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    Prophets are the leaders caste of the alien conglomerate known as the Covenant. The top caste of the Prophets are called the Hierarch, and they are made up of three High Prophets.

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    During the Forerunner Empire's life, there was a prehistoric empire of the San 'Shyuum. The empire once made an alliance with prehistoric humans to defeat the Forerunners. Their alliance resulted in them defeated by the Forerunners. In the Forerunner-Flood War, the San 'Shyuum homeplanet, Janjur Qom was in quarantine. The Librarian came to the planet so she can revive the species once the IsoDidact fires the Halo Array. The reseeding of the San 'Shyuum made the race leave their homeplanet and begin a civil war millennia later. The war was between the Stoics (San 'Shyuum who wanted to destroy the Dreadnought) and the Reformists (San 'Shyuum who wanted to use the Dreadnought). The Reformists won the civil war. Later, they encountered the Sangheili and started a war. They made an alliance treaty which would be later known as the Covenant. In 2552, when the Flood infected High Charity, the Prophets were left behind to die or escape.


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