Sections of the game I didn't enjoy dragged on for too long.

  • Fun platformer, but I feel like sometimes I had no control over my character. Some deaths were really not my my opinion. Only reason this is higher than Shadow Complex is the ending. So ridiculous.

  • Although it is a cool game, I didn't really care for the controls. The shooting and aiming felt a little wonky. I also had no urge to go back and collect all the upgrades.

  • RE4 is one of my all time favorites. But RE5, with its spotty AI co-op and its use of the inventory system (I hated not being able to carry everything I wanted), made me just want to go back and play RE4.

  • Ugh. Lame story with lame characters. None of the characters are really likable except for maybe Jansen...and that's a stretch. Combat is okay but I didn't like how instead of choosing a character's action and seeing the result right after, you choose all of your party members' action, and then you see it all unfold from the beginning.