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Resident Evil Games I Haven't Played.

I've always wanted to do lists & blogs and shiette related to my love of most entries in the Resident Evil series. Though rather than starting off with a regular ''MI FAVRIT RESIDUNT EVEEL'' list, I think it'd be interesting if I list the Resident Evil games that I actually haven't played.


So I checked out our own Resident Evil franchise game list (Man, there is so many of these bloody things) and added the handful I have never played. Though I'm more so referring specifically to full Resident Evil games that I haven't played. I may add some more entries referring to ports, but then there's so many damn ports per Resident Evil game... especially the older ones, where every new release included something the other didn't have. Just some of dat Classic Capcom at work. They're not really all that drastically different, though, so I feel I should be in the clear if I leave those out. Basically just some additional costumes, an extra difficulty setting, and ect.

Though one of Resident Evil 2's ports does have its own mode that mixes the items around ala Resident Evil: Director's Cut's Arranged Mode... Man, that's definitely something I'd love to try out one day.

List items

  • Dunno why I never scooped this up. Back when I actually owned a GameBoy Colo(u)r I was at the height of my Resident Evil fandom. Anything with the Resident Evil name on it simply had to be mine, one way or the other. Maybe I didn't know of its existence back then? Seems the most likely of reasons.

    My Gameboy Colo(u)r at the time was basically a Pokemon machine; only other game I had was this terrible Bugs Bunny Haunted Castle thing. Anywhoo, once I moved on from Pokemon my Gameboy Colo(u)r vanished with it. Given that its reception is poor to say the least, and because it's not even canon, it doesn't seem like it'd be worth the effort to try and see it for myself.

    Barry Burton, though...

  • EDIT: And bought! For £5.50 -- eh, it was on sale so, and I justified it by me considering this purchase to be for 'scholarly' purposes.


    At first it was simply because I never owned a Wii. But then when it was ported to PS3, the idea of playing it with a regular DS3 didn't sound like the most appealing of control schemes.

    Though with that said, I played Dead Space: Extraction with it and still really enjoyed it! Nonetheless, light-gun games aren't especially my thing, and the reception for both this & Darkside Chronicles is a bit tepid.

    From what I've seen for myself it doesn't look like something worth the time & effort, either. It's absolutely chock-full of fanservice, but at the same time it's retelling all of the classic games, only with a more action-orientated coating. Sure, Leon & Claire NOT splitting up into the unknown zombie-infested abyss makes a helluva lot more sense than how it was originally, but... I dunno, I like that those stories are separate. It's not a retelling I'm dying to check out anywhoo, especially since from what I've seen the writing & voice acting are kinda bad.

    OK, OK... yes yes yes, Resident Evil LULZ, but Resident Evil Zero for example from what I saw has seen a significant drop in quality from the original to the Chronicles adaptation regarding the voice acting. I'm not saying the voice acting is stellar in their original incantations (though in some it's really not bad, just intentionally corny) but that it's simply worse in the Chronicles games. Everybody looks to be a lot more... chatty, and dialogue isn't this series strong point so, piling on more of that isn't what I'd want out of a retelling of those stories.

    Plus, there's a lot of expanded fiction peppered in throughout and frankly this franchise's fiction is confusing enough to retain. Never mind if I started to readjust everything to account for all of the additional malarkey these games introduce.

    Most importantly, though, it all naturally features a very different pacing and tone to their original incantations. One that I wouldn't want to pollute my memories of the 'real' versions with anywhoo.

  • Same as above. Also, I don't know if it's the same for Umbrella Chronicles, but man the soundtrack for this one is fan-fucking-tastic. Then again the music is one aspect of this franchise that I think has always been under-appreciated. No doubt in part because Silent Hill keeps stealing its thunder in that regard.

  • Sorta similar to my reasoning above; primarily in that I don't particular care very highly for light-gun shooters. Though that said I have totally played the original Survivor game...

    Even at my highly impressionable age of 10-11 that game was just complete garbage. What I remember that always stuck out is you couldn't even save! It was only like 3-4 hours to begin with, but still dems could potentially be a lot of hours to keep yourself stuck in for a single game. Especially one as bad as that.

