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The MK.II in Metal Gear Solid

The Mk.II is the handgun of choice for firing non-lethal rounds in Metal Gear Solid games. While it will take a moment for a tranquilizer round fired from the Mk.II to affect an enemy if fired into the body, getting a headshot with the tranquilizer round will immediately put the enemy to sleep. Packaged with a built-in laser-sight and being almost completely silent, the Mk.II is one of Solid Snake's favorite weapons.

The Mk.II in Metal Gear Solid 4

How to obtain: The Mk.II pistol is given to Snake early in the game, during Act 1 in the Middle East, by Metal Gear Mk.II.


Damage: N/A

Sleep: D (tranquilizer bullets)

Stun: D (emotion bullets)

Shock: N/A

Penetration: E

Stability: S

Reload: A

Lock: B

Special notes: The Mk.II has a built-in silencer.

Customization: The Mk.II cannot be customized.

Metal Gear Online: The Mk.II can be obtained and used in MGO.

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