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    Game » consists of 15 releases. Released 1990

    Rampart is a blend of action and strategy, where you take turns building, defending, and attacking castles.

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    Rampart is a strategy/puzzle/action game in which the player alternately builds fortifications and then destroys invading enemy forces with the artillery within those fortifications. After which, the player then has to rebuild their damaged walls and add even more defensive means for the stronger enemy rounds to come. Created by Atari for the arcade, the game would later see many home releases on a plethora of platforms.


    The player controls a handful of castles which must be defended and repaired all within a brisk time-limit. Ships will attack the fortress typically with cannon-fire, and the player must retaliate with their own arsenal, doing their best to protect the castle. They can build walls around their castles to absorb damage, but the player will ultimately need to get a bit creative to survive the increasingly tougher sieges.

    The player can place additional cannons within walls if they have been placed correctly. Ideally, the player is able to construct as many cannon enclosures as possible to maximize their offensive output and repel the enemy forces without incurring too much damage.

    In single-player, the player starts out by choosing where their fortress will be placed. They're then surrounded by a wall, and can then place their cannons. Following this are a set of rounds; the first being attack, the second repair. After surviving this barrage, the player is given additional time to place more cannons in their fort. The game ends when the player fails to successfully repair their castle, or when enough of the enemy fleet has been sunk.

    Cultural Impact

    The current world record score for Rampart is 41,180, achieved by Mark Boolman in Bloomington, Illinois under referee verification on March 28th 2008.


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