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Still doing my usual stuff... i should probably change it up now and then.

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Gaming in 2013

This list is intended to be a list of all the games that I played in 2013. I kept a similar list for 2012, and I found the concepts to be interesting, so i figure i would keep doing it. For the most part, i'll add any game that i put almost any time into, with a brief comment about them.

And woah, i have already passed up my total for 2012, well i did so about 7 months in.

List items

  • PC, 2011: Started playing this a few days before the end of last year, and i am almost done with it now. The game itself is really fun, and I am enjoying it a lot. It is simpler than the first one, but that isn't a bad thing. The writing is better in some areas, dialogue and quest, and worst (or still bad) in others, places and history (not sure where all these kings are from or who going for what for the most part, i have a general idea, but beyond that i couldn't tell you where the story takes places for the most part).

  • PS3, 2012: Well, i had some more time, so i figure i would try to finish this game. I beat the first episode last year and had little interest in finishing. Now that I have gotten through 2, 3, and most of 4, i have to say that it is still... alright. I am enjoying it, but i am not enjoying playing it... the story is good, and i like choosing stuff... it just the other parts, or the 'game' part that isn't that good. In any case, if i have more time later, i'll try to finish it up.

  • PS3, 2012: So i figure i would give this game another go, since i had access to the dlc. And i have to say that it was fun... but it is horrible that the ending of the game is locked behind the paid dlc, or in, i should say. And for the most part, the cut scenes weren't that crazy... well there were like 3 that were out there, and one that was interesting (ending boss).

  • PS3, 2012: Played recently. Got through the first chapter before i stopped... the game has a neat gimmick, but it isn't fun to play. I think they add more stuff later on, but i don't really care, or at least, the game didn't give me a reason to care. I might go back later, but that is doubtful.

  • PS3, 2011: Played recently, so far it is a pretty fun shooter, although, i don't like how many enemies spawn in an area, since it takes way too long to clear an area out.

  • PC, 2007: Well another year, and i am still playing this game. I finally was able to beat a mann vs machine match with a pug last night, took about an hour, and i start half way in. Beside that, i have been putting my crates up for sale, on the market beta thingy. It a neat idea, but idk if i am totally ok with a user based store, but then again, i didn't complain when they ran their own store, so i guess it is no different.

  • PC, 2010: Got this game during a steam sale, and it is fun. It has a good sense of humor, and the game itself is fun kind of (gah, so many enemies, i know that how rpgs work, but it doesn't mean i like it, even though i like rpgs). Not sure how long i'll play it since the controls on a keyboard aren't that good, but i think i'll at least try.

  • PC, 2004: Got this game since i backed wasteland 2... have to say that i didn't enjoy it at all... i only played it for about an hour, but that hour was bad. The humor missed the mark, and the combat was difficult to control. I have no interest in playing any more of this game, and i am now slightly concern about wasteland 2, since it is made by the same people...

  • PC, 2012: Got this game during steams thanks giving sale.. and then a week later got it free on psn plus... :( anywho, this puzzle game is fun, but not as good/funny as the portal series. I bring that up since one of the main designers worked on portal (helped make it). If the humor was better, or if there was less jumping (gah, who the heck thought jumping puzzles in first person view was a good idea?) then it might have been great, as is, it is only good.

  • PS3, 2012: So far, the game is kind of fun. It a decent b-level game, which is nice. There aren't that many of those around anymore, mainly since they cost a bit to make, and don't sell that well. Hopefully, this one did, since it is a good game.

  • PC, 2012: Bought it back during thanks giving, and I finally got to it recently. It is a fun game, but, it is also the same game as the last one in the series, well, for me at least. The big thing they added was co-op, however, since i don't have anyone to play with, the game is still just single player for me. It is fun, but it isn't anything special.

  • PS3, 2012: Got it awhile ago, and while the gameplay is fun at times, those times are rare and far between. This game has a few things going for it, but for the most part it feels like they added a lot of annoying things just to make it longer / harder. Such as the lack of quick travel, enemies on the main road (weak ones, just to slow you down), your extra pawns not leveling up with you so you have to constantly change them out, and confusing town designs. I got about 3 or 4 hours in, and i am done with this game.

  • PS3, 2003: Got this game a while ago in the Jak and Daxter collection thingy for the PS3... i have to say that this game is rather bad. The driving mechanics are horrible, the gun play is useless, there too much travel time between missions, the story is dull, and the art is forgettable. I got about 16% into this game before i call it quits.

