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Still doing my usual stuff... i should probably change it up now and then.

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Games I played in 2024

Another year, and another list of games I played in it

List items

  • PC, 2023, 5.5/10: A puzzle game with a few gimmicks, mostly about perspective, like taking a photo, and then 'placing' the photo, and that image being added to the reality where it was placed. Be it from a camera or painting. So, a painting of a house, would put that house, and its insides and such, where you place it. Or a picture of a battery ontop of a table, on a ledge, would put all of those in the level (at whatever angle you had them) where you place that picture. Its a very interesting idea, some good puzzles, but it doesn't go beyond that concept (well, not much), and the story is bland, so i think a lot of people forgot about it, or stop playing it quickly (its like a 4-5 hour game, well, for me, and am not that good at puzzles). I had fun with the game, but am not going to recommend it.

    Completed: The game, most of the optional and collectibles. Only half of the achievements, guess there were a lot more quirky things to do with painting. Which should have been more of a focus in the game.

  • PC, 2022, 6/10: Still WoW, and it is still fun. Though, there are too many reps to grind, and some of the mounts and other vanity items, require way too much time, since they are design as time sinks.

    Completed: Max rep with the DF factions... well the major ones. Going back to shadowlands, but geez that seems like a long grind too.

  • NSW, 2021, 6/10: A picross game with a Sega theme. Kind of the same as the last couple. Still fun, but about the same, just new puzzles.

    Working on completing it, going to do the standard, color, and clip one. I don't care for the mega ones, since they are the same puzzles as standard.

  • NSW, 2023, 6/10: A fishing, resource, tetris like game where you pilot a boat around, fishing up fish that come in different shapes, fitting them into your cargo, tetris style-ish, and then selling them to gain money. You also do this with resources, which are needed to upgrade your boat (faster, bigger, etc..). The other big part of the game is it story, and its lovecraft like nature. There a panic system in the game, so when you are sailing at night, seeing monsters, or using magic it goes up. The higher it goes, the more weird / dangerous stuff happens. Like rocks appearing right in front of you boat, or monsters hunting you (like a ghost shark, or a lamb fish that uses a fake boat as its lure).

    Completed: The game. I kind of started skipping the story since it wasn't that interesting. Eventually, when i got to the end, i went back and read up and then watch some stuff to figure out what was going on. IDK, during the game, i just got tired of the grind, the rewards/upgrades became dull, and the whole process just kind of repeated itself too much. I still like the style of it, and the general loop (well, a little), but this isn't something that would have made my top 10 (like it did for some people).

  • PC, 2021, 3/10: A idle game that is overly complex, and doesn't give the 'good' feeling of seeing the numbers go up. It takes way, way too much time to get things going. I guess if you want to play an idle game as you main game, and focus on min/max strats, than this game might be your cup of tea. But if you enjoyed Cookie Clicker, that Paper clip factory game, or any other known idle game, than this one is just too much work for too little pay off.

  • PC, 2023, 5/10: A puzzle, stealth, game about learning languages via text. Its an interesting concept, and good puzzle game... mostly, but the actual game is missing some vital quality of life features, and the ending sequence is too long, and kind of ruins the overall experience.

    Completed: The game, learn all the words, had to use guides on a few of them due to either 1) me not getting what the words was, or 2) the game's picture not being clear what it was referring to (this happen a bit, since once you seen a word enough times, you can solve it by placing it next to a picture. And half the time, the picture isn't clear on what exactly it is. Its like playing charades with Milhouse's dad). The game would have benefited a lot from a map system, a longer character limit for unknown words (it is 20 characters, but some times you just have a general idea of the concept, or a list of possible solutions, and need more than 20 characters), and a much shorter ending. Like there should only be one ending, you learn all the words, than just go to the top of the tower, the event happens, go through the ending sequence, and than the end. None of the going back through the levels stuff. Which, I got bored of, so i just used a guide and got through them. It was during this part that the game lost me (and my opinion of it turn kind of sour).

