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Resistance 2

Resistance 2 is the sequel to the PS3 game Resistance: Fall of Man. In this you will be taking on the role of a soldier that has been infected by the Chimera virus and it is your job to try to put an end to the Chimera attacks. You will have at your disposal a multitude of weapons, but when it comes down to it there's just going to be a couple that you're going to end up using the majority of the time.

The graphics I have to say kind of disappointed me. They really didn't blow me away and left me feeling that this was a port  from a PS2 game with updated graphics. Now of course that isn't true, but the cut scenes and the action in the game really didn't make me feel that this is the second PS3 game of the series. One other graphic glitch, in my opinion, is that you don't get to set the gamma in game, there were times where I was forced to use the flashlight while walking around outside.

The sounds and music, I kind of feel mixed about. I did like the fact that you were able to hear people's voices through your headset, but at the same time when you're standing right next to someone sometimes it was damn near impossible to make out what they were saying, it was way too soft. I have to say that the best music is the closing credits. I also found the radios that were on in the game really annoying, and wish that I could put a bullet to eat one.

The controls are sufficient, I feel, after playing Gears of War 2, that they are a step backwards, but after playing through a good chunk of the game you'll get use to them. The sensitivity in the aiming seem a bit sluggish. There was no cover button, you could duck, but there was a chance, seeing that duck and sprint were mapped to the same button that you were going to get the wrong results. 

Now for the gameplay, there were times where I was really getting into the game and then there were times where I felt as if they were making you do the same thing for the 10th time to fill a quota. The biggest part of the game that bothered me was that you could collide and not jump over some cover that you should be able to, an example would be the railing of the stairs. At the same time though if you are backing up while being attacked there is a chance that you'd fall to your death because this game does allow you to fall off everything. Another thing is that there are a ton of doors in the game and I really wish I could just bash them all open, but you'll find that you get an info box to tell you when you can actually take out a door, which I found annoying. Speaking of info boxes there are several times where the info boxes will pop up either you've seen the info before or you go through a moment of "if I had known that before I wouldn't have died".

This game is a good first person shooter with some frustrating parts. If you are able to get through the frustration you'll find a slightly unique game. I feel that some of the levels were taken from Halo while others were Gears of Warish. The ending of course ends the way it had to say that they are no where close to done. If you are looking for a FPS on the PS3 pick this up, that's if you don't have an XBOX360. If you have a 360 you can do better. This game gets a 7.3 out of 10.

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