  • PS3, 2004: Got this game recently in the Jak and Daxter collection thingy for the PS3. So far, i am finding this game to be alright. It is much better than the second Jak game, but that isn't saying much since Jak 2 was horrible. The shooting is still useless for the most part, but driving is much better. Oh, and there are a decent amount of checks points now, which is great. I am still not sure if i'll stick with this game until the end, but i do plan on playing it a bit more, so that i can decide.

  • PC, 2011: Got it during the thq bundle, and well... it is an ok game, but it doesn't really do much. That and it last too long, well, i guess it more of nothing happens for a long time, therefore, it seems like it last too long.

  • PC, 2012: Go this during a bundle, forget which one. Anywho, the game itself is solid, however, it didn't draw me in. I went through the first 25 or so levels, and i just don't care for it.

  • PC, 2012: Got this in a bundle, and so far, the game is kind of neat. The whole taking a picture of an item to move it is a neat idea, even though, it doesn't actually add anything new to game play. Not sure how much i'll play, but if there a story at some part that decent, then i might just play through all of it.

  • PS3, 2012: Played this recently since it was free for plus users. The game itself is decent, however, the performance of the servers is bad. Out of the 5 games i got into, i was disconnected from 2, and the other 3 had lag issues. Because of both of these factors, i decided to stop playing this game.

  • PS3, 2012: Started to play this game recently, and so far it is rather fun. I did go a bit overboard with the hunting and outpost stuff (doing a lot of them at the start, even though i know that i shouldn't, since from what i hear, the story missions aren't as good/fun as them). In any case, this game is rather fun.

  • PC, 2006: Got this in the thq bundle a while ago, so i figure i would give it a chance. And while the game is decent, it isn't fun. It actually feels really bland for the most part, and all the grinding is annoying. I don't think i'll finish this game, or put any more time into, not because it is bad, but because I don't find playing it to be fun.

  • PS3, 2013: Played recently. So far i am about half way through the game, and it is fun. There are some annoying parts, like the mini-boss that wouldn't be if i was playing this game with a mouse. In any case, i am going to try to finish it...

  • PC, 2009: Got this game in the gala indie bundle. I thought it was a normal rts, but it is in fact a MoBA game. It was alright, but like most MoBA games, after a few rounds, i lose interest.

  • PC, 2001: Got this in the gala bundle. The game has a neat idea, and the visual are cool... but the game itself isn't fun. Gave it a try, but it didn't hook me, so i stopped playing after 20 minutes or so.

  • PC, 2008: Got it in the gala indie bundle. This semi-rts is kind of fun. It is simple, but works rather well. However, since the main focus of the game was on mp, i didn't play too much.

  • PC, 2011: Got the complete version of this game a little while ago, so i figure i would try it out to see if i liked it better. And while it has it moments in co-op with a great team, a majority of the time the game is dull.

  • PC, 2009: Got it in the gala bundle. So far, the game is rather fun... well, it is fun using cheats. I am more or less bypassing the combat portion of the game. It isn't that the combat itself is bad, it is just the normal combat is just boring, since it is a control point situation. I much rather it was story or like the total war series.

    Update 1: Got to the saxon campaign, and it is interesting. It a much smaller version of the game, but it added a new feature. Not sure if diplomacy functionality is fun yet, so far, it is interesting.

  • PS3, 2012 (2013 dlc): Played recently since the citadel dlc came out. The main quest itself was... alright. Since i played this game elsewhere, i didn't have access to my save from 1 or 2, so i went with the base experience. And well... it isn't that good. And it got me thinking that most of the reviews (mainly the positive ones) don't factor the pre-req of a save file into their opinions. I think it would be interesting if reviewers actually did, because, i know they would have a totally different experience with this game, and it is this different experience that they should have, since having a previous save file pre-req is odd/shouldn't be assumed to be true for all gamers.

  • PS3, 2010: Got it recently because of PS Plus. The game was kind of fun, and short. And i believe this length helped it out a lot, since it didn't over stay it welcome. Unlike other games (looking at you RE6). The story was out there, and there wasn't much explaining going on, which was odd. All in all, this is a solid game, but it isn't one i would have bought.

  • PS3, 2013: Played recently. I know the series is bad, and the games in it are dull... but there something about them that i can't help but like. So far, i am enjoying the game, even though, i can't change my character mid-campaign (which is very annoying, since i didn't know what kind of character i would like/want to play when i started, and now it too late to restart (well, i don't want to have wasted all that time)).

