The Community Spotlight - 01/18/2013

Yeah...That Happened.
Yeah...That Happened.

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight! If you haven't heard friend of the site Will Smith had a child! Wish your best wishes to Will, his wife, and their child Willow on the congratulation thread over here. Even more good news about friends of the site comes from Matthew Rorie who has been annoucned as the new executive Editor of GameSpy. Wish our puppy loving Rorie the best over here. If you are a premium member and have access to the beta site there is a new API Update which details recent changes and fixes to the beta site.

User Birthdays this week: Claude (Jan. 15th)

Community Events & Game Nights

  • Giant Bomb Community Co-Op Group for Warframe - Play Warframe With Other User Online Over Here!
  • The Giant Bomb Gaming Hub 2013 - The PC GaminG Hub is Expanding Beyond PC Games - Sign Up Here!
  • Giant Bomb Persona 4 Arena PS3 King of the Hill Tournament - Set for January 26th 12pm-3pm PS - Sign Up Here!

Wonderful Wikis

Devil May Cry is the big new release this week...and that's about all I want to say about that without inciting a riot in this Spotlight. If you wanted to know more about the odd world that Cart Life is all about after seeing the Quick Look for the game check out the wiki page for the game. Finally if you watched the first edition of the Jurassic Lark premium video feature check out the Jurassic Park game page to read summaries for all the different versions of the first Jurassic Park movie that Patrick did and did not feature.

Best of Blogs

This week Phatmac took the time to go through his portable backlog and play Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, and he is joined by CJduke who did the same but with 999. Door related was Fobwashed's latest blog which discusses the difficulties of programming doors in video games. Sarumarine went through Deus Ex Human Revolution and blogged about how he had a lot of fun with it. After having played through VLR and 999 RecSpec decided to play Ever17: The Out of Infinity which is tangentially related to those games and compares them, similarly jakob187 looked back to Guild Wars 2 and extrapolates on how the game clicked for him again. Video_Game_King tackled two Konami games this week with Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance and Ganbare Goemon 3. Continuing his blog series and effort to play every game in the 1001 Games You Must Play book hasvlad blogged about Mafia and if it's worth going back to after all these years, simultaneously GrantHeaslip continues his blog series about playing through Final Fantasy XIII but discusses the depiction of the female characters in the game. _Mattallic took to task in rebuking the notion that no big games are coming out in 2013 with a list of the 5 games he is most looking forward to. With the recent controversy surrounding the female torso bonus for Dead Island: Riptide ztiworoh discusses how marketing more than gore or sex have assisted in the stigmatization. Playing catch up dankempster played through Sleeping Dogs and talks about his adventures, and is followed by MajorMitch who blogged about his time with Far Cry 3. Wrighteous86 provides you with a summary and review of one of the Halo books that Halo 4 assumes you read before playing it and TrueEnglishGent in true punctual gentleman form has blogged about his favorite games from 2012.

Fantastic Forums

As stated in the introduction Will Smith had a baby this week and if you haven't done so already wish him and his wife your congratulations and best wishes. RobotHamster has modded his Legend of Grimrock party with the Persona 4 fan-art of the staff. DocHaus has created a comprehensive guide on how to succeed in Anarchy Reigns' Death Ball mode, and Colourful_Hippie shares his pitch for a fun fake Nicholas Cage movie. Finally if you'd like to see a civil and mature dialog between users about the recent Devil May Cry game check out the official discussion thread for the game

Lovable Lists

This week we have two very interesting lists by Mento and FlaminB. Mento spent his week compiling a list of games with mind-numbingly inane tasks in them that truly will test your patience. Have you ever had a game where you were one achievement or trophy away from "S-Ranking" a game, but that one achievement prevented from doing so? Well FlaminB has a list of games like that.

Useful User Reviews

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