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    John Forge was a sergeant in the UNSC Marines who served aboard the UNSC Spirit of Fire early in the Human-Covenant War.

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      Forge's life has been the Military.  He entered boot camp at the minimum age of sixteen.  There was something unique and special about him, at least that was what the officers had told him.  It wasn't that he was as physically gifted as some older cadets, though he was strong for his size and weight.  It was the desire and toughness he displayed in the way that he did just about everything.  Also, the fact that he was so incredibly competitive and driven to succeed didn't hurt either. 
    It was theses qualities that made him a lifetime member of the corps.  Forge was now a warrior with his own "unique personality and method of getting things done.  Forge was a sergeant but that was about as far up the ladder he was going to go.  He had been jailed at least twice (bu the official record) for directly disobeying orders and disorderly conduct.  What the record didn't say was that he had saved the lives of four of his squad and that he had defended his daughter in an officer's bar.  
    Now forty, Forge is a grizzled, seasoned veteran who has seen and done almost everything in a military sense  He is no-nonsense, tough, unapologetic, always on his guard, and slightly pessimistic about the universe in general.  

    • Sgt. John Forge is a sergeant in the UNSC Marines.  He has been decorated numerous times for valor and gallantry, but put in prison a few times for fighting with superior officers.  He has been promoted 5 times, and demoted three times.  The men in his squad have been rumored to say "He's the guy you want in the foxhole next to yours...but you would never introduce him to your sister." 
    • Forge is a controllable hero unit in Halo Wars as well as one of the main protagonists. He often starts levels in a Gauss Warthog, although he will continue on foot if his warthog gets destroyed. His special ability is a shotgun volley, which allows him to inflict a lot of damage very quickly. 
    • After saving Professor Anders from the Flood and killing the Arbiter on the Forerunner Shield World, Forge sacrificed his life overloading the artificial sun in the center of the Shield World, so the Spirit of Fire could escape. SPARTAN-043 Jerome offered to take Forge's place, but Forge knew the importance Spartans would have in the war, and denied his request. 

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