Horse Punching

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Posted by Sweep (10595 posts) 6 months, 15 days ago

Poll: Horse Punching (148 votes)

I have accidentally punched my horse 27%
I have deliberately punched my horse 4%
I have never knowingly punched my horse 35%
Show me the percentage of people that are dirty horse punchers 34%

Red Dead Redemption 2 (the Horse Punching Simulator), is a game with such a complex array of context-sensitive controls that it's easy (and completely understandable) to occasionally become a little flustered and accidentally punch your horse in the fucking face.

Own up, we know you did it.

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#1 Posted by Efesell (4478 posts) -

I have never punched my poor sweet horse.

I have however managed to crash into basically every form of stationary object, mostly accidental but occasionally because it's Very Funny.

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#2 Posted by doctordonkey (1819 posts) -

I have never once punched my horse, either deliberately or by accident.

I have however, ran it into barn doors, trees and rocks. I've ran it off of cliffs, and injected miracle stimulant while it was still writhing on the ground, to stop it from leaving this mortal plane. I have injected it with multiple syringes of adrenaline over the course of 2 minutes to win 10 dollar bets.

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#3 Posted by Shiftygism (939 posts) -

Never punched a horse, but I accidentally kicked a cat and spent time in jail for it.

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#4 Posted by mrroach (237 posts) -

I have never punched *my* horse. I did punch someone else's horse after it kicked me in the head though. Seemed fair.

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#5 Posted by Captain_Insano (3500 posts) -

I accidentally punched multiple horses in the opening hours of the games. I have found the controls make far more sense after I changed them to the "FPS" settings. Running isn't ideal with that, but everything else is a bit better

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#6 Posted by Nodima (2602 posts) -

In the "no punching, much ramming" line. I've only accidentally hemmed up a random passerby while trying to mount my horse once as well.

I did, in the first couple days, often find myself offering the help of a Very Good (Cow)Boy only to put a shotgun slug in the innocent's chest. Luckily I got past that once I started just obsessively hunting and using the various controls over and over (and over and over).

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#7 Posted by glots (4297 posts) -

Joining the "No punching, but a whole lot of crashing into things" club.

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#8 Edited by Humanity (18729 posts) -

Yup, never once punched my horse, but have hit many trees dead on or tripped over rocks. Once I ride into a long tunnel and a train was coming my way but despite hugging the wall it still hit my horse at which point I reloaded an autosave in order to save it.

But punching? Nah. After 50 or so hours I’ve been conditioned to hold L2 for a while before pressing anything.

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#9 Edited by Arjailer (146 posts) -

@captain_insano said:

I accidentally punched multiple horses in the opening hours of the games. I have found the controls make far more sense after I changed them to the "FPS" settings. Running isn't ideal with that, but everything else is a bit better

But, but ... the only difference between the Standard and FPS controls is they swap the run and crouch buttons ... everything else is the same ...

Edit: and I've never accidentally punched anyone/anything 'cos there's no out-of-combat uses of the punch button to get confused by - unlike the left trigger ... sigh ...

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#10 Posted by Jesus_Phish (3848 posts) -

I accidentally punched it early on, after my first time in a town. I was trying to bring up the context menu and hit the wrong button and just swung for him. Similarly I've shot people for the same reason by mistake. I had a gun in my hand, but not "drawn" and hit R2 by mistake while there was a person within 50 yards and 180 degrees of my cone of vision so Arthur immediately locked on and shot that guy in the back.

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#11 Posted by maartendc (21 posts) -

I've punched my horse accidentally twice. Once pretty early on, and once last night. The second time, it actually fixed my horse bugging out (it was up on a rock and I couldnt mount it).

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#12 Posted by haneybd87 (390 posts) -

I haven’t punched my horse but I have tackled an old lady when all I wanted to do was mount my horse. Right in the middle of Saint Denis.

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#13 Posted by stantongrouse (196 posts) -
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Whenever the subject of RDR2 and horse punching comes up I can't help but think of Conan, but I don't know why...

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