  • PC, 2013: Great game, played through the single player, which was a lot of fun. The mp seems kind of the same, but then again, i usually only play custom games. I think i'll try out the ai training mode next.

  • PS3/PS2, 2012/2001: Played through the first Zone of Enders from the Zone of Enders collection. The game is more or less how i remember it. However, one part i did forget, was how whinny and annoying the main character is. I get it that he is suppose to be a brat, but geez... although, i guess they did do a good job of making him a brat, which is something.

  • PS3/PS2, 2012/2003: Played though the first part of the game... and i found it kind of dull. Well, maybe dull isn't the right word for it, it was more repetitive in a bad way. Normally, i am ok with some repetitive mechanics, but for some reason, in this game, I found it unacceptable. I think that is mainly because i had just beaten the first one, and since the sequel didn't make enough improvements to it's formula. In any case, i am done with this title.

  • PC, 2011: Got this in a bundle a while ago. So far i am about 2/3 of the way through it, and it is actually fun. Unlike the normal version of the game, this one is just a series of text adventures followed by scripted battles. So more or less, the best parts of the original game.

  • PS3, 2013: Got this game recently. I am not a big fan of action juggling games, but dmc does some things that make me a fan of it (and prolly just it, and not the other titles like it). The combos are easy to remember, and the general feel of battle is quick and fun. The story is good, but it seems to be missing something, for some reason, i don't really care for Dante or any of the other characters. They aren't bad, but they aren't that interesting either.

  • PS3, 2013: Played recently. This game looks great, and has a lot of charming things to it... however, if you look past that stuff, then the game doesn't really have much to it. The combat is decent and the story has a few moments where it is good... but overall, the game itself is good... but that about it.

  • PC, 2012: Got it in a bundle a while ago... and it is pretty fun. I recently played through the first game and it's exp, and they were fun. The new one is more or less more of the same, but of both. There are a few story battle missions now, and there is the overworld stuff. My biggest complaint so far, is that they removed the auto battle cheat, so now i have to use the xp cheat and make my guys super strong, so that i can skip the normal battles.

  • PS3, 2013: Played recently. I am about an 2 hours into the game, and well... i think it is a bad mmo, but for some reason, i keep playing it. I guess i hope it gets better, because i see the possible that it could, but so far it hasn't.

  • PS3, 2013: Got it from PS+, and so far, the game has it fun moments, but those moments are far from each other... mainly due to all the damn back tracking and wasted time traveling across the map. If they had design a better travel system, then this game would be good, but they didn't.

  • PS3, 2012: Played recently. :) it just went onto PS+, time to play it again, and hopefully this time beat it.

    Update: So my PS3 died while playing this game... it wasn't the game's fault, my PS3 was about 7 years old, so it didn't have much time left, but still... gah... i'll never actually beat this game.

  • PS3, 2013: Played recently

  • PS3, 2008: Got it from ps+

  • PS3, 2011: Got it recently

  • PC, 2006: Got it in a bundle

  • PC, 2012: Got it in a bundle

  • PS3, 2012: got it from ps+

  • PS3, 2013: got it recently.

  • PC, 2012: Got it in a bundle, wasn't a fun game, so i stop playing it after 2 levels.

  • PS3, 2012: Got some of its dlc recently. And it is more borderlands... meh.

  • PS3, 2013: Played recently, it is pretty fun.

  • PC, 2012: Got it away ago, figure i would give it another go, since they had patched it a few times... it was ok, but there were still issues.

    Update: Also played the exp for this.

  • PS3, 2013: Got it from ps+, it was simple and dull... it wasn't bad, but I didn't feel like it was worth my time.

  • PC, 2009: Got it in a bundle recently, and it is fun. The lack of a story line, really does hurt it a lot. There are missions, and those have mini-stories, but there isn't a overall story, which is bad for it.

  • PC, 2010: Got it in a bundle, the game is really fun... not sure why, since it has me doing a lot of boring stuff that i dislike (grinding, long battles, linear storyline).

  • PS3, 2011: Got it recently, figure i would give it another try and finish it this time.

  • PS3, 2013: Gah, the controls on the ps3 are horrible, i couldn't play more than 5 minutes of it...

  • PS3, 2013/2012: Played recently, it is a fun platformer, i think i'll give it more time... maybe... i am not feeling a desire to beat it, even though, it was a fun experience.

