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A new change of format for Sam and Max! 1

 Sam and Max: The Penal Zone is the first episode in the third season of Telltales Sam & Max series. It seems that Telltale is looking to change up the formula that they have been sticking to since the first season, and meet this with lots of success.    The story takes place after season 2 and begins with Max gaining mysterious psychic powers. Soon an alien by the name of General  Skunk-a'pe lands on their street, searching for special artifacts of psych power. After a  rather climactic ope...

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The Freelance Police, they're back on the streets again! 0

      The Penal Zone is the first of the five games that will comprise Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse, and for full disclosure, it also happens to be my first Sam & Max game.  I am happy to say that it will most definitely not be my last, and not just because I bought the full season.  My experience with this game was overwhelmingly enjoyable, with only minor technical glitches and some odd plot quirks holding this game back from complete nirvana.   Oh, and in this review I will try t...

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No pee in The Penal Zone 0

Having played the last two seasons of Sam & Max, I was certain that I knew what to expect from the first episode of season three: Sam & Max : The Devil's Playhouse.But, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that not only did the graphics improve,but also some annoying quirks from past installments were fixed.Some bugs still remain,but we will get to that.  Story Yup,they are back.Sam & Max against a giant space gorilla by the name of Skunk-a'pe.The only twist in that Max has psychic ...

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A Promising Start To Season Three 0

In the buildup to the third season of Telltale’s and Steve Purcell’s Sam & Max, I wondered what the focus of this season’s satire would be. Season one, retroactively titled Sam & Max Save the World for the Wii and Xbox 360 release, satirised the media and how people are so quick to buy into fads, like they’ve been hypnotised or something. Season two, Sam & Max Through Time and Space, took aim at generally believed fictions, such as Santa Claus, Vampires, UFOs and so on, alongside ...

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Sam and Max: The Penal Zone 0

 After two years off, Sam and Max finally return with their greatest caper yet. Telltale has done three other adventure series last we saw our anthropomorphic heroes, and they've clearly learned a lot in that time. They're finally nailing down the interface, bringing back arrow key movement, improving the inventory, and adding a notepad full of useful information. Add those changes with the improved graphics, and it's a pretty slick looking game. The characters are still cartoony, but the...

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