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 Lilith and Mordecai facing the Rakk Hive.
 Lilith and Mordecai facing the Rakk Hive.
As its name suggests, the Rakk Hive is home to many variants of Pandora's Rakk species, which live inside of the back of the large beast, and will fly out through the several dozen holes located on it. The Rakk Hive's body is like that of an overgrown elephant, while its face slightly resembles that of the human female genitalia (a feature of which this creature is now semi-infamous for), with two eyes on either side of its face. While the player will only face one Rakk Hive in the game, other dormant Hives can be found in various other areas, where the creature itself is buried underground with only its back exposed, making for easy access for Rakk to travel to and from their home. Bothering or even walking near these dormant Hives will cause its dwellers to swarm and attack the player.
The boss fight itself takes place far into the game's storyline. Players must face a Rakk Hive as part of a "challenge" to progress further. Once encountered, the Hive will attack the player, primarily using its ability to summon swarms of different kinds Rakk from inside it. It also has a charge attack that can send the player flying, should they be hit, and a stomp attack that generates a shock wave. The Rakk Hive additionally has a hidden attack, in which it will literally defecate a corrosive liquid onto the player should its behind sustain enough damage. Once the Rakk Hive is defeated, it will fall over and its side will burst open, revealing the ribcage and internal organs of the creature, all the while still breathing, showing that the player never actually kills it.
The Rakk Hive boss is located in the Trash Coast area during the "Another Piece of the Puzzle" quest. It should be noted that during this quest and this quest ONLY, the hidden basement in New Haven, featuring the unique scopeless sniper rifle, the Rider, is accessible.

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