  • PS3, 2013: Played recently, yeah... it more metro, and that alright.

  • PS3, 2013/2012: Got it form PS+... yeah, this game is alright, but i didn't feel like putting much time into it.

  • PS3, 2010: Got it recently. The game was average, but since i knew a few people connect to it, i figure i would play it.

  • Wii, 2011/2013: Got it recently for my b-day, so far it is pretty fun. I kind of like the whip actions, but it doesn't explain enough about what items and how they effect stuff.

  • PC, 2012: Got it in a bundle. The game seem like it would be fun... but it isn't.

  • PC, 2001/20??: Got the hd version in a bundle. The game was alright, but i decided to skip the second encounter.

  • PC, 2011: Got it in a bundle a while ago, so far, it is more tropico, which isn't a good thing, since i wanted something more... well... different.

  • PC, 2005: Got it in a bundle, the game was fun, even though, it felt cheap and had a bad story. Kind of reminds me of Dynasty Warrior series, but not as rpg-y.

  • PC, 2011: Got it in a bundle. The game felt like a step back for the series. Sure it look nicer, and stuff. But it was missing the humor from 2, and a feeling of scale, which sounds odd, since there are more enemies in this one... but in 2 there was friendly npcs too, and that made the game feel bigger.

  • PC, 2011: Got it in a bundle a while ago. Before playing this game i thought it was a metroidvania type of game, but it isn't. It is a action platformer with 12 levels (in sp). It was fun, and i am interested to see what they can do next, there was a lot of things that they could improve on, but the core stuff is all good.

  • PC, 2010: Got it in the telltale bundle. It is a slow poker game, which makes it unplayable after a while. I like the banter, but the speed of the game is just too slow to stand.

  • PS3, 2012: Got this game off PS+ recently, and :)

    It is really good, right now i am playing on easy, but even so, i feel like i am not doing so well. I might be able to beat it, but i get the feeling that i may be digging myself a hole i can't get out of. If only i had this on the pc with cheats, then things would be better.

    Update: Just beat the game today, and noooo... i lost one of my guys (or gal in this case) at the end... in any case, i really enjoyed the game, i just feel like the story needed more... well... story, the ending didn't feel like it was enough.

  • PC, 2011: Got it in a bundle... and yup, it is a 2d serious sam alright... not sure if i'll keep playing it or not, since it doesn't add anything meaningful (gluing guns together is fun, but it isn't new/refreshing).

  • PC, 2011: got it in a bundle a while ago, and it is a fun puzzle game so far, hopefully it has auto-save abilities, since i couldn't find a normal save system for it.

  • PS3, 2010: Well... the game has a nice concept... but other than that, it was bad. I only played the first 3 levels, since i couldn't really stand to play any more. My problems with the game were that the levels were linear, the combat was simple/not entertaining, the pacing was too slow, and the game failed to capture any kind of power fantasy feeling.

  • PS3, 2009: I usually enjoy DW games, but after playing 7, 7xl, and 7 empire, i find that i don't enjoy 6 empire. One of the most annoying things about the empire subseries is that it doesn't allow you to preview what your move set is actually going to be when making a character, so you have to make a guy, then start the campaign, start a battle, and fight random dudes in that battle, just to figure out if you like your move set or not...

  • PS3, 2013: Hmm... Well, let me start off by saying that I found this game to be a fun, mediocre game that doesn't come close to the praise it is getting online. I know that a lot people found this game to be amazing, but for several reasons, i didn't. It isn't a bad game, but it isn't as great as everyone seems to want it to be.

  • PC, 2009: Got it in a bundle a while ago... the game itself is fun, but it lacks direction and pacing... hmm... i want to like this game more, but i don't.

  • PS3, 2010: Got this game a while ago... and i heard some rather iffy things about it, so i figure i would give it a try to see if it was as bad as people told me it was... and in a way it is (with the anime girls), but at the same time, i am finding myself enjoying the actual game play of the game... in any case, i am going to try to finish the first generation part of it, to see what it is, but after that, i'll prolly stop.

  • PC, 2012: Got it in a bundle... gave the first level a chance, i didn't like how the game controlled, or the fact there was more or less no story... so yeah, i didn't finish the first level.

  • PC, ????: Played it in the Basement collection... the controls were horrible, and didn't respond as quickly as it should have (like it did in super meat boy)... heck, i couldn't get pass the second level because meat boy wouldn't jump off the walls when i push the key to jump... so yeah... horrible.

