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    Defend Your Castle

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released May 12, 2008

    Based on a flash game with the same name, Defend Your Castle pits you and your RSI proof hand against an endless stream of "barbarians".

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    Defend Your Castle (DYC) is a WiiWare game based on an old flash game for the PC. The goal of the player is to keep hordes of stick figures from breaking down the player's castle each day, while repairing, fortifying and purchasing new ways to fight during the nighttime. 
    With more players, comes more barbarians.
    With more players, comes more barbarians.

    New features that appear in the WiiWare version are three secret modes, simultaneous 4 player cooperative play, with slight competitive inclination, as the player with the most points at the end of the round would control the upgrades for the next round, along with a complete graphical redesign from the flash game.


    Gameplay in DYC is simple; At the beginning of each day, the player must use the Wii Remote pointer to grab stick figure barbarians one at a time and either throw them up into the air, letting gravity kill them, or slamming them down into the ground themselves. The day progression is shown by a sun in the background that slowly moves to the bottom of the screen, turning the scenery dark with it. At the end of the day, the player(s) score(s) are tallied up, with the highest score controlling upgrades for the next round. At night, players can use the points accumulated to repair the castle by either a small amount or completely, fortify the castle by either a small or large amount, and purchase towers to help the player in later levels of the game.


    The 4 towers of the players castle can each be converted into a device to help the player accomplish various tasks while fighting back barbarians. After the player has purchased a conversion pit, they can drop enemy stick figures into the pit and, a short while later, have a new converted player to place in one of the towers. The 4 towers each serve a different function and are represented by different colored flags, the effectiveness of the tower's function is amplified as more converted units are placed on them. The red flag is the archery range, that automatically shoots arrows out onto the battlefield that can kill barbarians if they hit. The green flag is the stone mason's workshop, where converted units will automatically repair the castle from damage during each day. The blue flag is the demolition lab, every time the player presses the A button on the blue flag, one converted unit is sent out onto the battlefield with a bomb in hand, which the player can then press to detonate, taking out a large field of enemies in the process. The yellow flag is the magic academy, where players can, after certain numbers of units have been assigned, gain abilities to help destroy enemies.

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