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Lombax and Robot switch dimensions for this lesser adventure in the long-running series. 1

Ratchet & Clank occupies a strange part of the video game players' minds in this day and age, where each new iteration becomes less and less observed. Despite being as good as it ever was, and that there are a large number of people who harbor a great fondness for the series as one of the PS2's early breakout hits, it seems to have fallen off everyone's radars. An imminent multimedia relaunch of the franchise, which promises a feature-length CGI movie in tandem with a PS4 revamp of the very ...

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A Lombax's eyes can only see 20fps anyway... 0

After the modern masterpiece that was A Crack in Time the series sort of went to pot with the probably-decent-for-kids co op action puzzler Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, questionable tower defense spin off called Full Frontal Assault, and a mediocre game called FUSE which didn't even have Ratchet OR Clank in it! Into the Nexus was an attempt to correct these mistakes and make another 'real' Ratchet game. It's also a budget-minded mini-adventure in the spirit of Quest for Booty, the download-on...

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