  • PC, ????: Played in the basement collection... took me a while to figure out how to start the game... it was a interesting short game, but i wouldn't say that it was good.

  • PC, ????: Played in the basement collection... another bad game... not sure why they thought making the user control each leg of the player character was a good idea.

  • PC, ????: Played in the basement collection. The controls are ok, and the overall art is good. I enjoyed playing this game.

  • PC, 2009: Played in the basement collection... it was alright... not much of a game, since it was more of a comment piece...

  • PC, ????: Played in the basement collection. Meh....

  • PC, ????: Played in the basement collection, it is the best one in that collection.

  • PC, 2009: Played in the basement collection, it was an ok puzzle game, but after a while, i lost interest... which actually didn't take that long.

  • PC, 2012: Got it in a bundle. This game was rather fun... it is simple, you burn stuff, and there are certain combos that you can discover. Anywho, there was a lot more story to this then i thought there would be, and i think that is why i found this game to be so enjoyable. A lot of the 'indie' games i have been playing recently, either skip or have bad stories, which causes a disconnect with these titles. If there gameplay is great, they can over come this, but sadly, most of them aren't that fun.

  • PC, 2011: Got it in a bundle. The game is kind of neat, but way too hard. I couldn't get past 2-2. Plus all the fights are repetitive, so they quickly become very dull. So yeah, neat idea, but a bad game.

  • PS3, 2012: Played this in the Collection disc. Out of the 3, this was the best one, or at least the one i got the furthest in. It had upgraded weapons, and was paced alright.

  • PS3, 2012: Played in the collection. While it had a strong opening (for the series) the actual game... well, just annoyed me. I really dislike the lack of checkpoints. And the level design was bad.

  • PS3, 2012: Played in the collection. It was alright, but i didn't find it funny (which made the overall game feel dull).

  • PC, 2012: Got it during the giveaway. So far the game is pretty fun. The studio that made this has made a few other rpgs that were also good. However, like most rpgs, i find the grinding aspect of it to be a huge turn off.

  • PS3, 2012: Played in the collection. So far, i am enjoying this game quite a bit. The levels are short enough to keep my interest, and diverse enough so that i don't feel like they are just busy work. I haven't gotten to far into it, and i don't plan to. Since it is part of the collection, i figure i'll just play up to the first boss on the first two, and then play the third one all the way through (maybe).

  • PS3, 2012: Played in the collection. Like the first, but more open world, and less bottles. Might actually be the best of the 3.

  • PS3, 2012: Played in the collection. Now with even less bottles (zero, so far). I figure that since is the lastest sly game that i have, that i would play through it, however, so far, it seems like 2 might have been the better game.

  • PC, 2010: Got this in the telltale bundle... and well, it is a normal point and click adventure game. I didn't put much time into it, since i don't really want to play a normal point and click game, which is odd, since i did fund that double fine point and click game... hmm...

  • PC, 2012: Got it in a humble bundle. The game was fun and tense (even on easy), but has little replay value... i got to Oregon once, and well, i don't feel like playing the game again. The mechanics to the game usual work, but more instructions would have been nice. Also the shooting element wasn't fun, and i am guessing it wasn't suppose to be, but for a light heart game like this, i think that was the wrong choice.

  • PC, 2012: Got it in a humble bundle. The game is kind of out there, reminds me of wario ware, but less organized. The game would be so much easier to play, if interactive objects were highlight or something, instead i found myself clicking on random things to see if they did anything (other than waste the very limited time you have in a stage).

  • PC, 2012: Got it in a humble bundle. At first i was having fun, but after a few missions i found the game to be a lot of work, with little to no pay off. All the levels feel the same, and the story is average. The controls are ok in most cases, but sometimes they just fail. Overall it seem like the point of this game was to give the player a hard time.

  • PC, 2012: Got it during the steam summer sale. It is a rather fun rogue-like space game. I haven't been able to beat the final boss yet, but i am still have fun with it.

  • WiiU, 2012: Played at a friends. It was fun, but a lot like the last one. It was neat being the gamepad player, since my friends like to jump blindly around, i had to constantly be on my toes and put platforms everywhere.

  • Wii, 2004?: Played at a friends. It was a fun light gun game, but there wasn't much to it... well, not that he had unlock. There was a lot that was still locked.