    Anywhoo not to derail this part by then talking about its predecessor... I'm to believe this one is also sort of a retelling of Code: Veronica at that, only it's all like a warped dream sequence of Claires or something?

    Also Nemesis is in it?? I remember that much when I spotted it in some Arcade place when I went on Holiday to Blackpool. Never even bothered to give it a go. Probably too busy playing Die Hard Arcade.

  • EDIT: And Bought! For £12, used... It was the best price I could find. GBA/DS/3DS games are all so damn expensive more often than not.


    Now this, this is definitely a game I wanna play! Come the day I eventually find myself in possession of a 3DS XL, this'll undoubtedly be one of the first games to find itself in my online shopping cart.

    I've played a lot of versions of the original, as you may expect. There is of course the very original--literally the second game I ever played--and then there was the remake -- which frankly might as well exist as its own thing it's so different. I also only relatively recently played the Director's Cut version a couple of years ago thanks to it going on sale on PS3. Still really enjoyed it, too! Even if certain aspects like the crazy amount of invincibility frames certain enemies like Hunters have is tough to bear. All of the nifty changes made between the original and the DC'S Arranged Mode were enough to give it a surprisingly refreshing feel. Never would have guessed this was to be the original instance of zombie Forest Speyer! Always assumed that was a new trick devised for the remake.

    I remember playing the Sega Saturn version as well. Can't remember much beyond it had some unique costumes, and there was an unlockable minigame that featured a zombie Wesker.

    Anywhoo, Deadly Silence. From what I've seen it even has new animations and stuff. And that's not before you get into its first-person knife slashing thing, and multiplayer?? Though it's the kind where you don't actually see the other players or something? I dunno.


  • EDIT: And bought! £4 new, a fine price.


    Again, down to not owning a 3DS. Though while the reception for this has been less than kind, I wouldn't mind giving this a go if I had the opportunity. I still really enjoy the modern Mercenaries format first introduced with RE4; even RE6's I could get some (SOME) degree of enjoyment out of...

    It's got Claire Redfield in there too, which is neat. Though what is up with that sound quality?!

  • Basically just a port of the 3DS Mercs game but for iOS?


  • Man, what? I have actually seen the movie at least, though -- thought it was rubbish.

    Didn't have much in the way of any actual horror movie elements to make it scary, and like everything else with this brand name these days was just some dumb action bleh. Only the action wasn't even all that good. That, and it didn't look all that great overall; as mentioned in the site's own TANG episode, all of the characters all look kinda rubbery. Really poor lip synching to go with it, and as always it has some needlessly convoluted story behind it all. Why does EVERYTHING in this bloody franchise have to involve some conspiracy or whatever?? Capcom really oughta be introduced to the famed acronym expression of K.I.S.S. someday.

    Basically when you take away the actual 'playing' of these games and you're left with the story, well... it all goes about as well as you'd expect, I suppose. But even then I'd say the cutscenes in RE5 for example are much more entertaining and well directed than this. They even look better. Still, it's not quite as bad as the live-action sludge I suppose.

    Oh wait, the game... Yeah I'll probably never get around to playing this. Don't even know what this is to begin with beyond... Oh, an iPhone game? Well that just seals the deal!

    OH! In the movie the bad guy kinda looks like Paul O'Grady. In fact he even received a letter on his talk show at the time from someone saying as such complete with an image to compare.

    One thing I remember is that the letter mistakenly referred to the image from Degeneration as being taken from a game and not a movie. Now, there is obviously a game of that thing, but the image certainly couldn't have been taken from this iPhone thing. I can also remember me saying that out loud ''THAT'S FROM A MOVIE YOU DAMN FOOOOOOLS'' and proceeded to curse Resident Evil 6. Even though it hadn't even been announced yet. Because fuck you, Resident Evil 6.

  • Well, it's cancelled so... Plus I don't own a PSP.

    And if our own wiki page is to be believed, whatever this is ultimately became Resident Evil: Revelations. Which I most certainly have played.

  • And I probably won't for the longest time, if ever, due to the complete divorce from just about everything that is Resident Evil.

  • ...See you in 2020 or something crazy like that!