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    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Nov 03, 2006

    A free to play MMO developed by Gpotato. Features a cash shop allowing players to buy items to use in-game.

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    A free to play mmorpg from the company gpotato. Instead of a monthly subscription the company makes its money by selling special in game items for real world money. The game is set in a medieval fantasy world of which three races exist (Deva, Gaia, and Asura).


    Rappelz contains three different races, each of which has a starting class that expands into three more specialized classes once the player obtains a player level of 10 and a job level of 10.  Two of these three specialized classes expand into two new sub classes that specialize in an aspect of the prior class.  This sub class happens once the player reaches a player level of 50 and a job level of 40. The third of the three classes, the summoner class, only possess one sub class that expands upon the summoners current abilities.

    Starter Class -> Level 10/Job Level 10 -> Specialized Class -> Level 50/Job Level 40 -> Sub Class


    Guide - The Stepper is the starting class for the Deva.

    Holy Warrior - This is the games primary tank class. It has superior health and defense, in addition to a variety of abilities to force monsters to attack them instead of party members.
    • Soldier - This class focus' on and improves upon the offensive abilities of the Holy Warrior, becoming a good damage dealing class.
    • Knight - The Knight class takes the defensive aspect of the Holy Warrior and expands on them.  This class gets improved usage of the shield for better tanking and receives more powers to hold aggro.

    Cleric - The Cleric is the main healer in Rappelz. They posses powerful healing and buffing spells in addition to a few damaging spells.
    • Priest - The priest expands uppon the healing aspect of the Cleric. Becoming a powerful group healer with new buffs that can buff the entire group at once.
    • Bishop - The Bishop receives new offensive spells and no new healing spells.  Some of the new offensive psells include powerful debuffs and disable spells.

    Breeder - This is the Summoner class of the Deva. Their abilities are focused on defensive buffs and raising/leveling their creature.
    • Soul Breeder - Similar to the Breeder with expanded abilities.


    Rogue - The Rogue is the starting class for the Gaia.

    Fighter - This is the warrior class of the Gaia. Focus' on damage dealing and the use of two-handed weapons.
    • Champion - A continuation of the Fighter class. Has improved melee damage dealing abilities.
    • Archer - The Archer branches away from the standard melee damage dealing and focus' on ranged damage. The Archer gains improved bow skills and the ability to use traps.

    Kahuna - This is a melee/caster hybrid class of the Gaia.  It's magical abilities are focused on status effects while its melee attacks can hit very hard compared to other magicians.
    • Battle Kahuna - The Battle Kahuna focus' on the melee aspects of the Kahuna and expands upon them with additional melee attacks.
    • Druid - The Druid expands on the the support aspects of the Kahuna class. They gain spells to disable enemies and gain better healing spells.

    Spell Singer - The Spell Singer is the pet class of the Gaia. It focus' on increasing the abilities of both the player and the pet.
    • Evoker - The Evoker expands further on the Spell Singers abilities.


    Stepper - The Stepper is the starting class for Asura.

    Strider - Is a rogue like class that posses a high attack speed and evasion level. He hits very fast but not very hard and can use swords or dirks (daggers).
    • Assassin - The Assassin gains a larger array of melee attacks and can dual wield swords and dirks.
    • Shadow Hunter - This class moves in a different direction, focusing on ranged attacks with crossbows.

    Dark Magician - A magic class that uses offensive spells and debuffs to drain and weaken its enemy.
    • Chaos Magician - This class focus' on damage dealing spells.
    • Warlock - The Warlock expands upon the Dark Magicians debuffing abilities and gains the ability to curse the enemy.

    Sorcerer - The pet class of the Asura.
    • Battle Summoner - This class takes the Sorcerer further with increased offensive potential through the use of melee and magic.


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