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Western Sorrow

Red Dead Redemption is a Western themed Cowboy game and is a spiritual successor to Red Dead Revolver which was released back in 2004.

Here you control a character named John Marston who is tasked with hunting down some people he once called friends, the overall story is very interesting and one in which is focused on betrayal.

We had not managed to play this title until we had managed to complete Red Dead Redemption 2 and coming from that game to this one, we are not afraid to admit we felt rather depressed after completing this one. We will not comment any more on this due to potential spoilers however.

We did enjoy this game perhaps not as much as its successor as the game unfortunately did not age very well and reminds us more of an old PSOne classic rather than anything else, with grainy textures and perhaps rather odd looking models to boot.

The combat system is enjoyable though and is practically the same as its successor and thus for us at least was rather easy to get to grips with. There are also several optional side content to complete within the game too such as helping out people known as 'Strangers' across the vast open land.

However, if your hoping to achieve the 100% completion task then unfortunately you may end finding yourself being a bit too late, as sadly in order to achieve this you need to obtain and complete certain tasks in the rather empty and dead online mode, this for us was really disappointing.

The overall gameplay seemed rather too easy too, perhaps this was due to the fact we literally just went from playing Read Dead Redemption 2 to then coming straight to this one, none of it seemed that challenging.

Another major frustrating thing for us too was the fact that for some of the story missions we had to wait several in-game hours to be able to activate them, we feel we should be able to continue the storyline whenever we feel and felt that this was rather unnecessary.

For a Western game however, it does tend to give you the whole Cowboy era feel which is what we personally was looking for. With Horses that you can ride, Ranches where you can Herd and of course the typical duel pistol competitions, the game has a lot of things you would expect from a typical Western Cowboy game.


Not a bad game despite the fact it has not aged that well over time, it is still a rather fun and enjoyable game. Our main gripe with it was how easy the overall gameplay was, nothing felt like a challenge if it had not been for the extra side content we would of felt like we had been ripped off.

We would like to add that it was also nice to see familiar voices and faces from Red Dead Redemption 2 as with the exception of one or two of the characters we did not expect to see others that surprisingly managed to show in the game for a brief period of time at least.

Main Story Length: 15 - 20 Hours

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