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    Quake III: Team Arena

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Dec 19, 2000

    Quake III: Team Arena is an expansion pack released for Quake III Arena in December 2000 by id Software. It features new modes focused on teamplay, as well as new weapons, items, player models, and maps.

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    Game Modes

    In addition to the standard Free-for-All, Team Deathmatch, Tournament, and Capture the Flag modes from the original game, Team Arena has three new team-based objective game modes (all of which use CTF maps as a base):

    • One Flag CTF - Teams fight for control of a neutral flag at the center of the arena, scoring points for planting that flag at the enemy flag pedestal.
    • Overload - Each team pedestal is replaced by a large skull, which can be shot at by enemies and regenerates slowly. Teams score points by eliminating the enemy skull.
    • Harvester - Teams fight for control of enemy team-colored skulls that are dropped at the center of the arena on enemy player deaths, scoring points for each skull held when running over the enemy flag pedestal. Players can remove their team's skulls by running over them.


    In addition to the characters from Quake III Arena (all of which can only be played in Free-for-All and Tournament modes), Team Arena includes four new "base" characters:

    • Fritzkrieg (can only be used in Free-for-All and Tournament modes)
    • James
    • Janet
    • Pi (can only be used in Free-for-All and Tournament modes)

    In all team-based modes, only James and Janet can be used. Each of them have their own unique outfits corresponding to different factions (Crusaders, Intruders, Pagans, Stroggs, and the Fallen) and have multiple alternate character "skins" (with the only difference being the head):

    • Callisto (uses Janet model)
    • Flayer (uses James model)
    • Gammy (uses Janet model)
    • Gaunt (uses James model)
    • Khan (uses James model)
    • Megan (uses Janet model)
    • Morgan (uses James model)
    • Neptune (uses James model)
    • Ursula (uses Janet model)

    In single-player mode, each faction has their own set of bots based on the skins above. Neither Flayer nor Ursula are used as opponents in these modes.

    Crusaders: Darkangel (Janet), Lionheart (Morgan), Bradamante (Megan), Furioso (Neptune)

    Intruders: Morgan, Punisher (Khan), Gaunt, November (Janet)

    Pagans: Khan, Deadeye (Gaunt), WarLokk (James), Callisto

    Stroggs: Enforcer (Callisto), Icarus (James), Gammy, Gladiator (Megan)

    The Fallen: Neptune, Stalker (Morgan), Ursula, Abominator (James)


    Along with the maps included in the original game (which cannot be used in the single-player mode), the game includes 20 new maps, 5 of which are revamped versions of maps from the original game.

    DM Maps

    These maps are used for the Free-for-All, Tournament, and Team Deathmatch modes.

    • MPTOURNEY1 - The House of Decay (based on Blue Monday from the Dreamcast version of Quake III Arena)
    • MPTOURNEY2 - Death Factory
    • MPTOURNEY3 - Temple of Pain (based on Dark Chapel from the Dreamcast version of Quake III Arena)
    • MPTOURNEY4 - Evil Playground (based on Evil Playground from the Dreamcast version of Quake III Arena)

    CTF Maps

    These maps are used for the Capture the Flag, One Flag CTF, Overload, and Harvester modes. The following set of maps are designed for standard small and medium-sized teams:

    • MPTEAM1 - Base Siege
    • MPTEAM2 - Fallout Bunker (based on Fallout Bunker from the Dreamcast version of Quake III Arena)
    • MPTEAM3 - Inner Sanctums
    • MPTEAM4 - Scornforge
    • MPTEAM5 - Teamwerkz
    • MPTEAM6 - Vortex Portal
    • MPTEAM7 - The Capture Chamber
    • MPTEAM8 - Assassins' Roost

    The following set of maps feature vast outdoor terrain and are designed for large teams:

    • MPTERRA1 - Overdose
    • MPTERRA2 - Distant Screams (not used in single-player mode)
    • MPTERRA3 - Final Strike (not used in single-player mode)

    The following set of maps are updated versions of classic Quake III Arena maps, with updated architecture and the expansion's new content (including weapons and powerups).

    • MPQ3CTF1 - Dueling Keeps 2 (based on Dueling Keeps)
    • MPQ3CTF2 - More Trouble (based on Troubled Waters)
    • MPQ3CTF3 - Stronghold Return (based on The Stronghold)
    • MPQ3CTF4 - Chaos in Space (based on Space CTF)
    • MPQ3TOURNEY6 - Beyond Reality (based on Across Space, not used in single-player mode)


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