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    'Splosion Man

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Jul 22, 2009

    A 2.5D side-scrolling action-platformer from Twisted Pixel featuring a military experiment gone wrong, resulting in a molten man who can ’splode at will!

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    So, 'Splosion Man... 0

    We've seen successful throwbacks to the simplicity of 90's platform-based gaming before, though few have accomplished the same vibe as 'Splosion Man has.  The game hinges on a simple mechanic, one button press used to contextually navigate a level at speed - very much like Sonic.  'Splosion Man is bursting at the seams with humour and charm, with the tubby little scientists serving as the butt of most jokes.  The game does lack a bit of charm when it comes to the general asthetic of each level t...

    11 out of 11 found this review helpful.

    I Could 'Splode all Day 2

    'Splosion Man is amazing. Twisted Pixel: The guys who brought you The Maw  is back with more Humor then a toasted ham Sangwitch. Frist of the Presentation is amazing...Graphics across the board are great for a XBLA game. Everything from the backgrounds to the menus' exude humor and perfection, But all that eye candy's nothing with some solid gameplay and Twisted pixel is just Twisted enough to pull it off. 40 or more level in the singleplay and just as many in Multiplayer, this game is going to ...

    6 out of 8 found this review helpful.

    One of the best XBLA titles to date. 0

         Twisted Pixel made a name for itself when it released The Maw earlier this year. The Maw was a puzzle game more than anything else and at first glance 'Splosion Man looks like a completely  mindless platformer  where all you do is jump around with no purpose at all. Nothing could be farther from the truth.     Gameplay wise, 'Splosion Man is extremely simple (in concept, anyway). You control 'Splosion Man by using the thumbstick to move and any one of the face buttons to 'splode. See, 'splo...

    4 out of 5 found this review helpful.

    Too Challenging at times, not for the feint of heart. 0

     Here’s a title off the Xbox Live Arcade, I think it’s a lot of fun and well worth the Microsoft space bucks(800 points AKA 10 bux). On the Richie Raw scale I’m gonna go with an 8/10. The Good – Here’s a title that channels the old school, as in it’s a side-scrolling platform game. You play as a science experiment gone wrong, your body is a constant burning cinder as you try to get through huge laboratory style levels. As Splosion Man, you have to jump and try to solve your way around platform p...

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    The splode beneath your splosion... 0

    There are a few things that make up a great platformer. Good humor, smart level design and a memorable lead character. Splosion-Man easily succeeds at all three, a shining example of the genre and that it's far from dead. I don't know what God Twisted Pixel prays to (The Maw) but humor is something that rarely succeeds in games yet here it works perfectly. It's somewhere between crass/immature while still easilly enjoyed by adults and I feel a big part of this is because it's never serious. From...

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    Everybody loves donuts 0

    I had fun playing through Twisted Pixel's The Maw earlier this year, and was both surprised and excited when they announced a second game so soon. 'Splosion Man hit Xbox Live Arcade a mere six months after The Maw, though the game clearly didn't suffer any from such a quick turnaround. In fact, 'Splosion Man is not only better than The Maw, it's better than a lot of games. This is a frantically fun game that's full of personality, and is absolutely worth a purchase from anyone who remotely likes...

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    "Splosion Man is frustrating fun" 0

    While your playing splosion man, you will probably at times hate the game, but when its all set and done you will love it and wanna play it again. First of all, there are some questionable decisions about the difficulty from twisted pixel, but once you beat it once you"ll get used to the stupid decisions.There are 50 levels(mostly awesome) and 3 average boss fights in the game.Its all about timing, quick-ass platforming, and dying 24/7(no worries, theres a lot of checkpoints). The bottomline is ...

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    Splosion Man Video Review 0

    Add two parts trial and error, two parts frustration and two parts fun and what you get is 'Splosion Man, a 3D side scrolling platforming game from Twisted Pixel. At the heart of this game is a true pick up and play arcade title as the controls and concept are simple. What is so deceptive of this game is the fact that the first world is charming and creative making you feel like you have accomplished something, until you reach world two. This is where it starts to feel like you don't have contro...

    5 out of 8 found this review helpful.

