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Greatness in Simplicity 0

If there is anything connecting Lucas Popes last venture Papers Please to Return of the Obra Dinn it is that the core concept revolves around a seemingly grounded job. While Papers Please escalates the stakes with political drama as the backdrop Return of the Obra Dinn opts for a more mystical approach.The Obra Dinn's crew have all vanished and its up to you (and a mystical watch) to determine why!At it's core the game is rather simple, armed with a magical pocket-watch it is your duty to acces...

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Come, Watson, come! . . . The game is afoot. 0

This is one of the greatest mysteries ever written.As a fairly avid reader in general, and a specific fan of mysteries, to me this ranks with _Murder on the Orient Express_ and _The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime_. If you have ever been gripped by a story that just would not let you go until the final page, this game was made for you. If you have ever obsessed over details in a visual or written puzzle, or guessed riddles or played Twenty Questions—and felt that leap of ecsta...

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Thar be murders to investigate on the high seas. 0

Ever fire up a game for the first time and within the first twenty or so minutes you know it’s got its hooks sunk into you? Return of the Obra Dinn had that effect on me, and that was only elevated by going into it mostly ignorant as to what the game is. The last thing I was expecting was a game to flex the parts of my brain involving deduction, logic and reasoning; parts I haven’t used since the first Pheonix Wright game. I lost track of how many times I’ve had lightbulb epiph...

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