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Games and Game Franchises I Have Never Played

It is a reoccurring joke that despite being a moderator for a video game website I don't actually play a lot of games. The truth of the matter is...well that this is true. Part of this is related to the fact that I am not of a high scoio-economic status. it wasn't until the Gamecube that I bought a video game console within two years of its North America launching and that I have very unusual tastes. So to showcase video game ignorance here is a list of all the major games and game franchises that I have never played or experienced:

List items

  • I have never played a game made by Blizzard. Part of this is because for the longest time my family didn't own computers that could run their games. The other reason is that I didn't play a lot of PC games when I was young and most of the ones that I did were educational.

  • I have never played a game by Squaresoft, Enix, nor have I ever played a game made by Square Enix. This disregards any games the have published since their purchase of Eidos Interactive. So yes I've never played a Final fantasy game, no Dragon Quest, and no Kingdom Hearts in my video game library.

  • I almost bought Final Fantasy XIII just to say that "I finally bought a Final Fantasy game guys!" I never got around to doing that.

  • Considering how many version of Chrono Trigger there are the fact that I have never played it is even more ridiculous.

  • I have never played any games in the Metal Gear franchise. On top of that I have never played Snatcher, Policenauts, any of the Zone of Enders games as well.

  • I almost played Twin Snakes, then thought about buying Substance, and then Subsistence, and so on. Then again I was pretty big into the Thief and Splinter Cell games.

  • Nope never played any of the Tales of games. Although I got really close to buying Vesperia. That didn't happen and here it is on my list.

    It has nothing to do with the art style by the way and you may notice on this list I really don't play a lot of JRPGs. As you can expect this is a personal preference thing.

  • For this franchise I'll just say that it has never appealed to me as well as most survival horror games.

  • The same goes for Silent Hill. I have never seen the appeal for these types of games.

  • Due to my late introduction to PC gaming I never played anything from the Ultima series.

  • This should be qualified as "I have never played a 3D console Zelda game." I have played plenty of 2D Zelda games.

  • I was a Sierra Online adventure game dude 100% of the way. This meant that I haven't played a lot of the old school LucasArt adventure games.

  • Is Worms still a thing? Yes? Well I've never played a Worms game.

  • Even when I'm visiting a friend's house and they start playing Rock Band I always refuse. I tried playing Guitar Hero 3 and realized I will never be any good at rhythm games and just decided to walk away from the genre completely.

  • I have never inputted the Contra code in a Contra game! How crazy is that?!

  • Oh Quake. I hear Brad talk about how important you are to the history of firs person shooter but I have no idea what he is talking about because I have never played you or any of your successors.

  • I have never liked Metroid. I played some of the 2D games really didn't care for them. So the idea of Metroid going 3D just never appealed to me.

    I did play Other M to try to make up for this and immediately re-realized that I don't like Metroid games.

  • Knights of the Old Republic for the Xbox was the first BioWare game I ever played. All of their back catalog for the PC is undiscovered territory for me.

  • Fallout 3 was the first Fallout game I ever played. I know I'm not the only person who is like this.

  • Grand Theft Auto IV was the first GTA game I ever played. This too I'm certain is not as crazy as it seems.

  • I have never played a game developed or published by Atlus. No Persona, Devil Survivor, Catherine or anything with the Megami Tensei name on it.

    Watching the Giant Bomb Endurance Run is the closest I have have ever come to experiencing an Atlus game.

  • But I have played Modern Warfare 2, and Black Ops! I have played Call of Duty yeah.

  • This may be a little iffy. I "played" Devil May Cry 4...but only its demo on Xbox Live. I'm going to say that doesn't count and Devil May Cry is yet another major franchise that goes on my list.

    Just to infuriate fans of the franchise I may just have the ninja Theory Devil May Cry be the first Devil May Cry that I play.

  • There's probably no hope of going back to GoldenEye and having any understanding of why that game is held in such high regard. I think I may have played that game on the N64 at a McDonald's Play Zone now that I think of it, but generally speaking I haven't actually played any James Bond games fully or completely.

  • The discussion of the most recent reboot of the Tomb Raider franchise reminded me that I have never played a Tomb Raider game. Though I did watch my step-brother play the first game way back when.

  • Now that this is "free-to=play" and has hats I guess there's no excuse that I have never played this...other than that I would get murdered in it.

  • I own a copy of it...but HELL NO!

  • What is this "Dis-GAY-Uh," and why should I care?

  • The only Doom game that I have ever played is Doom 3

  • This is like Dota, but crazy right?