  • PC, 2022, 7/10: A deduction puzzle game where you are given a few pages of a story book like setting, and have to figured out what happen, to whom, and generally what is going on. You do this by filling in the blank on a story text page that has a lot of blank spots for words. The general story is about 10-12 scenarios where you trace the life of the golden idol, a device from an acient advance culture that can take something (like heat, or years of life) from one object and give it to another. So people fight over it, steal it, plan their life around it, and such.

    Completed: The base game. It was good, though, i did have to get some help from a walk through for 2 parts on 2 different scenarios. Not the whole answers, just part of them. Since i just didn't understand what they were asking for.

  • PC, 2022, 7/10: Playing through the 3rd DLC, and am at my limit. The game was fun, but now its just more mindless. Still having moments of fun with it, but i don't think i'll be picking up any more DLC for it, unless it changes the gameplay.

  • XSX, 2023, 4.5/10: An interesting tell-tale adventure like game, with decent QTE events, but PS3 quality visuals and production value. The story is about two different characters, the second in command, and an engineer. You control both, and what happens to one, can ,but usually doesn't, effect the other. You make choices, some which will have lasting effects that you won't see until much later, which is annoying, since you can't undo them. Like, you might do something early on to annoy someone, and hours later, when you warm up to them, there no way to fix it, and that character will just dislike you forever. Its one thing if a choice makes something set in stone that makes sense, oh, like which area to explore, if you chose area a, you miss the items on area b. But what doesn't feel good is when every choice feels like it gets set in stone, even when they shouldn't. Did someone sneeze, did you say bless you, if you didn't, now they think poorly of you, and you can't undo that.... okay, so that doesn't happen exactly, but there were choices i made with characters in the first half that i wanted to change in the later half, but couldn't. Still, i like the game, though, with my current anxiety issues, it was a struggle to get through at times.

    Completed: The game, choose westbroke as 2nd in command, lost all the other bridge crew which i didn't like at all, and let the engineer guy take the tkon thingy, since i was trying to get him back with his GF... but that wasn't an option, which i didn' t know at the time.

  • NSW, 2021, 4/10: Interestint concepts, just not for me. Got to Act 2 before i stopped. I like the card battles, and the exploring. But, it was a bit too horror like for my enjoyment. With my anxiety issues right now, i can't get through any kind of horror game. But beyond that, the actual gameplay is amusing, but kind of shallow. And some of the exploring stuff is just too trial and error for my liking.

  • NSW, 2019, 4/10: Interesting concept for a puzzle game, but the actual levels and puzzles became too hard, too quickly. Which resulted in me looking up some solutions, and then realizing that there no point in playing a puzzle game, where i look up the answers, so i stopped. Also, the concept, while interesting, did feel a bit shallow, after doing it a dozen times. So the puzzles felt less like figuring out what word to use where, and more of trying to figure out which words i could move or use. So yeah, in the end, the game was more intresting than fun or rewarding.

  • PC, 2019, 4/10: One of those, sub-par games that pulls at my OCD and i feel the need to play, even though, i don't find them fun. So, the game is a mix of base building, mainly resource generating, with people walking around doing the stuff, types of games. Mix with some lite combat. And overworld exploring (go to a spot, mine it, sometimes there combat or a mission there). There some story elements, which is a part that pulled at my OCD, but they are few and kind of generic. To free myself from wasting time on this game, i watch what the ending looks like, and yeah, glad i stopped. It isn't bad, just underwhelming.

  • XSX, 20xx, 5/10: A single stick mover / survival game, similar to Vampire Survivor. Instead of big maps with exploring and items, it takes place in a square arena where. And it is wave based. So you have to kill X amount of enemies to get to the next wave. Inbetween waves you can buy items to increase your stats, or weapons to have weapons... there some upgrading that goes on, and rarity. And its fine overall... just shallow. Done 3 runs now, and i feel like i have seen most of the game. Sure, there are more weapons and items, but so far, they have all been fairly standard stuff. Laser guns, flame throwers, etc..