    Part of a balanced breakfast 0

      Splosion Man is the kind of character that needs to appear on a cereal box. The character of “Splosion Man” is a hyperactive, flamboyant acid-freak with no attention span or a long-term memory that extends beyond 3 seconds; I found myself waiting for him to proclaim that he goes coo-coo for Coa Coa Puffs. I know I shouldn’t expect character depth in a downloaded Xbox Live game, but I was completely annoyed by how shallow Splosion Man is; he just divulges in nutty animations and “splodes” a lot...

    3 out of 5 found this review helpful.

    Classic, simple, fun.... and not to mention cheap. 0

    Splosion Man has to be one of the better games this summer that has been release on XBLA. Simply put, the appeal of this game, as well as the success, come from the simple and fun game play. Splosion Man, is not a pretentious game that bogs gamers down in complex game play and controls or a confusing storyline. It is quite simply a 2D side scrolling platform game.  ...But, to call this game simple, by no means implies that Splosion Man is easy. After the few sets of levels, the games slowly beco...

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      Ah, the Summer. A time for sitting outside in the sun, going to the pub or jetting away to parts foreign (though, as I write this its actually raining, but hey thats what you get in late August in Leeds). However, Microsoft missed the memo and instead thinks its time for us to be sat around our Xbox 360s playing a new set of the top of the range Xbox Live Arcade games. So they have the Summer of Arcade over 5 weeks. The first game this year is ‘Spolsion Man from Twisted Pixel, the makers of Th...

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    Quite a blast! (Literally!) 0

    Simply put, 'Splosion Man is a fun little adventure for your 360 and is worth more than the 800 Microsoft Points you're going to pay for it.  'Splosion  Man is a simple game. You're a psychotic exploding science experiment gone wrong attempting to escape from a laboratory.     The gameplay itself is simple. Instead of jumping, you explode. You can explode in the air up to three times, so to get to higher places you must 'splode your way off walls, off enemies or use a variety of explosive barrel...

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    'Cause you're the 'Splode beneath my 'Splosion 0

    'Splosion man is one of the games that makes me love the Xbox Live Marketplace.  There's just something magical that happens when I enjoy a $10 game as much as some $60 games, and 'Splosion man is one of those games.  It is an extremely simple, witty platformer that never takes itself seriously, all the while taking you as a gamer as seriously as possible.  I'm not kidding - this game is brutal, although not really in a way that is overly frustrating.  The design of the levels and strategic, wel...

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    'Splode your way through an addictive and challenging ride 0

    Alright then, picture this if you will. A science experiment gone horribly wrong, mixed with an over the top Warner Brothers cartoon, topped off with pounds and pounds of assorted meats. Got the image? Great, now blow the entire thing up! Beautiful, isn’t it? Congratulations, you’ve just acquired the perfect state of mind to enjoy 'Splosion Man, the first offering in the Xbox Live Summer of Arcade. With a unique premise and addictive and highly challenging gameplay, 'Splosion Man is definitely s...

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    Starts with a bang, but starts to fizzle out later on 0

    ‘Splosion Man is a two-dimensional platformer easily summarised by its title alone – you control a man who likes to spontaneously combust, or ‘Splode as the game likes to call it. I suppose there’s a bit of narrative in the way that ‘Splosion Man starts off as a laboratory experiment who wishes to escape from his scientist enslavers, but to look at the story in any greater depth would be missing the game’s point. ‘Splosion Man never takes itself too seriously and despite a few design flaws here ...

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    'Splosion Man will provide you with hours of hilarious fun 0

      'Splosion Man is probably my favourite platform game of all time. It managed to entertain me for hours with its crazily complicated and awesome jumping sequences, its great sense of style and the hilarious antics that permeate the gameplay and cutscenes. If 50 singleplayer levels and another 50 multiplayer levels for up to 4 players, just about all of which are awesome, sounds enticing to you, I can assure you that you'll be getting your money's worth for the 800 points the game goes ...

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    Splosion Man 0

      Splosion Man review...  Daily Mail readers will be familiar with the notion that videogames are responsible for the breakdown in society that we see all around. Murders, riots, burglaries, fraud...yes it seems that videogames are a major contributor to this. We are told that games do not teach people anything and that excessive rates of obesity can be attributed in small parts to videogames. Splosion Man dispels this argument in a number of ways. For Example, upon wrapping Mr.Splosion around a...

