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Reavers are strong ground units that move slowly but can fire from a huge range, perfect for attacking long range and perfect for wiping out a group of enemies. They attack with scrabs which act like bombs that seek out opponents and buildings. They can store up to 5 but once upgraded, they can stor 10 of them. They hit hard but they require resources and time to create and use.


Because of its slow attack, using one in combination with a Shuttle can cause havoc as the Shuttle would make up for its movement and can be used to damage area and can make a quick escape in the process.

RoleHeavy Seige Crawler
Resources200 minerals, 100 gas
Supply4 units
Transport slots4
Build time70 sec
Hit points100
Shields80 (adds 1 per Plasma Shields upgrade)
Armor0 (adds 1 per Armor Shield upgrade)
Attack (ground)100 explosive (125 when upgraded)
Cool down30
Attack range8
Sight range10
Movement speed10.25
Built atRobotics Facilities
RequiresRobotics Support Bay
Build dialogueN/A

Appearance in Starcraft II

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During when the game was being promoted, there was an image that showed the Reaver in its new form but was then swapped out by the Colossus. It was also going to be in the campaign editor as well, but it was't used in the final release.


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