    Completed: 3 runs, might do some more, since it is quick and easy to get achievements. But i don't see myself playing this long term, like Vampire Survivor.

  • NSW, 2023, 5.5/10: A charming action rpg with the Mario cast. The first of their RPGs. This remake was alright, had a few new options, like easy mode, that helped a lot. And the core game was still okay. Well, the rpg parts of it. I really dislike any of the action, platformer parts. I kept failing at those, over and over again. And even with easy mode, the game did feel a bit too grindy, due to how many enemies there were. I was able to get through them, easily, but there were just so many fights.

    Completed: The game, main story. Didn't do any post game stuff. And skipped most of the mini-games. Took me 9 hour to beat the game. And well... i didn't want to spend more time in it, playing mini-games for items that i didn't need. Also, the story, while amusing at times, wasn't that good. I know there a big fan base for Geno (and maybe Mallow), but neither character click with me. None of the story did. I enjoy my time with the game, but i don't think i would play it again, or recommend it to someone, who hasn't played it before, or has an interest in video game history.

  • PC, 2022, 4/10: First off, its 20 minutes, not 10. Second, the game is okay, but shallow. This top down shooter / rogue lite reminds me of a little bit of vampire survivor. However, when compared to Vampire Survivor, this game lacks a lot of options, style, and feature polish. The basic flow is that you pick a character, who has a unique talent, than a weapon, level, and lastly difficulty. There are perm upgrades that you can buy between runs, and new characters and weapons to unlock. And its all, okay. Nothing really stands out as different or wild. And that's the biggest problem I have with the game. It is just alright.

    Completed: Did a full run, and then tried another one, but didn't find the new character, or weapon, or perm upgrades interesting.

  • XSX, 2021, 5.5/10: Another Far Cry again, and once again, it is set in an island environment. Tried it for a couple of hours, and idk, i was okay with the game, but at the same time, i found it rather generic/dull. I wanted it to be more, and i watch and google search to see if the later game had something special about it, but found that it didn't. So I stop playing it, after getting the secret ending. Did the tutorial island, but didn't feel the need to do more. If the base control/take over was better, I would probably have stuck with it to take over the map.

    Completed: Technically, the game. I got to an ending, there were credits, so, i kind of beat it. But it was the joke ending that you can get after the starting island.

  • XSX, 2023, 6/10: A rogue lite shooter where you explore/rob a bank in order.. to well, play a game really. The bank robber stuff is mostly just window dressing. There are numerous guns, solid gameplay, crappy story, bland environments, bland levels, built in accessibility options that make the game easier, and a bit of charm. Overall, I enjoyed the game, it was fun, and short. That second part is important, since the game is also shallow and bland in every sense. So if it was a long game, that blandness would have been a huge negative factor.

    Completed: The Game with god mode on.. not sure if i could beat it normally, then again, i wouldn't want to. Since the game is shallow.

  • XSX, 2023, 4/10: An telltale adventure game set in the expense universe, and it is alright. Not the best one of their games, but still alright. Visual nice, good VO, gameplay is eh, and the choices mostly make sense. I did enjoy the exploring parts, though, those mostly don't matter. There are a couple of items you need if you want the good ending, but most of them don't matter. Oh, and there a good ending, so i guess i'll take a point off for that. Since, it means you, the player, don't actual get to choose who you are, since, the bad ending is just bad. Choosing between saving your friend or letting them die for the fun of being evil isn't really a 'choice' since the evil ending offers no benefit to the player.

    Completed: the main game, and the dlc (which was short, and okay, but only since i got it on sale)

  • XSX, 2023, 4/10: A boomer shooter set in the warhammer universe. It is solid, but dull... well, i find all boomer shooters dull. On the bright side, it does have built in cheats like god mode and unlimited ammo. Sadly, even with that, this game wore out its welcome quickly.

  • PC, 2023, : the DLC Phantom Liberty. Re-started the base game, a geez it is a drag at the start. I might re-start again, and choose to skip to the DLC.