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    A Brilliantly Flawed Game 0

    This is a game you’ll love to hate.   It is unforgiving, twitchy, frantic, and at times unfair.   But you’ll want to come back and get through the game, because you know that if you try just a little bit differently you’ll be able to get through it and defeat that f&#*ing level, and move on.  You’ve probably read a fair amount about this game already, but my to sum up the game, ‘Splosion Man, is a 2.5D puzzle-platform game where your only mechanic is to “`splode” (jump).   You navigate 50 le...

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    SplosioN+ Man 0

    World play on the title is supposed to refer to N+ which is a similar platform game. Other similarities games share is the difficulty level. Both games are brutally challenging.Instead of Ninja's in 'Splosion Man you are guiding a scientist who has been in part of experiment gone wrong. Or at least this how I interpret the story from introduction movie. This and the ending is all you get to the plot. This is not a problem since this a simple platform game. Open up Sir, I mean no harm Grap...

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    'Splosions, t-bone steaks, and donuts.... what's not to like? 0

        'Splosion Man is a 2.5D platformer for XBLA, developed by Twisted Pixel. This is their second game and they don't disappoint. The game has a very, very loose story that is told over 50 insane, stress inducing, hair pulling-ly difficult levels. Basically, you are 'Splosion Man, a failed science experiment resulting in a man made of 'splosions. The entire game revolves around you blowing shit up and eating cakes, the only collectible in the game. It takes place in three different science cent...

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    Open Face Loose Meat Sandwich! 0

    Fans of platforming games, assorted meat products and donuts rejoice—‘Splosion Man is the game for you. I’ve been interested in playing it since it was announced back in April of 2009. Unfortunately, due to me lacking an Xbox 360 until recently I had no way to do so. The developers of the game, Twisted Pixel, had ported their previous game “The Maw” to PC but ‘Splosion Man did not receive the same treatment, much to my dismay. Now that I do have an Xbox 360 I’ve had the chance to purchase...

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    Explosion after Explosion 0

    Another addition to the Xbox live Marketplace named Splosion Man, is it an annoying voice like game or is it a big bang.             Positive: Some funny commentsEnjoyable 2D mayhemGreat executed ideasNice looksCreative and well thought outLong based gameBoss fights Great level designNice animations              Negative: Background looks boringThe interactions are annoyingBad character detailsRepetitive badlyFrustration level is high          Overall the good outdoes the bad which is something ...

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    Trial and Terror 0

    Good mechanic The main platforming part of 'Splosion Man works really great. The triple-jump invites speedy action where wall-jumps, triggering explosions and juggling yourself between platforms is part of the great fun the game delivers. With a large dash of black humour in the mix, things start off very well.Poor design While the levels are imaginary and plenty, they demand way too much trial and error, and soon the entertainment turns to frustration. There are several checkpoints to a level,...

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    A fun platformer that gets a little repetitve 0

    'Splosion Man is a platformer where you play a man (?) that can 'splode to deal damage to people, turn scientists into meat, and jump around.  That's really all there is to it.  You're pretty much just using one button for the whole game.  Seems pretty simple then, right?  Well, you'd be surprised how much you can accomplish with just one action.  The game does a good job of introducing new mechanics without having to go through a tutorial or anything.  You 'Splode a barrel of green ooze and rea...

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    'Splosion Man Review 0

    'Splosion Man is an XBOX Live Arcade game from the company Twisted Pixel. In this game you will be play as a highly explosive man running through levels trying to free yourself from the lab that has trapped you. To beat the game you're going to be spending a lot of time exploding, and even more time trying to make all the guys in lab coats feel some pain. Graphically this game feels like an XBOX Live Arcade game, a good one. There are some camera glitches when you are trying to get through a lev...

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    Having a BLAST playing 'Splosion Man 0

    I'm really glad to see such good things come from the current BOOM of indie developers!  ...but seriously, folks.  I meant that.  To me, one of the most exciting aspects about this generation of video games  is small-team development, and 'Splosion Man is a perfect example of why an indie resurgence is definitely a good thing.  People talk a lot about how, without the oppression of corporate overlords, small development companies are free to take risky, artsy moves in their games.  Citing games ...

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    Splosion Man 0

    This is a great simple game. This is what PSN/Live should be not the constant remakes of old games. The simple one button game play is great, but just because you only press one button that does not mean it is not challenging. It should be called PP Platform Puzzler. The levels ramp up and down depending on your skill set. My wife played the game and she likes it but I knew that she would get frustrated. It is great to watch her play games and curse them. I on the other hand do not get frustrat...

