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    Raven was an Ore Baron and second-in-command to Gomez in the Valley of Mines before the collapse. He fled the valley and traveled east, to the hidden valley of Jharkendar with secret intentions...

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    Raven first appeared in Gothic as an Ore Baron and Gomez' right hand. If The Nameless Hero joined the Old Camp, Raven would give him a quest to inspect the Brotherhood at the Sect Camp. After the collapse of the Old Mine, Raven became hostile to the hero and would attack him if given a chance.
    Raven could be killed by the Hero, which is a bit paradoxical, because...

    Raven also appears in the addon for Gothic II: Night of the Raven.
    He is responsible for hijacking and enslaving some of the residents of Khorinis.
    As we later learn, he ran the bandit's camp in Jharkendar and had slavers to dig gold out from his mine.

    He were also the chosen of Beliar, and were meant to get the Claw of Beliar, a powerful weapon forged by Beliar himself and rule the world under Beliar's autoritate.
    Raven's right hand was Bloodwyn, a selfish and ambitious man, which the Nameless Hero got to know during his time in the Colony in the first Gothic.
    Raven had set up a bandit's camp near the temple of Adanos.

    Saturas thus gave our Hero a mission - to stop Raven at all costs.

    So, after getting a disguise from pirates (it's a long story...), The Nameless Hero made it into the camp, and killed Raven in battle.
    He also got the Claw of Beliar from him. And Raven's story ends here.


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