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A Great remake of a beloved classic that should appeal to fans of the original or newcomers.

As far as perfect sequels go, I think the original Resident Evil 2 ranks among the best and it's easy to see why fans of it and of the series have been wanting a remake for ages. At it's core it remains truthful to the original but very obviously adds modern tweaks that manage to fit in well to balance out the gameplay which I will briefly explain. The defense items (knives and flashbangs for example) do well to give you an extra chance when you do get let off your guard by the occasional zombie or such.

As for the pace of the game it does list your objectives and reminds you of what you need to do but doesn't exactly hold your hand the entire way. Mixing gunpowder to create different ammunition is a neat addition I thought rather than just coming across every ammo type you need (you still can) and lets you prioritize which type of ammo you might need the most given your current or what you assume will be an upcoming situation. Story-wise, I think it is pretty much the same but with slightly smaller changes here or there and the characters do have a more humanistic and emotional layer to them.

Visually, I think it looks amazing and depending on what platform you play on it has some fantastic lighting effects and incredible care and attention to details in the environment. The enemies themselves look incredibly good and it's not just done for show as it creates some incredibly creepy areas for proper atmosphere.

There are definitely some annoyances (I thought the boss fights were lame and some of the enemies can and might come across as being way too annoying) but overall you got a solid remake here that not only caters to the fans of the series and the original but potential people wanting to get interested in the series as well.

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