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    'Splosion Man Review 0

     If there is one thing I hate, its games with really stupid names that are trying to be clever with bad humor, which end up failing at almost everything. While ‘Splosion Man fails with the name and humor (mostly), it does get almost everything else right, and is one of the best 2D platformers to come out in recent memory. That’s probably because there isn’t many. The DS sees its fair share, but for the most part, the only platformers that come out now are based on movies or children’s IPs. Besid...

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    Explosively fun. 0

     Splosion Man, from the makers of the Maw, combines explosive humor and off-the-wall action. The game boasts both a fairly long single player and a co-op mode for double sploding fun. The question remains: is Splosion Man a gimmick or an explosive platformer? I would say the latter fits Splosion Man, in more ways than one. Splosion Man works off the premise that you play as a botched experiment escaping his captors by doing the only thing he knows how to do, which is sploding — essentially blow...

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    'Splosion Man (Secretly) Hates You 0

    Doesn't Say Mean Things To Your Face  I had a bad experience with Mega Man 9. I loved Mega Man when I was a kid, but in the intervening years I've gone soft. I don't have the free time I once did, and it seems I've become more emotionally vulnerable. When Mega Man 9 told me, in no uncertain terms, that I was an asshat jerkwad sucktard and then repeatedly kicked me in the nuts, well, I took it personally.Mega Man 9 *hates* me. 'Splosion Man hates me too, but it hid it so well, and was usually s...

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    Will make you 'Splode your pants. 0

    Front and Back.  'Nuff said on that topic.  This game rocks.  Totally takes me back to a insaner crazier and better looking version of the 2- D platformer, or whateverthehellyouwanttocallthisgame.  I guess platformer.  For $10 this game totally turns reshelled into turtle soup.  And makes me laugh harder.  I sometimes kept moving on to the next levels just to see what Splosion Man would say next!...

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    Because "Explosion Man" just sounds dumb. 0

    A few levels into ‘Splosion Man you’ll find a rather large scientist with a particular fondness for doughnuts. Upon picking him up and using him as your own human shield, an original song about doughnuts, and how much everybody loves them, begins to play that could very easily rival the greatness of Portal’s galvanizing hit, Still Alive. This is just one example of one of the many moments in Twisted Pixel’s ‘Splosion Man that will bring a massive smile to your face; along with many that will tur...

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    'Splosion Man will blow your mind (Get it! ;) 0

    'Splosion Man is a platformer developed by Twisted Pixel about an experiment gone wrong that ended up with an exploding man. Let me state that the gameplay is addictive. You run and explode to jump, converting scientists into steaks (Yeap, that's wright!). In times is very difficult but when you finish a stage is all worth it. This is the first time I feel a 100% satisfied with an XBLA purchase. Don't get me wrong there are a lot of great games in their library like BC rearmed and FS2 HD remix w...

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    Feed the World...One Frustrating 'Splode at a time 0

    'Splosion Man User ReviewXBLA - 800ms ptsby ArmaziLLaOk what is there to say about 'Splosion Man? Obviously, this game is an instant classic. It's fun, it's funny, it's quirky, and it's addictive - to a point.Story - 4/5While there is arguably very little story here -- what there is is incredibly endearing and fun. The basic premise (from what I could gather) was simply that you play as an experiment gone wrong and now you need to escape the clutches of the mad scientists that created you....and...

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    Frantic, fun, but frustrating. 0

    There is so much I like about this game, but I hesitate to give it a 5 star rating.  The atmosphere that twisted pixel puts into their games always puts a smile on my face.  When you first load up the title screens, moving your cursor from option to option will string together tones into a song.  It is these little touches and attention to detail that make the game an inviting experience.  The platforming is actually pretty good, but sometimes it feels really unforgiving.  Now, I am no pro, but ...

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    Another Winner from Twisted Pixel! 0

    So downloaded Splosion Man from XBLA because i was interested in the basic design concept which is simply one button which makes you explode.  That may sound boring at first but it's actually really fun and there's a lot of different mechanics that make it a really challenging platformer.There some mechanics which will prevent you from sploding aswell as obsticals where you'll have to use your wits and quick reflexes to get past.  One of my favorite thing in the game is the barrel sploding where...

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